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Mustafa Aydin 04-21-2004 05:25 PM

Conditionals & paths
Hello NG,
just another question :-))

I try a workaround for my problem with the resin directories
(see Resin&WAR&XML)

My HP exists in 3 languages. Because the layout shall be
language independent, I don't want to maintain 3 copies
of the XSL-files. Therefore I'll give the "layouter" the file
with the table of contents as argument so it can build
it into the pages.

Locally all works fine but on the server of my provider resin
does not find my XSL-files apart from "default.xsl".
The directory tree looks like this

index.html (Startseite)
seite.xls This file resin doesn't find (relativ)
toc.xls This file resin doesn't find (relativ) German TOC
toc.en.xml English TOC Turkish TOC
index.xtp Entry page
default.xsl This file resin finds
index.xtp Entry page
default.xsl This file resin finds

As workaround on the Server I'll use the absolute URLs
of the files so it works at all. Locally I'd like to use the
relative paths because I do not have to stay in the net
all the time. But if I now try to "call" the URLs controlled
by a variable "local" resin gives me the following error

"default.xsl:1: <xsl:choose> is not allowed in the top level."

<xsl:variable name="local" select="ja"/>

<xsl:when test="$local=ja">
<xsl:variable name="toc" select="'../../xsl/'"/>
<xsl:include href='../../xsl/seite.xsl'/>
<xsl:include href='../../xsl/toc.xsl'/>
<xsl:variable name="toc"
<xsl:include href=''/>
<xsl:include href=''/>

If anyone has any idea to solve this I'd be appreciated. Slow
but sure I get mad about this stuff :-))


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