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Phil 10-16-2003 12:41 PM

Using MSXML2.oXTLRuntime methods in VB / JavaScript ?

Hi all,

In JavaScript or VB I want to use the XML - IXTLRuntime method
FormatNumber. Trouble is that the class is Not Creatable, though it is
Public (in VB Object Browser!).

In the documentation (XML 3) it even states there is a Visual Basic
syntax like this:

strValue = oXTLRuntime.formatNumber(dblNumber, bstrFormat)

so I tried this code:
>>>> CODE SNIPPET >>>>

Dim xmlFunc As MSXML2.IXTLRuntime
Dim xyz As Double
Dim abc As String

xyz = 1234567.89
set xmlfunc=new msxml.ixtlruntime ' DOES NOT WORK !!!
abc = xmlFunc.FormatNumber(xyz, ",")

<<<< END CODE <<<<

and it does not work. This, of course is because the class is not

So what interface can I use to access this function in VB or JavaScript
without using an XSL STylesheet!

The reason is not to use it in VB of course, but in fact to use it in
JavaScript on a client using the New ActiveX Object syntax. Then I can
format a number to currency in 1 line of code!

thanks for any help


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