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Michael Bane 09-10-2003 02:02 PM


I'm struggling with schemata and seek your expertize, particularly for
<include> & <redefine>. I presume <redefine> is <include> but with
restrictions/extensions on one or more elements?

Specifically, if I have schema1.xsd with compulsory element
'executable' and wish to import this into schema2.xsd but not allow
'executable' how would I do that? (This is for schema1.xsd being a
schema for Globus2.x GRAM RSL and schema2.xsd being my local schema
and 'executable' not being needed since I know this from elsewhere.)

I'll leave the issue of namespaces until I've sorted the above!

Thanks. Michael

PS: What are the recommended books for XML, particularly schema, XPath
and XSLT; something clear, well explained and with lots of examples
would be best for me... thanks again

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