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Lucia 08-12-2003 12:41 PM

using XML tags for behavior

I'd like to use XML for behavior. For example an xml-file, which noted
a "IF-THEN" statement.

<function name="test">
<if condition="i=0">
<function name="funexample" parameter="0">
<assin variable="i" value="i+1">

Is there any application to run these code direct in a Java class?

Till now I've found a scripting language "Simkin" using an second
approach. That means, xml can incorporate behavior, if the xml file
written in that form:
<function name="test2">
if (i=0){
}else {

I'd like to know if any new scripting language can be used for the
first xml file?

Best regards


Thomas Weidenfeller 08-13-2003 07:45 AM

Re: using XML tags for behavior (Lucia) writes:
> Thank you very much for your answer. Would you pls tell me more about
> the state transition table?(or links) This is a totally new area for
> me.

Google is your friend. E.g. the following links looks interesting (I
didn't check them). All should be about finite state machines. There
are others, but FSMs should be a good start, esp. because you can
ignore the math and still understand them :-)

> best regards from Aachen

If you study at the RWTH, have a look at the library. It is for sure
brim-full of literature about all kinds of state machines. It is a
fundamental concept in computer science, and there should be thousands
of textbooks, articles and research papers about them.


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