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Bekkali Hicham 07-12-2003 12:08 PM

Question about SAXParser
i am using WSAD 4.0.2 java perspective to devellop a XMLEditor (read only),
i use the SAX api for this purpose,
everything works fine, i succed to create a JTree representation of an xml
file, but when i choose to open a
non-well-formed xml file,i receive the event
but when i want to open an invalide-xml file (with an incorporated dtd) the
parser don't send any information, evenif i have overide the
DefaultHandler.error(SAXParseException), that last one is not called.
i have made some search, and notice that parser.isValidating() return false,
it means that the parser i use don't check
the validity of an xml file, it checks only the well-formedness.
How can resolve this probleme, have to use a tiers xml-parser (xerces), if
yes how to install and use it ?
is the parser delivred by ibm (trough WSAD product )is an "validating
parser" or not?
thanks for your help

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