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Spartanicus 01-25-2005 10:00 AM

Re: Newbie CSS Positioning Question/Direction
alt.html.critique is for posting finished pages(s) and requesting
comments on the quality. Your type of query does not belong here, cross
posted and follow up set to alt.html.

"gonebye" <> wrote:

> I've learned basics of styling, and am trying to comprehend positioning.

Stop right there, positioning is something that should be investigated
when you are very experienced with the rest of css and site authoring in
general. It's often seen as a method to position each element exactly
where you want them. The reality is that uninformed usage of positioning
causes massive problems. There are very few good reasons to resort to
absolute positioning for creating a layout, if the only goal is to
create a layout then abs positioning is unlikely to be the best tool to

> Lastly, I removed the absolute positioning, but I'm at a loss on how to
>get two boxes on the same line:

The proper tool to use is a css table, alas IE doesn't support them. The
most common method to get around this shortcoming in IE is to use
floats. Unfortunately floats are fundamentally the wrong tool to use for
this purpose, but to get around IE's limitations they can be used. The
main things to remember are that browsers are riddled with float bugs,
floats are partially removed from the flow, and that the float rules are
ridiculously complex.

For your example you should be able to float the content box to the
right, set a left margin on it to make room for the menu box. If you
want to protect proper browsers from the inherent drawbacks that result
from using floats you should consider creating the layout with a css
table, and then only feed the float hack to IE.


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