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WindAndWaves 12-03-2004 11:16 PM

image map and a form
Hi Gurus, Geeks & Hobbits

I have a page with an image of a map on it and a form with several tick
boxes (which are the same as the regions shown on the map).

The final goal of the page is to select regions for a search.

Now, you may see that it would be cool if:

a. if a user clicked on a particular region on the map, the appropriate
tickbox would be ticked and the region would be highlighted on the map.

b. if a user clicked on a particular tickbox, the region on the map would be

I suspect that I can achieve this using:

a. image map (breaking up the image into areas would be too difficult as the
areas are all over the place - ie they are not square).
b. Javascript
c. some way (maybe simple hidden gifs that are transparent, apart from the
border of the region) to highlight the parts of the map.

I was wondering if any of you had any hints.


- Nicolaas

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