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Larry Webb 04-11-2004 03:28 PM

Need help - client's freaking
For some reason my client's father's computer (XP - IE6) won't display
the complete menu on his web site - it works great for everyone I have
asked to check it out. The screen capture URL below shows how the menu
should look but when the web site is viewed on his father's computer
(see URL below), the top "Inventory" and bottom "Contact Us" graphics
don't display. I can't find anything wrong - any help would be greatly

Screen capture

Web site URL


Newbie 04-18-2004 12:56 AM

Re: Need help - client's freaking

Hmm. I do not believe it is a code issue. I think that it is a hardwar
{monitor} adjustment issue. Ask your client's son, or you could fo
that matter, to set at the monitor and go into the screen adjustmen
and adjust the horizontial and vertical display as well as the cente
display. Make sure the monitor settings are not 640x480 and obviousl
not 8 or 16 bit! I think once this has been accomplished, the proble
will be resolved.

Regards: The New Gu

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