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Headless 08-06-2003 06:19 AM

Re: IE6 has beat me up
"Neil White" <> wrote:

>I'm a table-aholic web worker who is trying hard to get to grips with the
>CSS thing. This technology has clearly more trap doors than a magician's
>floorboards. I am falling through one right now.
>Please be gentle with me. My current learning curve is on the low grade.
>I have validated such as I can my (X)HTML and CSS code. It is, I'm told, OK.
>But still, IE6 does not want to cooperate.

It's not CSS trap doors that you are struggling with, they are IE trap
doors. Apparently you've triggered one of IE's many CSS bugs, it's one
of the stranger ones.

Instead of trying to figure out what triggers it, I'd leave it, it's
just a minor cosmetic quirk. Leave browser bugs to the browser


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