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Brian 07-24-2003 10:13 PM

Re: Can CSS benefit non-liquid layouts?
Davmagic com wrote:
>> From: (David Dorward)

>> The browser is irrelevent. The resolution is huge, as is the font
>> size -

> Just "step back a minute" and look at what you are doing just to
> prove your point... you are "bending this thing all out of shape"
> with a "huge" resolution... a "huge" text size... neither of which
> the majority of users will ever do when viewing the page!

And you know that how?

> Bottom line (for me) is that the page still views correctly on all
> these browsers: WebTv2.8+, IE5+, NN7+, Opera7+, and Mozilla1.4+ at
> any resolution over 544 in width and that satisfys me... if the
> user wants to set his/hers text size to extra large then they will
> have to read it as it renders... it's their "problem" ... I Design
> for "majority" viewers and for "reasonable-minded" viewers...

....when you could have designed for all viewers. Shame.

> others can do their thing and subsequently get a sub quality
> rendering.... it's their choice... not my problem!

Odd to have such a hostile attitude to your site's visitors.

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