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GinaeBM 06-30-2003 08:30 AM

Link exchange...
Would anyone like to exchange links with me for my book site?

Please respond with your URL.
Thank you all!


brucie 06-30-2003 08:43 AM

Re: Link exchange...
In post <>
GinaeBM said...


don't underline text unless its a link. underline==link. use something
else such as <em>

don't use tables for layout or use a fixed width

fix all your errors:

brucie a. blackford. 30/June/2003 06:33:55 pm kilo.

Lee David 06-30-2003 01:49 PM

Re: Link exchange...
I've got a political cartoon, Bush poll average (and a bunch of other
stuff) site at if you want to think about
something there. What kind of books do you have?

Lee David

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