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Web Developer 06-23-2003 12:24 PM

Re: Server-Side Technologies confusion

"Owen Jacobson" <> wrote in message
> (I am aware I may be feeding the troll.)
> Web Developer wrote:
> > I gather so far is that cgi and servlets are programs that are
> > executed on the server-side to generate web pages. Note, cgi is
> > obselete and has security programs and thus servlets are now used. Am
> > i right?

> CGI is simply a specification for how standalone programs can be called
> from the web server and for how those programs communicate with the
> server to generate pages. CGI in and of itself is neither secure nor
> insecure, although it is easy to write an insecure CGI page, as it is
> with any other server-side programming technique.
> As far as practical security is concerned, you may want to take a look
> at things like Apache's suEXEC at <>
> for basic "which user am I?"

your a newbie =]


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