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Freeserve 06-23-2003 07:21 AM

Re: Help, anybody!
"user 1" <> wrote in message
> Ok, i'm designing a site for myself but i'm having an interesting table
> problem. Basically I'm using tables to layout my navagation along the
> entire left side of the moniter. I'm using hand coding and Dreamweaver MX
> for development. Now, the table that takes up a good portion of the

> is 2 columns and 8 rows. Now, in the left hand column, i've got a

> title" in one cell followed by that sections links, and I have that four
> times. Then I merged the column cells on the right side with <colspan> so
> that I had one big empty cell to work with. Now the

> I hit return to put more text or images is also expands the left hand side
> cells. Mind you i'm not making the big cell any bigger, just hitting
> return. Any ideas?
> Thanks for any help.
> Greg G.

Hi, I have had the same problem quite a few times but I have found a way
around it. It involves using nested tables. Basically placing tables
inside tables. In your case I would create a table, 2 colums by 1 row.
Place your 1 colum by 8 row table in the first cell and just a 1 by 1 table
in the second cell. Be sure to top align all the cells in the 2 by 1 table
or you will have the same problem. If this doesnt make any sense just email
me and i will email you an example file.

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