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Pingu 06-23-2003 02:26 AM

Re: Dreamweaver 4 Web Page Links Problem
Oh, I see. So I have to define site, can I do this on exsiting pages
that I have done? And is there a tutorial on this I could just see
how done or docs, I understand how it works, just see how to perfectly
lay it out.

On Sun, 22 Jun 2003 02:31:58 GMT, "Patty" <>

>Pingu -=20
>It sounds like you were working in Dreamweaver without having a "Site" =
>defined, right? When you do that, DW makes absolute path links to files =
>on your hard drive. When you define a site, DW then "knows" which files =
>are local to the site, and can make document-relative links, which is =
>usually what you want.
>So I would define the site, and then go back and re-do the links. But =
>there's one more thing you have to do in DW. When you go to make the =
>link, DW will open a dialog box where you browse to the file. At the =
>bottom of that dialog box is a option to make the link "Relative =
>to...Document/Site Root." Choose Document (unless you are sure you want =
>site-root-relative links, which is a whole different ball game.)
>Hope that helps?
>P@tty Ayers
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><Pingu> wrote in message
>> Hello there, ever time I upload my web page I must go into Notepad and
>> edit the HTML because the path points to (ie C:\webpage\pages) instead
>> of the domain (ie I was informed that you have to setup
>> virtual servers??? Then I was told to go and define the site, which I
>> did when I went to define the site in DW4, there was the path on my
>> computer and then I enter in my web page domain. Still nothing, what
>> am I doing wrong?
>> Thank You


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