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Tomcat servlet deployment question
In simpler times (circa Tomcat version 3), I could deploy a servlet in
a given context just by bunging the .class file into WEB-INF/classes. I
only needed to add an entry to WEB-INF/web.xml if I wanted to assign
initialisation parameters or mappings.

These days, it doesn't appear to be so simple. I note that the web.xml
file in the 4.0 version of Tomcat has blown out to 10K of repetetive
crud. But I still long for simpler times.

Can anybody tell me if there is any way that I can make my webapp load
any given servlet, even if there is no specific entry for it in
web.xml? It's bloody annoying that I have to restart Tomcat every time
I want to chuck in a little test or diagnostic servlet.

Many thanks for any help.


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