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Nag 07-01-2005 09:46 PM


I have a controller1, which forwards the request to controller2 .
In controller2, I process the form requests and hit the database and
fetches the results and pass the results to
view1(jsp). I have two forms in view1. one is "displayForm" and another
is "dataForm". dataForm is hidden to the user.
The purpose of "displayForm" is used to show the results and allow the
user to do some client side validations.
When user submits the "dataForm"( submit button is part of "dataForm"
in jsp), the request goes to
Controller2 to make the changes to the database.

So, here my question is, In to differentiate whether
the request is coming from "controller1" or "dataForm / view1"?

Thanks for your inputs.

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