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Elhanan 03-15-2005 07:00 PM

getting InvocationTargetException trying to return a bean..

i have axis 1.1

when i try to use a web service such as this:

class BeanData{
private String messageData;
private int messageCode;
public BeanData(){};
public BeanData(int Code,String Data)
public String getmessageData(){return messageData;}
public int getmessageCode(){return messageCode;}
public void setmessageData(String value){messageData=value;}
public void setmessageCode(int value){messageCode=value;}

public class TestBean {

public BeanData getBean()
BeanData d= new BeanData();
return d;
public String getString()
return "Me";
from this client:

Call c =(Call) new Service().createCall();
QName q= new QName("urn:BeanService","BeanData");
,new BeanSerializerFactory(BeanData.class,q)
,new BeanDeserializerFactory(BeanData.class,q));
c.setReturnClass(BeanData.class); Object b= c.invoke(new

i get java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException

how i also use this from a dotnet client?

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