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zilnus 02-22-2005 09:34 AM

Build collaborative system from scratch
Hi,everyone. I'm newbie in here. I'm still undergraduate student. I
want to ask about how build collaborative system from scratch using
java. Can you guys give me suggestion about topic that must i have
learn and of the source of this topic (because i have try to search
through google but i can't find that precise for my need). For
information, i want to build some e-learning system using presentation
slide and audio. The topic that i understand only programming
java,it's not enough i guess ^_^ . The only book that i have is
"Distributed programming in Java,O'Reilly". I dont' understand about
streaming audio, protocol to share audio, concurrency, thread, etc,i'm
very zero. What another book or paper or anything that i must have ?
Can this application accomplished in one year (because this is for my
thesis) ? Thank you guys for all your help. Sorry for my english that
is very bad.

Good Bless You

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