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Ilias Lazaridis 02-01-2005 10:32 AM

[JAVA] [EVALUATION] - The Java Failure (Sorry: The Java(tm) Failure)

I've selected JAVA for some long-term projects.

Searching for an IDE and for a technology stack, i realized unbelievable

I hope I will find quickly a language and a community which I can trust.

Let me know if you know one.


Finally, Sun Microsystems seems to be somehow really extra-ordinary.

Some uncommon definitions of its executive roles / units.

CEO = Chief Extra Ordinary
COO = Chief Opportunism Officer
BOD = Board of Defenders


You could take eclipse, but:

"In essence, IBM [OTI] rules at free will and applies censorship
(against "terms-of-use", "privacy policy" and "community-veto"): "



So, you could take JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA, But:

"no comment" [as most of the people from JetBrains. Lack of courage or
just Activity Traps, or personal deficits, or scared about what happened
on NetBeans & Eclipse? don't know. For me, they are just irrelevant.]


[the founders of IDEA worka @togethersoft (aquired by Borland)]


So, you could take Borland JBuilder:

[Note: JBuilder has (in contrast to the NetBeans and Eclipse "Open
Source" IDE's) full public newsgroups, which are feeded to usenet

The weak personalities at Sun Microsystems and Eclipse (IBM & Co.) which
abuse any meaning of "Open Source" [supported by having Board seats
within the OSI !!!] could learn a lesson from this.]

After my experiences, I would most possibly take Borland JBuilder.


Finally the problem are not the IDE's and the vendors.


The problem is the overall JAVA Community, which is full of weak
personalities without a sense for essential gentleness and most
important: without liberal qualities.

Only a few persons have acted against censorship.

_NO_ _ONE_ has _fighted_ (e.g. _demanding_ from censors to reenable my
access) for my right to express freely my fully in-topic criticism.

This is true for some amateurish online-communities like ""
and "", too.

Just ridiculous!


I have lost excessive amounts of time due to this evaluation.

Basicly my financial situation does not allow me to take the next step:

Dropping this terrible egoism-driven low evolutive language system "JAVA".


I hope to find the language and the community which is capable to detect:

Beating JAVA and its arrogant non-liberal communities depends on just
one thing:

High Evolutive Systems (Community / Development / Products).

Systems which practice "Design by Egoism" (JAVA&CO) will not be able to
keep up after just _one_ year.



I forgot one thing:

One of the most ridiculous happenings during my JAVA Evaluation was this

[HIBERNATE] [EVALUATION] - Gavin King Censors Hibernate Forum

Would I trust my data to a system produced by a person like "Gavin King"
(JBoss, Hibernate Lead Developer)?

Of course: never!



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