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omnionli 12-03-2004 05:03 PM

display files that have been uploaded
I am having trouble finding a script that will display the files that
the end-user has uploaded to my server.

I am on a Linux account with my hosting service.

What I would like to accomplish is the following.

After the end-user has uploaded their file(s) to my server via a java
ftp applet: I need to display (list, show) the files that the
end-user has uploaded to me on that webpage.

Any help in this matter or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


1. I would like a single script that prompts the end-user for their
user name and password (the username and password of the FTP
sub-account) that I created and supplied to them.

2. Allow them to browse their local computer and upload files to me.
Important note: I have tried CGI and PHP scripts to accomplish this
and they work. But I CANNOT use CGI or PHP because of the max file
upload limit on my hosting server. I have checked with the admin of
my web server and they can only increase the max to 10 MB. I will be
transferring much larger files, 50 - 100 MB at a time. CGI = 2MB max,
PHP = 10MB max on my hosting server. So this is where JAVA comes in.

3. Along with a progress bar (indicating that a file is being
uploaded), I would like the files that have been uploaded to the host
server to be displayed so that the end-user will know that the files
made it across and not attempt to upload the same file again and

!!! I have looked at UnlimitedFTP and I am uninterested in spending
$500.00 on their script. I understand that this will solve all of the
above issues, but I was hoping for a different solution.

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