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Andrea Sansottera 07-16-2004 02:24 PM

no cmp field defined in cmp ejb
I'm so boring I know... this is my problem...

I wrote the following entity bean, it rappresents something like this:

primary key id (managed by the container)
foreign key formulation_product (cmp relationship field)
foreign key ingredient (cmp relationship field)

public abstract class FormulationComponentBean implements EntityBean {

/* Relationship field getters */
public abstract FormulationProduct getFormulationProduct();
public abstract Ingredient getIngredient();
/* Relationship field setters */
public abstract void setFormulationProduct(FormulationProduct product);
public abstract void setIngredient(Ingredient ingredient);

[...create methods and others ejb* methods...]


When I try to autogenerate database table with Sun Deploytool I get this
error message: "no cmp field defined in cmp ejb".

I really do not need any persistent field, but only relationship field...
should I insert a fake persisten field just to satisfy that silly utility?
Or I am wrong on something?

Thanks a lot for any help...

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