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Michael Preminger 06-06-2004 09:22 PM

Strange error in netbeans ide
I am debugging a class, and getting a strange error message:


Meaning that the class Person does not have a constructor with 3 String
arguments. It DOES!!!

So I was wandering about the V character appearing at the end of the
message. is this some kind of clue?

The error occurs when a sub-class of Person, Student, calls super
(String, String, String) first in its own constructor.

Anybody has any idea whats wrong here?

I attach the code of both classes:
class Person{
protected String personnummer;
protected String etternavn;
protected String fornavn;
public Person(String personnummer, String etternavn, String fornavn){
class Student extends Person{
static HashMap alleStud;
private Vector paameldinger;
public Student(String personnummer, String etternavn, String fornavn){
super(personnummer, etternavn, fornavn);/*error happens here*/
paameldinger=new Vector();
if (alleStud==null)
alleStud=new HashMap();

alleStud.put(personnummer, this);



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