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kackson 04-14-2004 02:02 PM

Need advise on using java for RPC
I'm new to java and web services. Appreciate if someone could give
some advise to my question (or point me to a right newsgroup to ask).
Thanks in advance.

I would like to remotely invoke a program (compute.exe) that reside on
a remote server. I have the client program called
sendComputeCommand.exe on my local machine which is able to send a
string command to be used as input argument for my compute.exe
program. At this point, I am able to formulate my string command in
the form of XML (SOAP message) and send via http to the server. But
that's about all that I know. At the server end, what should I do? If
I set up a webservice using J2EE, how do I invoke my compute.exe? Can
I invoke a .exe program from within java? And how do I get the output
of the result (which include a graph in the form of .jpg and some
numbers) to send back to my calling client on my local machine?
Sincerely appreciate if someone could enlighten. Thank you.

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