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jc1771 12-28-2003 06:36 PM

Integrate a Struts app with a non-struts app
Hi all,

We've just completed our first Struts app (which went VERY well - I
love this framework) and are hitting a probably trivial problem that I
can't seem to find a way around. How do I integrate a Struts app with
existing Servlet-JSP applications? I need to be able to have the
Struts app call regular JSPs (no problem) but how does a non-Struts
JSP call back to a Struts Action (i.e. a gateway action that sets up
the Struts app)? Is the only way to call the first JSP directly? We
have a lot of existing JSPs that we want to convert to Struts over
time, but cannot do all at once, so we need the interoperability.

Note: The Struts app would have to be called by JSPs both on other
servers as well as on the same server.



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