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Sandip Chitale 08-23-2003 09:44 PM

Re: JList customized with TreeSet
You need to look into:

Look at the example at the top of JList javadoc. Specifically look at the
MyCellRenderer example:

also see

"Oni" <> wrote in message om...
> Hi there!
> I have a TreeSet of TreeSets which I need to display in a JList
> (preferably).
> The elements of the TreeSets are Strings.
> I need to display the JList with TreeSet.size() cells and in every
> cell I want to have the representation of the every TreeSet by
> drawing a rectangle(filled with different color) for every element of
> the current TreeSet.
> In addition, I would like to print the Strings on top of this
> rectangles and the selection event for the list as well.
> I am trying to sort this out with DefaultListModel and
> ListCellRenderer, but I really don't know exactly how to use them to
> get the desired outcome.
> I am not necessarly sticked to JList, but I want this visual
> representation with rectangles in a scrollpane anyway.
> I would really appreciate a lot any idea, suggestions or even pieces
> of code.
> Many thanks in advance.

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