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Marco Stoll 06-30-2003 09:31 AM

Live Connect problems with IE6

I encountered some strange problems using the Live Connect API
within IE6.

If someone has experienced similar problems or could provide
solution hints, I would be very grateful.


Marco Stoll

The main problem is that the browser sometimes just stops when
the javascript to java communication routine is triggered.
In this case the browser must be closed and restarted again.
This behaviour shows up irregularly and cannot always be reproduced.

Everything works fine if a java plug-in is installed. But using the java
plug-in slows down my applets performance dramatically.
With IE5 or IE5.5 no plug-in is needed and everything works fine
as well.

My page contains a Frameset. One frames displays an java applet
that generates a tree view of the website loaded in the other frame.

Whenever someone navigates within this website a small javascript
is executes that calles a public method of my applet.
This method allows the applet's tree to follow the website
navigation with it's highlighting of the current page.

Here is the applet tag:

<APPLET NAME="WebsiteExplorer" WIDTH="100%" HEIGHT="100%"
CODE="WebsiteExplorer" ARCHIVE="websiteexplorer.jar" MAYSCRIPT>

Here is the the necessary part of the javascript function:

function _navigate() {
parent.frames[0].WebsiteExplorer.navigate(1, 1);
_navigate(); // call the applets navigation tracking method

And here is the applets navigation tracking method:

public void navigate(int pageID, int langID) {
myTree.navigate(pageID, langID);

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