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Wendy S 06-28-2003 01:08 AM

Re: [Struts] Init formbean value before Initialisation?
Daniel Cloutier wrote:
> i've got 2 actions, 2 forms and 2 jsps... on jsp1 i receive userinput
> (e.g. the username) and i want to show it in the form on the next jsp
> (in a text-component). how can i accomplish this without scriptlets?
> can i access the second formbean in the action of the first jsp?

Please post some of your code. It's easier to talk about this using real
names of Action classes and Forms.

I'm guessing Action1 fortwards to JSP1 which has the username field (a
login form?) When you submit that, it goes back to Action1, which sees
that the value is present and forwards where?

Wendy in Chandler, AZ
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