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Jon A. Cruz 06-27-2003 03:02 PM

Re: Living in a RAM-rich World
Sudsy wrote:
> Paul Tomblin wrote:
>> In a previous article, "Jon A. Cruz" <> said:
>>> Sudsy wrote:
>>>> I still don't see why so many are fawning over it: I achieve
>>>> greater productivity using vi in an xterm with the javadocs in a
>>>> browser window. YM will most likely V.
>>> Debugging and Refactoring.

>> System.out.println and sed.

> Good point! Even Sun agrees. From the following URL:
> <>
> (apologies to browsers or mail readers which have
> problems with the length!):
> "A common way to add diagnostic code to an application is to use
> System.out.println

Yup. I'm a firm believer of println. However there are times where
breakpointing or single-stepping can be quicker. And with Eclipse being
able to edit and recompile parts of a program while it's still running,
it can speed up development that way.

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