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abillmeier 03-07-2006 08:02 PM

Just getting started
I am just getting started messing with ASP 2.0, and am working on creating a
quick data entry web hooked to a SQL database.

I am using stored procedures to get and push data.

I am having a problem isolating individual fields in a FormView. I am
trying to manually add some values to a Dropdownlist in the EditMode of the

I have a serious of dropdownlists in the formview that are populated from
SqlDataSource objects, and the overall Formview is populated via a
SqlDataSource object as well. I need to be able to add a couple aditional
items to the list of items in the dropdownlists before the overall formview
is bound.

I currently get an error like "DropDownBlah has a SelectedValue which is
Invalid because it does not exist in the list of items." I have not been
able to figure out where to grab a reference to the dropdown and add the
additional options.

I have tried the following basic code, but it is not working.
If UnitDetailForm.CurrentMode = FormViewMode.Edit Then
AssigneeDropDownList =
CType(UnitDetailForm.FindControl("ddUsers"), DropDownList)
AssigneeDropDownList.Items.Add(New ListItem("None", "None"))
End If

Any tips would be appreaciated.

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