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Returning/Capturing the status of a checkbox in a gridview (V2.0)
I've been working on a web project (VB) previously done with DataGrids in
VS2003. I've migrated the project over to VS2005, because I like what I've
seen of the newer features. Soooo..

I've got a gridview with nothing but multiple checkboxes to be used for
indicating the status of a request. I'm using Oracle 9x for my DBMS and
Oracle's .NET data access client. Getting the each of the checkboxes
populated from the database is not a problem.

The problem is when I go to instantiate the update is when I die. Just how
does one extract the 'checked' status of each of those checkboxes from the
GridView to properly build my update statement? I've used a couple of
different methods I found, but all of them are for interfacing with an Access
or SQL Server DBMS and don't work at all with Oracle. I've been all over the
MSDN, Object Viewer, and dozens of web sites only to find nothing of any
help, so far.

Other that the suggestion that I get away from Oracle (my friends' all
shout), I just need to determine the checked status of each of the checkboxes
in the gridview....
Bob Keller
Woodbridge, VA

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