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Netscape caching my pages...
I have a webform (FormA) with confidential info on it. FormA has a user
control that features a logout routine:
Redirect to a logon form

FormA has the page directive:
<%@ OutputCache Location="None"%>
and code in its load event handler that redirects to the logon form if
the length of an assigned session user id is 0 (just tried
isnothing(session(userid)) and that didn't work...)

In NS, if the user visits FormA, log outs, and then in the logon form
selects the browser's a FormA is displayed.

In IE, I get the desired result following the same steps: the user is
redirected, as s/he should be, to the logon form.

How can I get NS to stop caching? I am using NS 8 and IE 6.

Thank you.


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