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Pastor Dave 06-21-2005 05:31 AM


When I open my bookmark manager to file my bookmarks
into folders that I imported from Netscape, I am having
trouble getting things the way I want them.

1) When I tell it to sort them alphabetically and then
look at my bookmarks, they are not sorted. They only
sort in the bookmark manager window.

2) I can't place dividers in the bookmark manager
windows, because it doesn't look the same as what
appears in the browser.

3) The browser bookmark menu item, when it shows me
my bookmarks, doesn't allow me to click and hold down
the mouse and slide them to where I want them.

Can anybody tell me how to get my bookmarks the way
I want them? It is very annoying to have the bookmark
manager windows completely different than the bookmark
menu item shows them in the browser and when I exist it
and then reload Firefox, they are still sorted in the
bookmark manager window and not in the bookmark menu
item in the browser window.

Please help, because other than that, I am ABSOLUTELY
L-O-V-I-N-G this browser!!!

I especially like the way the "Find" option jumps to
the spot as you type and it uses a bright green
highlighter, so that I can see it, instead of like
other browsers that use a dark color highlighter and
you can't see it if the web page has a dark background.

Btw, isn't a 'dark highlighter" an oxymoron? :)

Thanks everyone! :)


Pastor Dave

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