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Web handlers and Apple Safari
Hi all,
I have several web handlers in my application that submit updates via
iframes, for example, we have a side bar that has many sections, when the
user clicks on the section, it expands and collapses. DB is used to remember
the states of the side bars between sessions. These updates are submitted via
webhandlers thru JS.
For example sidebar.ashx?fs=1 (or) sidebar.ashx?fs=0 (fs=firstsection
1=expand 0=collapse). These webhandlers, do not return any data to the
client. The iframes are width=0 and height=0.

My question is that this works in windows IE, FireFox, Mozilla, Opera and
it works on all browsers on Mac except Safari. In Safari, when you click on
side bars, you get download boxes. I see it when I close the main browser
The expand/collapse works fine, but there are a lot of these windows with a
message that reads "communicating server" or something like that.

Any idea how to get rid of this.


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