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Dataset, refresh, Cache?
This is my problem:

I have two page:
In my first page,i recover my data since my textbox where i inside in my
In the second, i have a label where i insert the data of my dataset.
To come back to my firts page i have a button who i insert a
My problem is that my second page is not always updating when i come to my
When i refresh my page 2 or 3 times, my data has updated.
I have this problem online but not in local.My dataset is created in session
start in global.asax.I delete always the cache of the 2 pages with

Have you got any idea?

Best regards,


=?Utf-8?B?d2F2ZW1pbGw=?= 05-04-2005 04:36 PM

RE: Dataset, refresh, Cache?
anything else have an idea?

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