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  1. maintainable code?
  2. Is use vars and our the same ?
  3. Tracking Dependencies
  4. Hacking a script (makemenu.pl)
  5. Python Doc Problem Example: os.system
  6. check for directory being cgi-bin
  7. How to find all modules, required by a given CPAN module
  8. New Script Directory needs your scripts listed
  9. Can I Get The PID Of The Program That Launched My Program?
  10. Looking for Equation Solver
  11. How to identify which interface a broadcast packet comes in on?
  12. decimal/hex convert to binary(80 bits)
  13. Simulator using perl ?
  14. Time zone help
  15. problem with DBD::ODBC
  16. Adding values to anon hash of hash while looping...
  17. search and replace
  18. split trouble
  19. Multiple substr() exchange
  20. What is the better method for using hash??
  21. Disappearing Module
  22. My Net::eBay PERL module now recommended by eBay itself
  23. problems with unpack() in Linux, Perl v5.8.0
  24. where to get Active perl modules
  25. Can I access the line number that Perl is executing?
  26. extract every other element from an array
  27. Combining multiple hash references into one hash reference
  28. Perl Cookies
  29. How to have perl on a CD (windows)
  30. perl memory policy
  31. ActivePearl not installing on Windows for Darwin Streaming
  32. Win32::OLE and MSAccess - creating data type 'dbAutoIncrField'
  33. Install Crypt::Blowfish on Windows Perl 5.8
  34. how to get tomorrow date using Date::CALC
  35. perl doc url changing
  36. values of hash of hash
  37. [FR-EN] Pb de hachage dans un module (.pm) / make a hash in a module (.pm)
  38. problem installing date::calc on win box
  39. HOW: Check string existence in a file.
  40. Mail::Sendmail
  41. Win32::OLE messes up dialogs?
  42. connect to a database when using a proxy (to access the internet)
  43. Multiple FTP session
  44. ANNOUNCE Net::eBay perl module
  45. ANNOUNCE Net::eBay perl module
  46. Access Log reports -- Top entry and Exit pages
  48. Class::DBI and fork
  49. how to add a space using a regex
  50. Is it possible to resize or crop JPG image with Perl?
  51. Using Win32::Process::Create with multiple child processes.
  52. Perl match problem
  53. DBI prepare and fetch
  54. problem about the perl code. thanks for any comments
  55. Embperl Execute
  56. A program to measure flops in Perl (should it be this "off"?)
  57. JPEG and Perl
  58. JPEG and Perl
  59. Ant for Perl?
  60. Need to add C flag when building a CPAN module
  61. comparing 2 arrays
  62. file not found in DBD::Oracle
  63. Can I Force Perl to Bypass File Write Buffers?
  64. Net::POP3 with SSL
  65. Dealing With Zombies in a Daemon
  66. spaces in paths
  67. File with hash inside it
  68. Experienced Perl scripter with XML
  69. Redirect to another page
  70. looking for Perl coder help..
  71. Calculation with DATEs
  73. trouble with get function and proxy
  74. Dealing with signup bots with a Perl CGI script
  75. file locking question
  76. Calling Diff on Arrays
  77. Problems with PerlMSI, part of ActiveState's Perl Development Kit 6.0
  78. How to get "subroutine call depth watermark"?
  79. how check DBI version on the server?
  80. Schwartzian Transform built-in to Perl 6?
  81. MJD HOP influence
  82. got time out in ftp
  83. Template-Toolkit-2.14 fails make on FC3
  84. Known issues with Perl under Cygwin?
  85. Perl regular expressions help
  86. Looking for Regexp that strips newlines inside of a tag
  87. Avoiding username/password prompt when using Win32::OLE to open doc
  88. LWP user agent query
  89. Syntax error with Switch and prototyped-subroutines
  90. and I gave up the shebang line too
  91. why I gave up -w and "use strict"
  92. Emacs modules for Perl programming
  93. GD::Graph::bars
  94. minimalist regular expression
  95. groups of inputs using CGI.pm
  96. Perl Memory Model
  97. Field matching
  98. Is there any performance benefit to...
  99. Making Datatypes Constant and Emulating Const Correctness
  100. need help with list of lists ( multi dimensional array)
  101. beginner question on using the Win32::OLE module
  102. String::Approx 'aindex' help
  103. Perl XML::DOM
  104. mod_perl 1.29: send_fh(): result status?
  105. Can a Perl Programmer Pick up PHP quickly?
  106. IPC::Open3 issue
  107. IPC::Open3
  108. isnan(), fpclassify()
  109. Makefile - perl script syntax error
  110. packages
  111. Creating a WIN32 folder share
  112. TimeDate conversion to string.
  113. In search of Perl tutorials.
  114. ANNOUNCE: Iterator v0.02 and associated modules.
  115. Curses won't build under Perl 5.8
  116. Passing a Module as an Object or Reference
  117. Perl <-> C language interaction
  118. Formatting XML output from a hashref
  119. regex for Err operator.
  120. Help on installing Net::SSH::Perl from CPAN!
  121. Making a perl module optional?
  122. simple (I hope!) screen scraping script
  123. matching only OUI portion of MAC address
  124. perl and ai/neural networks
  125. Text display like table
  126. Symbol tables
  127. Net::SFTP from memory instead of file?
  128. Running perl from a browser without a web server?
  129. Use of uninitialized value in substitution (s///)
  130. unlink question
  131. Perl outlook calendar
  132. Can Perl be made to use IEEE floating=-point exception handling?
  133. Can't locate Symbol.pm in @INC
  134. values of a "subhash"
  135. perl strings
  136. Unusual warning - what's it trying tell me?
  137. $str1 eq $str2 causing problems
  138. Pater matching and backreference
  139. Using Crypt::DSA
  140. DbBrowser : a module to create mysqll/postgresql based paginated CGI datagrids
  141. I just thought I'd ask...
  142. Semi OT: Uniquely Identifying Substrings for an Elem in a Set: substr, Sets and Complexity
  143. Migrating thousands of user home, profile, apps and groups directory paths
  144. A simple question using SPLIT
  145. DBI and symbol table
  146. POSTing username and password to web server with cookie enabled
  147. hours since file creation
  148. how to read file from sub-directories and do an average?
  149. seLinux in FC3 can make all my shell and perl scripts fail
  150. opinions on standard iterations?
  151. Compile errors: Curses.c...Perl5.8...AIX
  152. Perl server, SOAP and .NET client, how to communicate
  153. Parse::RecDescent and unordered rules
  154. Understanding Mechanize
  155. How to emulate the Unix command "which"
  156. Problems to install XML Parser
  157. Array in Object Question
  158. UTF-8 and Spreadsheet::ParseExcel
  159. move information from HTTP::Request to CGI.pm
  160. detecting pod in a file?
  161. Extraction of bits using unpack
  162. How to write at specific loaction in a file
  163. Implementing Interfaces and Type Safety (OOP Newbie in Perl)
  164. Obtaining verbose info for http transfers.
  165. How to use a value instead of a string in regular expression?
  166. Simulating smaller MTU? ie sending small packets.
  167. fork() slowness.
  168. Programatically posting a file
  169. Where is EOM defined?
  170. LWP gives 302 Found after update?
  171. soaplite SOAPAction header problem
  172. lwp package head question
  173. Problem with Curses
  174. Using UNC paths and ssh with perl
  175. Object design of a list of things
  176. perl running question
  177. how to replace string for all files under a dir?
  178. How to extend an XS extension? (Inline::C?)
  179. Perl to initiate and parse web search results
  180. Simple Perl
  181. Complicated email parse or text extraction and database insertion
  182. how to process data file with special (indisplayable) characters?
  183. funny game
  184. How do you reduce memory requirements of a large hash
  185. split around \t
  186. Passing a variable from Bourne Shell to Perl
  187. 2 files-array->1files
  188. dump text to excel and CPAN search
  189. Very basic question on using references inside functions
  190. perldb in emacs and shell * and ~ operators
  191. OSDC 2005 Call For Papers
  192. how to use Perl to input username and password for website?
  193. Probs with regex and nesting
  194. basic cgi button question
  195. kanjidic parser in Perl?
  196. perl "PAR" examples ?
  197. How can I add tokens at arbitrary positions on a line in a file?
  198. How do I find the length of the longest line in a file?
  199. How do I use global variables safely?
  200. Padding Problem with Blowfish and Crypt::CBC and Java Cipher
  201. difference in arrays/hashes
  202. setting a variable from a string
  203. Why does my regular expression not work?
  204. Jargons of Info Tech industry
  205. how can I mark the name of each line in the graph?
  206. sort
  207. Noob wants Q&D pointer, regexp replacement.
  208. Review of "Pro Perl Debugging"
  209. Perl numerics: EPSILON and equality between floats
  210. Convert TXT into RTF
  211. regex in perl (using variables)
  212. Reference to hash element
  213. Manually parsing quoted characters
  214. lc() with undefined arg
  215. Emacs modules for Perl programming
  216. Perl Solaris/Linux LASTLOG
  217. Language question -- check for invalid hash key?
  218. print function behavior
  219. CPAN install of File::MMagic fails with [Build] Error 9
  220. Pre-declaring subroutines
  221. Error "Undefined subroutine" & module references
  222. CPAN.pm has /root as default home
  223. Problem in passing values to perl script using another perl script
  224. re and permutation
  225. Simple Question about Scalars
  226. Problem with Gtk2
  227. regex to match strings that don't contain any digits?
  228. Cloaked eval errors - bug or feature?
  229. Variable Interpolation with %%variable
  230. Comparing XML files
  231. How can ask the system wait specified period in PERL
  232. How to suppress http headers during download
  233. how to parse data between two date ranges
  234. Multi-byte characters as hash references?
  235. Perl/DOS how do i check if directories are equivalent ...
  236. using perldb in emacs
  237. Using lock_keys with strict and bless
  238. Newbie "Hello, World" problem
  239. problem in including module
  240. ignore new line for long string
  241. Feed a directory listing to a script
  242. how to ftp to remote server and download files and then log out using PERL?
  243. Any interest in source code repository module/drivers modeled afterDBI?
  244. Fisher's Exact Test
  245. scan a string from right to left using PRX expression
  246. perl re "translation"
  247. Get htpasswd username
  248. I don't understand what glob does here
  249. sending a kill to child process
  250. Bizarre regex behaviour