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  2. IE 10 Issues?
  3. Ways to Debug ASP.NET ?
  4. What is the Congiguration manager class in asp.net / c#?
  5. Re: Creating a booking engine with Web Services
  6. Re: VB.net version of proxy class fail compilation. with wsdl.exe. Help
  7. Need assistance with .asp, form, and submit
  8. Enable Static Compression in IIS 7
  9. Can't load a compiled dll first time
  10. Anyone know a good Textmodifier that i can use? something like word
  11. Creating a new Web Service in VS.NET 2010?
  12. Session state
  13. Installing IIS webservice on a 64-bit system
  14. Dynamically change web service path
  15. WCF client passing 2 client authentication tokens?
  16. WCF 3.5 Service and multiple http bindings
  17. Using IE proxy server settings in a web service client
  18. "The protocol 'https' is not supported" (client side call to WCF s
  19. Advice on which technology to use for new Web service development
  20. wcf service hosted in IIS6 with aspnet compatibility return 4001 but tracing as authenticated
  21. wcf: How to use wsHttpBinding under IIS6 when anonymous authentication not allowed
  22. how to control or modify the WSDL's definitions?
  23. access a Web service from another machine
  24. weird issue calling remote java web service
  25. this Operation is not supported in WCF Test Client
  26. how to move contents of <WebMethodResult> to <WebMethodResponse> in SOAP response
  27. Debugging - How to "step into"
  28. refresh web service remotely
  29. Ajax.net 3.5 JSON and WCF Serialization
  30. asp.net web service connecting to another web service
  31. new in web service
  32. Disable webpage view of asmx
  33. Hosting WCF on IIS??
  34. WCF v4.0.21006 and IIS on Windows7
  35. WCF and REST endpoint
  36. consume local web service -ok consume remote service - Not OK
  37. webservice with datasets
  38. serialization error : need to change maxStringContentLength default setting
  39. Not able decode the chunked encoded messagein .Net Client
  40. Asynch Web Service calls in IIS7 with Dynamic Compression
  41. Trouble with webservices
  42. Best Security Option to Secure Web Service
  43. Can't get asynch Web Service calls to work in IIS 7 with Compressi
  44. Web Service & Web.Config
  45. Web Service & Security
  46. Automatic generation of WSDL with strongly typed parameters
  47. The Microsoft Jet database engine cannot open the file
  48. How to authenticate against the Active Directory using forms authentication with password expiration check?
  49. Soap 1.1 and Reliable Messaging
  50. reset a webservice from c#
  51. Webservice, without ASMX?
  52. Proxy authentication problem WPF browser app calling WCF service
  53. Firewall and web services
  54. Transfer mode Streamed is not supported by ReliableSessionBindingElement.
  55. e.result.length in WCF?
  56. ASP.NET Application Calling Webservice Using IntegratedAuthentication
  57. System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException: Server did not recogn
  58. Examples UpdateListItems WebService on SharePoint
  59. Data Compression when Uploading data to ASP.NET 2.0 Web Services
  60. WCF 8 meg message configuration problem.
  61. Using Delegates To Follow Upload Progress Via WCF Method
  62. WCF based full duplex service issue
  63. WCF compatibility with .rdlc report designer?
  64. WSE 3/WseRM
  65. How generate a web reference?
  66. Integrated Authentication - 401 Unauthorized Error
  67. Send mail using webservice
  68. Best way to handle sql-connections in webservices?
  69. Calling Client-Side WCF Service With Type List<Of T>
  70. Architecture question: Custom types in web services
  71. Managing webservice connections and/or sessions on clint side
  72. XML BLOB examples
  73. WCF won't transmit more than about 8K
  74. web service design question
  75. WS Req/Resp as XML
  76. WS Instance
  77. asp.net programmer
  78. Opening Excel workbook from ASP.NET WCF Web Service HRESULT: 0x800
  79. Could not find namespace of class LiveSearchService
  80. Could not find FindServiceSoap Class
  81. F5 debug mode for ASP.NET Application “Not in Debugger Group” Warning
  82. Anyone familiar with the AJAX Toolkit
  83. I need a way to uninstall IIS 7 (and ASP) under WOW64
  84. Need Example of Config File With WebHttpBinding and BasicHttpBindingEndpoints
  85. Can obtain HTTP Response Header Info From RemotingClientProxy Obje
  86. WSE 2.0 SP3 DIME client error: Response is not well-formed XML. ---> System.Xml.XmlException: Root element is missing.
  87. WebClientProtocol properties
  88. Custom MembershipProvider calling web service
  89. Stepping into my web service
  90. One instance of my web service keeps stopping
  91. Using combo to filter all
  92. Cannot start service from command line error for WCF application
  93. Adding web reference in visual studio hangs
  94. Alternative options for when QueryString exceeds IE URL length lim
  95. custom UserName validator not being executed
  96. Testing web services
  97. Web server on Win XP embedded
  98. download an image POSTed By multipart form-data
  99. How Do I create a SVC File That References A WCF Class Library???
  100. web service not response sometimes!
  101. Web Service randomly hangs when being called from SOAP::Lite
  102. *** REST, large POST, and "Server Error" (for gurus only)
  103. Cassini web server (error 403)
  104. General Question About Web Service Architecture
  105. WCF Security
  106. SQL (Express) database login fails from web service
  107. Custom Soap Extension Unit Testing
  108. I Can Reference One Service Endpoint In My App But Not The Other.
  109. protocol error ,statuscode=forbidden, happen randomly
  110. Web service autentication problem when call another web service
  111. Navigation Menu in IE8
  112. Upgrade from IIS6 to IIS7 on 2000 server
  113. WCF Custom Security Token - without certificate!
  114. IIS 7 webservice versus IIS 6 webservice
  115. Failed to Invoke:CallOpen error calling WebService from Silverligh
  116. Upgrading a 1.1 webservice to a 3.5 webservice
  117. TimeOut Exception Error for WCF Client Application
  118. Com Events in ASP.Net
  119. best way to publish webmethod parameters and return data
  120. publish webservice on a different server
  121. Master Pages and service reference
  122. 401: Unauthorized. Problem calling web service from forms authenti
  123. Question about SOAP/WSDL...
  124. Upload a web site to the server
  125. Replace SQL result with Image file on Bound
  126. WCF Certificate Authentication with Support Token
  127. Add more than one schema
  128. To host the site
  129. 403: Forbidden when sending client certificate to remove web servi
  130. Soap message w/http authorization question...
  131. 93 rewrweeds 13
  132. Visual Web Developer 2008 express edition
  133. a web service to log in to a image application server
  134. WCF service call - problem when behind ISA Server proxy
  135. Serialization
  136. Replacement for Frames?
  137. Need Basic ASP.NET Guidance
  138. 2.031368E-02 Maybe We Can Help Each Other ... 0.5263814
  139. ASP.NET development Web server broke
  140. unable to access webservice deployed to remote server.
  141. Web Service (or Timer) Randomly Ending
  142. Empty XML Signature for testing phase
  143. Extracting XSD data from WSDL file
  144. Concurrent webservice connections to remote machine
  145. error BC30002: Type 'x' not defined
  146. how to link access database to asp dynamic web page
  147. How to Save to Client Machine
  148. WCF and Integrated Windows Authentication
  149. Is this a valid SOAP fault response ..
  150. System.Net.WebException: The request failed with HTTP status 401
  151. Does timer in Web Service Global.asax block my Web Service from processing web-site requests?
  152. How to consume webservice in asp server-side code?
  153. Socket programming in Web services
  154. HTTP Status 407: Proxy Authentication Required
  155. Use webservice without .asmx file
  156. How to raise an event to do sth asynchronous in Web Service?
  157. Export from ASP to PDF
  158. Want to appear for 70-529 (Distributed Applications)!
  159. Session in webservice
  160. Adding Event Handler
  161. ImageBox refresh
  162. Windows Service as Web Service host without WCF?
  163. Avoid xmlns in Body for SOAP Request created by WSDL
  164. How to resolve "Server Application Unavailable" error
  165. problem in this block of code provided can anyone correct thisblockof code
  166. Session Variables and Webservices
  167. Passing string array of HTML from WebService to Browser Javascript
  168. Web service Async call doesn't work on Win 2008/IIS7 Ideas?
  169. Ambiguous reference between X and Y problem
  170. JSON Web Service, Parameter Passing
  171. creating a Singleton component within a webservice
  172. How to use WebMethods that Update/ Add record from sql server with FormView or DetailsView Control
  173. Return XML Document from Web Service (.net v2)
  174. Caching of Java script proxy for WCF service
  175. Asp.net 2, consuming XML (casting pain)
  176. Web service with expiring passwords
  177. XML Validation problem
  178. Windows Authentication problems
  179. Database Connection Overhead
  180. Unable to Download file Options
  181. How much data is actually sent.
  182. Web Service to read from Application Web.config
  183. Prolly a newbie question...can't seem to deploy web service to IIS
  184. SoapHttpClientProtocol.invoke hangs after 1000s of web servicecalls...
  185. web service apllication with multiple Database
  186. Cheap Ink Cartridges
  187. Text Advertising and Paid To Click Site
  188. Programming Resources, Articles and News.
  189. Debugging asynchronous web services
  190. Performance pb of web service through isa server 2006
  191. Web Service Timing Out
  192. SemaphoreFullException exception in SQLHelper class within a WCF service
  193. How to setup WCF service that is using an alternate Windows creden
  194. Insert command for mssql express
  195. MSsql insert for asp.net vb
  196. Help needed for ASP code
  197. HELP: ASP.NET AJAX Page Continuously Getting Values from Web Servi
  198. WCF Service Internet Scenario on localhost, staging, production en
  199. conectivity error
  200. Embed Webservice while runtime
  201. ASP.Net authentication problem to WCF service on Server 2008
  202. Binding support for the "any" element.
  204. we OCEAN TECHNOLOGIES offer SAS course
  205. Comet implementation
  206. Web Methods training at Bangalore
  207. Metod Documentation in WSDL
  208. Key Feature of .NET Development @gatewaytechnolabs.com
  209. Running Hello World function - security warning
  210. UDDI Registry
  211. Group dead?
  212. Unauthorized Access with Anonymous
  213. Web service works with Auth only
  214. Web Services Problem
  215. How to set SOAP values inside constructor with parameters - help
  216. dynamic WSDL - soap:address location ssl problem
  217. ASPNET account permissions for web service?
  218. WCF 3.5 RemoteEndpointMessageProperty in load balancing situation
  219. web service and ixmlserializable
  220. WebSite or WebApplication in C# for TDD Approach ? Unit Testing Us
  221. Imaging
  222. Using classes from a C++/CLI dll inside a WCF service - beginner
  223. Detecting Remote Server Information??????
  224. Returning Objects
  225. ASP.NET Framework and Internet Service Providers
  226. .net Remoting in IIS
  227. how to set username and password for each isa client
  228. wcf - multiple endpoints?
  229. Winforms + webservice certificate authentication
  230. WCF Service Error
  231. Response Size Limits?
  232. how to create VS2008 project and/or deploy WCF service on localhos
  233. MS Sync Framework & SQL Server 2000 & 250k+ records
  234. Need to set username and password in web.config for ISA Proxy for WCF client
  235. WebService in Visual Studio 2005
  236. Need to set username and password in web.config for ISA Proxy for WCF client
  237. Venkat Subramaniam to Speak on Debugging Ajax, Agile Development,Test Driven Development in .NET, Programming Groovy
  238. best return from WCF service to other .NET consumers?
  239. Encrypt/Decrypt SOAP message by X.509 Certificate
  240. SOAP: Problem with VS learning class hierarchy
  241. We can't connect to Windows Live Hotmail right now. Please try aga
  242. HttpListener seems to have 16k limit for post data
  243. 401 Error on POST using DefaultCredentials
  244. please help with sp
  245. LoadingText disabled CascadingDropdown box
  246. Solution for creating forms (reports) for data collection in aspx?
  247. Gettting xml column data
  248. Problem recognizing behavior extensions in web config
  249. Discover Credentials for Proxy Server
  250. Comet implementation in WCF