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  1. Alphabetize the methods listed in WSDL
  2. Complex webservice scenario.
  3. complex types in a Web service
  4. List parameters of the Web Service
  5. how to make webmethod output my object class?
  6. error using arraylist as webmethod argument
  7. I thought I heard that v2 would allow a WebService to return a DataTable.
  8. ASP.NET Three-Tier Code Generator
  9. Problem in debugging a Web Service
  10. Consume Web Services and output to file
  11. Remoting from Web Services, ASP.Net 2.0
  12. Query some big data
  13. Exception...
  14. How to invoke webservice from aspx page?
  15. restrict access to webservices
  16. proxy class in vs 2005
  17. The operation has timed out
  18. Dynamic Return Classes?
  19. ASP Script
  20. Web Services and Security
  21. help! why doesnt this work...or is there a better way?
  22. How to use different asmx in different sub-directories ?
  23. Typed dataset problem - VS2005 web proxy ref
  24. Error using ProcessModelInfo
  25. How to get process id of hosting ASP.NET worker process ?
  26. how to send a SOAP message
  27. Webservice sending emails
  28. LINK with another link
  29. Debuging ASP.NET Web Service with WSE 3.0
  30. Good book .NET 2.0 Web Services?
  31. Upload files using web services
  32. Debugging a Web Service
  33. Returning a Generic from a web service
  34. Weird...
  35. Acess WMI in ASP
  36. I can't add a Web Reference
  37. Why am I getting a compile error on a referenced Web Service parameter
  38. Hello World Web Service
  39. Web Service Deployment Issues
  40. print asp in landscape
  41. WebService not responding
  42. Serialization of derived classes
  43. Generating a WSDL for your Web Service
  44. PerformanceCounter for a specific process
  45. VS2003, VSS 6d and recreating virtual mappings
  46. Unable to Establish a Secure Channel from Windows Service to Web Service via HTTPS
  47. ASP cdo.message in iis server! what else?
  48. WebService To WebService HTTP Connection Limit
  49. UnauthorizedAccessException
  50. ADO.NET 2.0, WebMethods and datatable strange behavior
  51. Worker process restarts ?
  52. anonymous access + impersonation
  53. How to include GUID in a SOAPmessage
  54. general question asynchronous webhandler with pinvoke
  55. Accessing XML Web service in VB walkthrough clone problem
  56. Accessing remote network share through ASP.Net
  57. Differences in WSDL between versions of a web service.
  58. beginner, connecting to webservices outside of .net
  59. any build-in class in .NET to help generate webservice's SOAP client message?
  60. Ideas sought on sending large files over webservices
  61. how to close http connection used by soap (c#)
  62. Forbidden error after 16 minutes
  63. use .net WSE3 COM component in unmanaged prog. language (VB6 or C++ 6)
  64. Problem! webservice.htc calling nonsecure webservice from a secured ssl https webpage
  65. I am getting error when trying to Add Web Reference in Visual Studio 2005.
  66. Odd problem with a oneway webservice
  67. WSE910 and WSE2005 errors
  68. URL rewriter
  69. Building an XML document in-memory from an XSD file.
  70. Delay Signing Project with WebService Proxy
  71. Asynch calls from a Web Form
  72. Having trouble with implementing a SOAP header
  73. Web Service not reading web.config but ASPX pages do!!
  74. Strange Problem With Asp.Net WebService,Help Needed
  75. WSDL Parser
  76. Polymorphic return values
  77. Architecture confusion
  78. Issuing Token: "http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/ws/2004/04/security/trust/Issue"
  79. IIS, Webservices and Pocket PC
  80. web server outbound calls, from which tier?
  81. no such host found
  82. using WebRequest vs. HttpWebRequest?
  83. web services connect to a net drive
  84. Webservice behavior and authentication
  85. Creating a custom [WebMethod] attribute
  86. Windows app using webservice sessions and cookies
  87. Code snipplet to access SOAP header from InfoPath
  88. Problem with VS Web Reference to document-literal style web service
  89. The underlying connection was closed - Secutiry Issue?
  90. Call via vb .net fails but soap toolkit works
  91. Webservice Progress Counter
  92. web services and security
  93. Displaying table field in TextBox or Label controls
  94. One-way call seem to still call the EndWebMethod
  95. What Attributes do you usually suggest in your web services?
  96. How to handle OracleClient call oci.dll's error in WebService
  97. how to check cisco vpn connection state from c#
  98. SOAPException and Browser
  99. How to bind SoapHttpClientProtocol to certain local endpoint?
  100. axis1.1/.net1.1 interoperability
  101. How to Programatically call a web service
  102. SOA vs SODA ?
  103. Looking for a good book to learn ASP.NET
  104. Connection SQL server
  105. Could not establish secure channel for SSL/TLS
  106. good simple tutorial on wsdl/xml schema ?
  107. SoapExtension and Web Service Validation
  108. Dynamic URL not working
  109. My.Log.WriteException not writing to Event Log with ASP.Net 2.0
  110. Properties in web services
  111. Problem controlling SOAP (de)serialization
  112. Problem with wsdl / proxy class
  113. web service in cluster question
  114. Specify schema for web service result in service description
  115. Special symbols problem
  116. "Hello world" ending with HTTP500 error : ASP works fine but WebServices don't
  117. Adding web reference at runtime
  118. The application's configuration files must contain 'trust' section
  119. How do I dynamically set a Web Service reference at runtime
  120. UnauthorizedAccessException is caught when using office automation
  121. Simple VB.Net / webservice requirement (but not simple for me....)
  122. Which "w3wp.exe" should I debug?...
  123. Cannot singlestep into webservice to debug it
  124. Is IIS required to run Web Services?
  125. Creating araays as unbounded elements instead of "ArrayOf" elements
  126. WebService Behavior and result.value
  127. To much data?
  128. Getting ID, calling url, search for value, return value
  129. Passing classes thru Web Service
  130. Publish problem with frontpage 2000 after changing provider
  131. working console application fails as a web service
  132. Webservice/Oracle sessions leak
  133. I'm having a problem creating SOAP header in a .NET
  134. Multiple web service calls from web service
  135. Xml element serialize problem
  136. asp.net authentication and more!
  137. System.Diagnostics.Process not working !! please help
  138. Class association
  139. .NET J2EE WebService ComplexType
  140. Returning an ArrayList from a WebMethod()
  141. Image Web Service
  142. Best practice with authentication and web service
  143. How make webservice run locally in asp.net 2.0
  144. Adding CRM 3.0 web reference to BizTalk Project
  145. HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!
  146. web service restrict clients, custom authentication
  147. Compile WS in release mode in VS 2005
  148. BizTalk and HTTP Requests
  149. Difference between IIS 5.0 Isolation Mode and IIS 6.0 WP Mode
  150. Topics in .NET Webservices
  151. How to receive DataSet from WebService in Excel ?
  152. HTTP 404 error
  153. Optional parameter in a web service?
  154. uploading documents
  155. formating the XML response in webservice
  156. Development vs. Production environment
  157. Organizing asynchronous web-service and callback using SoapClient
  158. Configuring the server
  159. Data in returned object in wrong field
  160. IPasswordProvider and unmanaged code
  161. WS over SSL
  162. Namespace prefix
  163. can't connect to webservice
  164. Webxception time-out
  165. soap binding
  166. REST vs SOAP
  167. Printer friendly support
  168. problem calling web service with xml as parameter
  169. Error when setting Credentials property of an ASMX
  170. Subsrciption based web service
  171. Architecture question: Exceptions vs status codes
  172. Web Services - inserting a proxy?
  173. w3wp.exe process crashing.
  174. issue with 3rd party webservice.
  175. Web Service Error : URL:'http://localhost/WebService1. HTTP/1.1 302 Found"
  176. complex datatype questions.
  177. Service Oriented Architecture Question
  178. Executing Store procedure from an aspx page
  179. <customErrors mode="Off"/> ERROR
  180. Web Services Processor Utilization
  181. WebService Vs Data Access Tier Architecture
  182. Web Service debug
  183. Need Webservices resource
  184. Call secure web services from Excel 2003
  185. Deriving Web Method Signature from WSDL file
  186. Accessing SOAP from client
  187. soapExtensionType
  188. Web Service Connection Problem.
  189. Are SSL certificates and x.509 certificates the same?
  190. Calling web-service from Axapta
  191. web service boundaries for service oriented architecture
  192. WSE or SoapToolkit?
  193. == Why there is a huge jump in the time used? ==
  194. Serious problems with ConfigurationSettings class in a web service
  195. Deploying Web service
  196. Having trouble starting new ASP.net Web Application in 2003
  197. WebService Connection - Help!
  198. XmlXxxAttribute() not working at all in Soap Header (Desperate)
  199. fileiopermission problem
  200. Stopping .net doing a web server confirmation call.
  201. passing custom classes or stucture as arguments
  202. Webservice - removing part of input string parameter
  203. Call Web Service using HTTPWebRequest
  204. Unable to import binding
  205. Sporadic Web Service Timeout
  206. WS connection timeout
  207. Active Directory OU Retreival
  208. Web Service Deployment Question
  209. Adding Web References in Windows Apps
  210. webmethod based on a xsd
  211. Web Service with permanent object cached?
  212. WebService - Could not create type - ASP 2.0
  213. Web service invoke
  214. Unable to deploy reports
  215. Error creating Proxy Class for XMethods Currency Converter WebService.
  216. How to call Web Service from ASP
  217. Trying to save an existing file on the webserver using a webservic
  218. question about webservices and "post"ing data
  219. Axis 1.2/1.3 interop .NET-CookieContainer problem.
  220. This web service is using http://tempuri.org/ even when its not
  221. Webservices 101
  222. Connection timeout (connection closing after 100 sec )
  223. Status of a web service
  224. Alternating failure on long request executions
  225. Can't diagnose time-out errors
  226. Calling Interop.Excel from a web service : Access Denied
  227. VB 6 Client (Soap Toolkit) with WS on IIS 6.0 authentication problems
  229. sockete exception
  230. There was an error generating the XML document. --> Object reference not set to an instance of an object
  231. Problem to access the SOAP Header data
  232. Problem to access the SOAP Header data
  233. Problem to access SOAP Header
  234. ASPX control issue
  235. Failover
  236. New Line Lost in Web Method Call
  237. SOAPHeader element - not a complex type ???
  238. The thread '<No Name>' (0xdc0) has exited with code 0 (0x0).
  239. Webservices with raw post data
  240. Async webservice call in async webpage (.Net 2.0) does not return
  241. XmlReturnReader in 2.0 does not support custom types?
  242. webservice for Authentication
  243. Parameterized URL in a web service problem
  244. Help calling web service on intranet
  245. WebService Client Context
  246. Server Error 5
  247. Webrequest and POST
  248. How to run a dll at client machine?
  249. What happened to reference.cs in VS.NET 2005/.NET 2.0?
  250. unable to create interop services for bits.idl file