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  1. Identifying UserName and password used
  2. using COM gives dynamic link library intialization failed error
  3. Web Service Security and Access
  4. Webservice Error Message Timeout
  5. Web Service returning a Typed DataTable
  6. webservice.htc doesnt work on first call
  7. connectionStrings question
  8. Looking for a directory of local developers
  9. AllowMultiple in Soap Classes
  10. No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it
  11. Access X509Certificate Store from ASP.net 2.0
  12. Network Webservice Access
  13. "Server found request content type to be 'text/html; charset=utf-8', but expected 'text/xml'."
  14. calling web services method in asp.net page throws error
  15. Problem in Calling Web service asynchronously
  16. About online editor
  17. Access To The Path ... Is Denied
  18. Customizing Parameter Name
  19. Unify datatypes of different webservices
  20. The request failed with HTTP status 401: Unauthorized.
  21. Calling web services from .NET
  22. Problem running a service when moved from test to production.
  23. Customize/Ignore Web Method argument tags
  24. Passing Parameters
  25. The Underlying Connection was closed
  26. Invoke asmx from Asp
  27. How to put the response in a grid or equivalent?
  28. Webservice for J2EE & .NET application
  29. proxy error when consuming web service
  30. Alexa TopSites Data
  31. Sending SoapEnvelope to Web Service
  32. Problem: My web service calls only open a single connection to the web service machine
  33. Please Help. WS newbie. Sending XML document through SOAP Envelop for a WS
  34. WebService with VB6 y ASP.NET
  35. consume web service using httpwebrequest
  36. Issue using WebServiceStudio with WSCF
  37. Problem with WSE 3.0 and soap
  38. Web services vs database access
  39. ASP.NET vs console web service clients
  40. System.Net.CredentialsCache.DefaultCredentials not working
  41. XML serialization of illegal character entities
  42. Webservice + Windows 98
  43. aspnet_wp unable to make remote connection in .net framework 2.0
  44. Disable WSE 2.0 WS-Addressing?
  45. Writing Text Files with SSL Web Service Not Working
  46. UDDI 3.0
  47. COM Object with CLR
  48. adding a web reference times out. .NET Web Services
  49. Web service only allowing 2 connections
  50. share price feed web service
  51. change web service URL at runtime
  52. Asp .net 2.0 Unable to Connect to Remote Server
  53. request: 'HOWTO migrate IIS6.0 web services to ASP 2.0'
  54. using wss4j client to access wse 3.0 web service
  55. accessing html fields
  56. Question on Exception Handeling in webservices?
  57. Enum Problems
  58. web service return value is a class
  59. Web Service Error
  60. Generating a Web Service Class from WSDL?
  61. web service request via an auto-configuration proxy
  62. Nullreference exception in Asynchronous webservice call (.Net 2.0)
  63. asp.net will not break on exception
  64. Removing a Web reference from my localhost
  65. Web Service Events?
  66. Receiving arbitary 2-dimensional tables in a WebService method
  67. wsdl
  69. Problems using a webservice in a class library.
  70. Authenticating user over the internet
  71. "Restoring data into SoapMapper anyType failed" error
  72. Cant not access to Web services
  73. Need add one more blank form after submit
  74. browser window
  75. Setting Web Services version in VS2005
  76. using a web service in windows application.
  77. Consume 2.0 webservice with VS2003
  78. Can a web service return a file?
  79. Serialized object?
  80. WebService port change for wsdl
  81. Can it cause problems when using reflection in a web service?
  82. in ASP.Switch between web pages.
  83. Use a Web Service 2.0 in an ASP.Net 1.1 app
  84. Unable to import Binding "xxx" from namespace "xxx" while running the WSDL tool for a Java Webservice
  85. comunicating with legacy app
  86. Error in getting return values
  87. Simulating a Web Service Application
  88. dynamic webservice creation
  89. Image from WebService
  90. soap using remoting vs soap using web services
  91. RACF Authentication
  92. VS2005 Web Setup Proj - How to Set Virtual Dir
  93. Is there any advantage to using a webservice over a post
  94. Beginner question: objects
  95. How to re-load or refresh GridView?
  96. Method Not Allowed
  97. Test Site for ASP .NET 2.0 Web Services?
  98. passing datasets?
  99. passing datasets?
  100. Invoke from localhost
  101. Invoke method returns "undefined value"
  102. UPS Online Tools (Address Validation and Rates and Service Selection)
  103. Calling Web Service that calls other Web Service with Windows Authentication
  104. Problems getting web service applications to work in IIS
  105. Reading soap Request
  106. dynamic web reference
  107. Error connection using webservice locally (3 webservice in balanci
  108. Encrypting in WebService
  109. Web services & SSL
  110. help needed in usps services
  111. Could not establish connection to network
  112. Calling Web Services Dynamically
  113. Data returned by WEB Service contains special characters
  114. Proxy generation fails
  115. Send Dataset From PPC
  116. Works in VS2003, but not in VS2005?
  117. WSE 2.0 and Global.asax Application_OnError
  118. Java invoke a .NET Web method whose parameters are passed by reference
  119. Creating proxy for using Webservice locally
  120. IXmlSerialise
  121. Is Serialization done with Soap or XmlSerializer
  122. Beter way to extract the webService name from the SOAP Envelope
  123. Data table parameter in web services.
  124. SoapMapper:Restoring data into SoapMapper Type failed
  125. Catch Custom SoapException
  126. ajax in asp.net
  127. C:\Windows\Temp CS2001
  128. exception sending file through web service
  129. MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP
  130. Unit Tests
  131. Add comments to proxies generated by the .NET 2.0 wsdl.exe
  132. wsdl.exe and appsettingurlkey
  133. upload dataset/datatable from windows mobile 5 to a webservice. How?
  134. Generating proxies in VS2005
  135. .stm file not serving
  136. loading frames
  137. Trying to use Queue as a parameter in a web-service I get this err
  138. Using Queue as a parameter in a web-service?
  139. Web method signature modified.
  140. Google Api's error - Urgent
  141. xml auth
  142. Could not establish trust relationship - Webservice error message
  143. Problem in accessing webservice frm another compuer on LAN,plz help!!
  144. June is web services webcast month
  145. Accessing Web Service from VBA (Type MisMatch)
  146. DotNetNuke
  147. Response receives following error while calling a WebService: (500) Internal Server Error
  148. Web Service killing a process?
  149. Can't debug web services project
  150. passing complex data types with vbscript?
  151. "Unable to connect to the remote server" while debugging webservice
  152. Best way to store state on the server?
  153. SoapMessage.Stream does not have a soapheader and soap body
  154. asp webcontrols
  155. Folder App Data
  156. Authenticate SOAP Message only no GET OR POST
  157. Register 2 WebServicesExtension's in 1 web.config fo 2 webservices
  158. Asynchronous communication and IDictionary....
  159. calendar application
  160. fill two droplist
  161. Newbie - where to start regarding web based purchasing
  162. IIS issues
  163. testing web driven site on a local pc
  164. WSE 3.0 Username Authorization without Windows Accounts?
  165. Pass Files to Web Service
  166. Use output of WSDL.exe
  167. databse questions
  168. Using ArrayList in Client side
  169. Web Services - Security
  170. Calling Web Service Created with .NET with PHP - Security
  171. Content type failure in webservice call
  172. Error Soap exception : Server was unable to process request.
  173. error while loading page on local IIS
  174. Problem registering a web service in VS 2005
  175. error with msdn example code 'fun with soap extensions'
  176. Custom object with a System.Web.Security.MembershipUserCollection property - "implement a default accessor" error
  177. coding environment
  178. web service - soapexception max file length exceeded
  179. vs.net web service proxy (how to close/dispose)
  180. Stub between two Web Service Applications
  181. Using WSDL in 2005
  182. Adding Images in ActiveX (OCX) control in ASP.Net
  183. Set Focus control in Visual Studio 2005 Web Form
  184. How to use RPC/literal combination?
  185. Error making Oracle connection from webservice
  186. Enable GET/POST for individual web services
  187. Real-time monitoring
  188. WatchGuard Firewall - Unable to handle request without a valid action parameter.
  189. Containing two webservices inside a WSDL file
  190. Error Client Calling Web Service
  191. Error Client Calling Web Service
  192. problems with ASP
  193. Accessing webservices from DTS Activex Script
  194. RegEx validation using attibutes
  195. Creating a distributed application with VB - 2005
  196. Get Element Value
  197. SOAPAction Woes
  198. Running WebMethos Fails half way thru...
  199. Consuming Web Service via WSDL Files
  200. Transactions from one web service to another
  201. Dicom image in Dicom Viewer in C# ASP.Net
  202. Server did not recognize the value of HTTP Header SOAPAction
  203. Synchronous Web Service
  204. wsdl definition
  205. Solution to this?
  206. Custom XML Webservice serialization
  207. (wsdl file) Resource not allowed
  208. Issues with assemblies referenced by a managed C++ web service
  209. Log Request to Web Service
  210. Sending DimeAttachment from a SoapClient to a SoapServer over TCP/
  211. ASP.NET Webservices for a single application
  212. simple question: calling a webservice from a browser
  213. how to use asychronous calls
  214. Can't see pictures + Http Status 403 : Access Forbidden (error)
  215. wse 3.0
  216. The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation proc
  217. Huge number of dll's i temp directory
  218. using Asynchronous calls in ASMX?
  219. A referral was returned from the server/An operations error occurr
  220. Problem consuming a web service
  221. Load received xml into xmlreader or something?
  222. Webservice and session
  223. Can a web service be clustered?
  224. How to intercept the XML requests sent by the proxy?
  225. How to consume web service from code behind?
  226. Long running web method.
  227. web service parameters that match a schema
  228. App Message Signing Protection for Web Services
  229. HELP! - COM+ "uses soap", 1.1 = OK, 2.0 = BadImageFormatException
  230. How come I can not catch IHTTPModule Error Event???
  231. WebService 2003 -> 2005
  232. Streaming Messages Using Web Services
  233. Returning a large amount of records
  234. The underlying connection was closed: Unable to connect to the remote server. (Could not find the anwere in the groups)
  235. Pizza, Love, and Stock (Opportunity for Developers)
  236. Frameset and Webservice Problem
  237. How to show xml result from web service in aspx?
  239. Error:<authentication mode="Windows" />
  240. wse 3.0 and NTLM
  241. Returning scrolling DataSets to selected item after re-post
  242. asp.net and COM
  243. DTS package not executing from within a webservice
  244. Displaying soap message
  245. webservice 401
  246. ASP.NET and webservices
  247. List All Websevice
  248. Wse3.0 Error
  249. How to get the real object instead of a skeleton object, when calling a webservice in asp.net 2.0
  250. WebProxy ignored calling WebMethod