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  1. Calling Webservice Methord from ASP page
  2. Web Method Attributes
  3. Web service constructor problem
  4. Visual Studio WebMethod with specific SOAP format
  5. Err svcutil.exe - Cannot obtain Metadata from http://localhost...
  6. I can't access some classes, but can access others in the same namespace, why?
  7. ashx web service method calls
  8. Encoding Characters Question
  9. Undefined Value Parameters
  10. Howto modify HTTP Headers in XML Webservice
  11. Unknown Action by the machine
  12. Cant access ASP.NET Services
  13. Can any body post me some link's to start Webservices
  14. email
  15. Missing Begin and End Methods
  16. C+/CLI wrapper DLL does not work on Win 2003 Server IIS
  17. Server did not recognize the value of HTTP Header SOAPAction: .
  18. CacheDuration
  19. WSE 3 error in InitializeSecurityTokenManagers
  20. Access denied error message
  21. Soaptoolkit 3.0 problem after installing IE 7
  22. Web Service Requests Processed Out of Order
  23. I cant run Web Services developed Java
  24. Attachments in webservices without using WSE
  25. ws-i validation tool, BP1212 failed
  26. Dropping carriage return characters from web service
  27. i could not connect it
  28. handling exceptions thrown by web service methods ON THE SERVER
  29. Calling a web service that's https
  30. Webservice can't write a file.
  31. WSE 2.0
  32. Data Driven Site
  33. Can Web Service modify SOAP Header parameters?
  34. Architecture Help!!
  35. Custom response from dataset
  36. Soap Headerhandler
  37. How to return XML Document from web service.
  38. Netlimiter and dotnet 2.0 webservice
  39. what win32 API does dotnet web services use?
  40. Choosing security method for .net and java clients on different OSs
  41. Debugging on server
  42. Web Service Infrasructure
  43. Accessing a .NET 2 webservice from a .NET1 client
  44. Webservice secuirty protocols
  45. WS - .Net to Java interop
  46. Web Services and SSL
  47. SSL and Web Services
  48. Can a Web Servive send it's status to a client?
  49. The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a receive.
  50. Dropping carriage return characters from web service
  51. Optimisations for Deployed web service
  52. best way implement web service with authentication.
  53. Newbie, sending text message to mobile device and SQL Server
  54. help needed
  55. File protection between webservice calls
  56. Help with debugging a hang issue in ASP.NET 1.1 webservice
  57. How do I catch unhandled Exceptions in Webservice (2.0)
  58. VS2005 "Add Web Reference" "Unable to connect to the remote server", then successfully displays the service info. Add reference button is disabled. Connecting to WS outside of VS is fast.
  59. Distributed transactions in Webservices.
  60. No SoapContext
  61. WebService that returns an object
  62. Worker threads on a webservice?
  63. webservice operation timeout
  64. Webservice Operation Has Timed Out?
  65. Choosing a project architecture for an AJAX website in the new .NET3.0 World
  66. Is it possible to declare static properties on a Web service?
  67. Webmethod to save data to SQLServer
  68. Web service error : Client found response content type of '', but expected 'text/xml'
  69. Asymmetric Encryption
  70. Problem with funky characters
  71. Duplicate class definitions
  72. How do i deploy a webservice in client machine which is referencing another webserivce on the server
  73. connect to webservice in Visual Studio
  74. Redirecting an ASMX page to a new server
  75. Compression
  76. Non-negative number required. Parameter name: byteCount
  77. Destination Unreachable --> WSE817:
  78. bind a DataRow
  79. wsdl.exe & disco.exe Problems.
  80. Unable to conext to a web service on machine with a chinese hostname
  81. Validation expression
  82. is not a valid AllXsd value
  83. webservice-call / keepalive false/ integrated authentication
  84. Validation Expression
  85. how to change the layout of a webservice?
  86. XML service publishing problem: Server Error in '/' Application
  87. Web Service max out at 20 SQL connections
  88. how to pass a value in this webservice?
  89. UDDU Web Service Directory? MLB Schedule
  90. XML over GPRS - Is this a good idea?????
  91. Forcing the consumer to fill property
  92. Installer for deploying webservice
  93. Webservice He!p - Response error: "An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host" even when no error in web method
  94. 401 error accessing web service using credentials
  95. Passing xml document as type
  96. returning XML data from sqxml webservice
  97. MSSOAPLib30.SoapClient30 scalability issues
  98. sending data to another server and receiving data as response
  99. HTTP status 401: Access Denied
  100. "Is anybody from Microsoft reading this?" you ask?
  101. Web Service Factory: Creating a schema for a System.Collections.Generic.List<customer>
  102. MSSOAPLib30.SoapClient30 scalability problem
  103. Data types in Pattern & Practices Web Service Software Factory
  104. Web Services questions
  105. System.Web.UI.WebControls.TextBox
  106. Login
  107. Problem deserializing XML (I think) from remote SOAP service
  108. WSI Basic Profile 1.1 Compliant Web Service!
  109. Webservice to call a batch file?
  110. Wierd problem when dserializing array of custom types in response
  111. WSI Basic Profile 1.1 Compliant Web Service!
  112. Payment card problem
  113. onLoad for webservice.htc
  114. Error when starting Web Client in DEBUG
  115. System.InvalidOperationException Unable to generate a temporary class error
  116. Debugging reference.vb
  117. xml and sql server 2k problem
  118. Web service serving 1000 users
  119. Webservice - ODBC - sqlServer
  120. ASMX page giving error
  121. Override the generated soap:address in WSDL
  122. Impersonate user for webservice status 401
  123. Web reference - Reference.cs cannot be updated
  124. Consuming Webservice via https
  125. Web methods in webservice
  126. Sending large files as parameters
  127. Does this help
  128. Webservice not returning the soap header in client response.
  129. Authorization of webservices
  130. WSE 3.0 Kerberos Security problem
  131. ASP.NET Refirect with POST
  132. How to determine the server URL from a ClickOnce client
  133. membership/role providers - transactions and integrity!
  134. Status of Webservice
  135. C# client program gets timeout when calling web service
  136. WSDL and SQL Injection Attacks
  137. Reporting Services
  138. Help:a tool which will extract contents and images from html page
  139. Unable to create a new file in my web site
  140. WSDL web reference problem
  141. Getting a Log Folder Reference Path inside a helper project -- Please read
  142. help me
  143. Protocols section in Web.config
  144. Using Partial Classes in Webservice
  145. WebServices Webmethod Cacheduration
  146. WebService Hangs Intermittently
  147. Please help!!!!!
  148. SOAP and prefix namespace
  149. Using external application on ASP.net server
  150. The string '2006-11-20T09:48:08+0530' is not a valid AllXsd value.
  151. 401 Error "UnAuthorized" -- need Help
  152. Web service error - Client found response content type of text/html...
  153. how to connect web service by winform safely?
  154. quick work with files at web-services
  155. ICollection default accessor
  156. webserver design for mobile GPRS clients. minimize bytes transferr
  157. Where is Reference.vb in VB 2005?
  158. Deploying .NET 2.0 Web Services...
  159. Consume WebService Dataset
  160. Dotfuscate web service
  161. Consuming a webservice with a dynamic dns...
  162. ASP.NET Webservice: Deployment
  163. sending an xml file over a web service
  164. What is the difference of web service
  165. Web Service Help C# VS2005
  166. Remotring query
  167. Unable to import binding
  168. 401 1 5 - web service refusing access
  169. Exclude property fron Webservice
  170. Invoke Alert Globally after specific interval on any page
  171. wsdl errors for multiple webservices with reference to same dataset
  172. use SOAP header for asp.net session state
  173. Can't authenticate to lists.asmx web service
  174. Method XX cannot be reflected
  175. Making 10 POST requests from ASP.NET asynchronously
  176. Problem parsing .NET 2.0 web service response in client.
  177. Serializing custom business objects
  178. Calling Web Service Asynchronously
  179. Problem calling .NET WebService from Axis2 Java Client
  180. Return and Viewing CSV
  181. data Problem
  182. Get the client IP not the proxy's
  183. Web Service Timeout
  184. Web.config Error
  185. PDA WSE 2 & OpenNetCF
  186. ERROR: Request format is unrecognized
  187. How to add SOAP header to a SOAP message?
  188. Testing Webservice authentication (IIS Test page)
  189. SoapSender Setting version to send
  190. Web Method TimeOut
  191. Calling .NET web services protected by Integrated windows security
  192. Web Services over SSL ┐How?
  193. Question re impersonation/security
  194. Visio competition
  195. SSL Problem
  196. Established connection aborted and underlying connection closed
  197. Travel Web Services
  198. 1.1 client to 2.0 web service
  199. VS2005, How do I Connect to a WS?
  200. consuming web service with a 407 intermitent
  201. webservices stop working in Test - same code works in production
  202. Web service ERROR [HYT00] [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Timeo
  203. Security in a Web Service
  204. File IO error
  205. How to write WSDL when I know the SOAP information
  206. Need assistance connecting to web service
  207. ASP.NET Authorization... Doesn't support Domain Local Groups?
  208. Client found response content type of '', but expected 'text/xml'
  209. Web Service stops responding randomly
  210. How Bind XML Data Came From WebService To Grid
  211. web service deployment
  212. Update One Database from Another Using a WebService and Two DataSets...
  213. How to use unsafe code in web service in VS2005
  214. soap xsi:nil="true" problem for multi level objects
  215. webservice and IXMLSerializable
  216. Basic Profile 1.1
  217. IIS Workerthread
  218. Genereal xml web services question
  219. Asynchronous call question- app isn't doing what I expect.
  220. custom serialization with SoapExtension
  221. How to fix problem-usernameTokenSecurity can be bypassed in IE
  222. Accessing XML DataFiles from a Web Service
  223. Configuring UDDI
  224. How to establish connection of DataGridView Control to Stock Excha
  225. Webservices namespace- What does it do?
  226. ERROR-Some of the files required for web references are not instal
  227. webservice error - ...was not recognized as a known document type...
  228. Where I can put initialization code in a .Net Web Service?
  229. WebServices and classic asp questions
  230. browser detection and redirection
  231. Bad performance on SOAP call
  232. XmlSerializers.dll and faster startup
  233. How to add namespaces in SoapEnvelope (Soap12)
  234. should i go for soap toolkit or MSXML
  235. Web service add reference problem from remote host
  236. * WebService Deployment * WCF too
  237. Inheritance / Override problem - I think !
  238. Dataset and Nested Class???
  239. web service timeout
  240. wsdl.exe not creating class for fault element
  241. Learn the Traffic Magic of Search Engine Cloaking
  242. access a classic asp variable from within a webservice
  243. Strategies for Web Service to Unmanaged DLL
  244. IIS, Web Service, Anonymous access and Integrated Win Authenticati
  245. classic asp and webservices
  246. wsdl.exe error
  247. WSDL Error
  248. Problems with Reference.cs
  249. Webservices, Interfaces and Polymorphism in proxy classes.
  250. Soap Extension problem (seems that soap request is not sent to server)