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  1. How to send up a multi-dimensional array in a property of type system.object?
  2. web services
  3. Reading CDATA with asp.net webservice
  4. rising process time of a webservice
  5. CurrencyDecimalSeparator
  6. Schema type information provided by IXmlSerializable is invalid: Type 'string' is not declared
  7. IXmlSerializable.GetSchema creates mutiple schema elements in my wsdl
  8. Good Soap Client
  9. MSDiscoCodegenerator Failure with VS2005 (used to work in VS2003)
  10. asp.net web services deployment problem
  11. .Net 2.0 : Soap client : reusing http connections ?
  12. Returning Bare Type
  13. First Try Failing
  14. How to call a Web service by using a client certificate for authentication in an ASP.NET Web application
  15. Invalid hexidecimal characters
  16. Conecting web buttons to a web service
  17. login registration
  18. WebServices and Entity
  19. interfacing WS with EDI
  20. problem sending significant whitespace in DataSets across webservice (dotnet 2.0)
  21. WARNING! Prosoftstore.com is a SCAM! WARNING!
  22. Client side jscript issue
  23. PageMethods
  24. Validator
  25. Basic Profile 1.0 Web Service Compliant
  26. Pocket PC - Unable to read data from the transport connection
  27. Webservices Eventing
  28. Web Service or not? How do I accomplish this?
  29. Cannot access temporary internet files
  30. HTTP 503 errror on W2k3 Machine
  31. Native Memory leak? (Private bytes increases resulting in worker process recycling)
  32. Can't update web reference when .disco moves.
  33. Using Remoting how to tell server is down verses error doing servi
  34. Trying to Authenticate to a remote Webservice
  35. Impersonation and switching back to ASPNET user priviledges
  36. Client Certificates: The request failed with HTTP status 403: Forbidden.
  37. how to consume entity object from web service
  38. Server-Side Asynchronous Web Methods https://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa480516.aspx
  39. Webservice deployment
  40. How to make SoapHttpClientProtocol instance send each request on different TCP connection?
  41. Any Livelink web service client sample in java/axis?
  42. Webservice becomes unresponsive
  43. i want get London time in others country....
  44. Using web services in crystal reports
  45. Using web services in crystal reports
  46. Why is the first request to my web method slow?
  47. Counting the number of open requests to a web service...
  48. Best way to add webservice on website with form authentication?
  49. Xml Namespace Collision from Common Schema
  50. Adding a new method will it break existing applications
  51. How to add the Certificate to the client side after we publish the application using clickonce?
  52. Extract client certificate info...
  53. Disabling Keep-Alive
  54. sharing session between application and web service
  55. SOAP Header in a Dot Net 2.0 Web Service Client Consuming a WCF 3.0 service.
  56. SoapHeader not making it to WSDL with WSE 3.0?
  57. How to customize the Label and set the property of AutoSize to False?
  58. Webservice converts Datetime from one timezone to the other
  59. Current directory for Web Service
  60. Using SOAP XML files
  61. Initializing static variables
  62. Starting exe application on server side using web services doesn't work.
  63. Retrieving virtual path in Web Service.
  64. Web service with open db connection
  65. csv file
  66. WSE 3.0 client - named policy - in class library though
  67. API key?
  68. Set timeouts on IIS or Web.config
  69. WSE: UserNameTokenManaer not invoked when client doesn't pass userNameToken
  70. Security, Encrypting and WSE
  71. value of type "xxx" cannot be converted to "xxx"
  72. WebServiceBindingAttribute
  73. Newbie, VIN Number decoder help
  74. HTTP 400 Bad Request inside get_DeclaringMethod() in mscorlib?
  75. Encrypting SOAP envelope
  76. Newbie - Web Service Examples
  77. MTOM!
  78. wsdl.exe - bits missing!
  79. Urgent Opening with a CMMI Level-5 company.
  80. Web service instance still alive?
  81. SoapExtention on Ajax callback
  82. Adding new rows form text file
  83. email hash
  84. Tools to generate WSDL from SOAP Sample?
  85. WSE 2.0 is not invoking AuthenticateToken on my userNameTokenManager
  86. mshtml
  87. Newbie question - how to use Web Service function in Access
  88. Unicode data loss
  89. How to Consume a web service that returns an arraylist
  90. pass a sessionid to new aspx from webservice
  91. Server did not recognize the value of HTTP Header SOAPAction
  92. Sending DIME Attachments to Axis
  93. Web service impersonification - .Net 2.0
  94. Recommended Web Method Output for Unknown Custom Object?
  95. Failed to access IIS metabase
  96. c# web service causing Internal Server error on remote machine
  97. execute an exe from a webpage
  98. Web Service Windows Authentication - Exception on first call
  99. Passing XML data and providing progress to client.
  100. How to set a breakpoint for a webservice running on a different machine?
  101. The webservice, the httprequest and the proxy
  102. saml in .net
  103. Web Service on a web farm
  104. Can't access Web Service thru DLL (but can thru Windows App)
  105. Enterprise Library Error- failed to create insance of perf counters
  106. calling .NET WebService from classic asp page timeouts on IIS6.0
  107. WSE 3.0
  108. File system access
  109. Getting communication interface's IP
  110. System.InvalidOperationException
  111. Passing XML Document back using SOAP
  112. Is it possible to call to a webservice behind a closed firewall?
  113. hierarchial xml from DataSets
  114. How to set that a web service should use ASP.NET 1.1
  115. clipboard
  116. What that site is running?
  117. Create webservice according to WSDL
  118. don't get response at dynamic IP address?
  119. Maximum number of allowed requests?
  120. calling ThreadPool.SetMaxThread in ASP.NET
  121. Can you have an application object or cache in web services?
  122. How to serialize nested arrays using XML attributes?
  123. Usage of Use="Optional" on a web method parameter...
  124. "The test form is only available for requests from the local machine."
  125. Sending a SOAP response
  126. setting a timeout when consuming a WS
  127. webmethod parameters issue 500 error
  128. WebService basics - recieving a request and sending a response
  129. SoapDocumentMethod and oneway=true
  130. OnLine/OffLine transactions using SoapExtension
  131. Developing a webservice simulator
  132. Creating multiple namespaces on proxy
  133. Creating multiple namespaces on proxy
  134. Email Validation inside webservice.
  135. WebService Credentials
  136. How to enable my webservice to use https?
  137. WebService Authentication
  138. Adhering to a particular WSDL - basics
  139. Web services stop working intermittently.....
  140. The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel.
  141. Infopath 2003 form not properly submitting data to Web Service
  142. Post Data using Parent/Child tables
  143. The underlying connection was closed
  144. ISA and Web Services
  145. .NET 1.1 HttpWebRequest incorrectly interprets "Content-Location" header.
  146. 2.0 framework calling WCF service
  147. Unable to instantiate com server from web service
  148. Transferring data to heterogeneous clients
  149. ASP.NET IO thread pool and asynchronous sockets
  150. Need to learn Web Services
  151. [MSSQL] [WebService] Last inserted ID in transaction
  152. String was not recognized as a valid DateTime???
  153. XML Web Services and Datareader Issue
  154. Multiref Question
  155. Consuming NOAA XML web service
  156. Web Service Request Synchronization
  157. Recommended way to pass identity to web service
  158. How to return XML/XmlDocument from a web service?
  159. DataBase synchronization issues
  160. WebMethod Times Out
  161. How to Pass NULL Eelment Value back to the client
  162. How to start with web service and xml schema
  163. Web Service Client works only on some networks!
  164. IList deserialization
  165. Design for WS Client on a timer
  166. Web Service within ASP.net application
  167. Download file with in a web service and use it for furthur processing
  168. WebService affected by URL
  169. Publish Failed (Why???)
  170. How to call a web service from an URL link?
  171. Return listview item from webservices
  172. Which Webmethod timed out?
  173. problem during opening design mode of .net 2005
  174. Transporting massive XML file via web services
  175. web.config
  176. WSE3, SOAP:Fault a Security checking
  177. System. Web. Services. Protocols. SoapException: Server was unable to process request.---> Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
  178. SQLParameter array in Web Service
  179. Consuming ColdFusion Web Service
  180. providing progress to client
  181. Consume ASP.NET Webservice from PHP Pearl (Namespace issue)
  182. MaxConnections questions and issues
  183. HTTPS, WCF and SecurityNegotiationException
  184. Change maxconnection parameter
  185. Modify maxWorkerThreads in machine.config
  186. Web service client behind a firewall
  187. wsdl /sharetypes multiple /appsettingurlkey
  188. Tracing in Visual Studio 2005 & ASP.NET 2.0 web services...
  189. How to Add dynamic header in SoapExtension
  190. Why custom (config) files are not copied in Web Site / Webservice bin folder
  191. WebServices security
  192. noob assumptions about webservices in ASP.NET
  193. Webservice returing a zip file
  194. Increment & back page
  195. Posible solution
  196. X509 and UserName/Pass in SOAP header?
  197. C# ASP .NET (VS2005) - how to obtain caller's IP address
  198. Asyncronous Web Service
  199. WCF and null reference in Message contract
  200. HTTP_REFERER is not workign in web services
  201. Significant performance difference of function in and outside of WebServices - Can't explain
  202. Web Service Debugging
  203. Webservice inheriting from interface
  204. Windows Application App.config Files vs. web.config
  205. Calling an HTTP server
  206. Problem passing a modified string contained within a dataset over a web service
  207. Root node in a webservice in a different namespace than the webservice. Is this possible?
  208. Transferring large binary files to web service-How to
  209. Difference between SoapDocumentMethod(OneWay=true)] and OneWay Att
  210. TreeView & WebResource.axdny
  211. Excellent opportunity for job seekers in .NET
  212. COM+ Proxy
  213. SOAP Message sender info
  214. sessionID and authentication in WS
  215. Web service is not creating Log files when deployed in a server
  216. Authentication and Web Services
  217. "Underlying connection was closed. Could not establish trust relationship" error
  218. https requests from a web service error
  219. is WSE wise?
  220. Consuming .NET Webservices in Java and PHP
  221. Looking for a GIS programmer
  222. How do I get session state
  223. mixing visual studio and frameworks
  224. Newbie: System.OutOfMemory Exception in ASP.NET 2.0 web service ?
  225. Webservice suggestions
  226. SoapExtension and SoapHeader
  227. Binary Serialization!
  228. returning strongly typed dataset from web service
  229. input type=file does not always work
  230. Database Connection
  231. CacheDuration and BufferResponse
  232. Problem with XmlNode type in wsdl file
  233. ASP.NET WebService Object Lifecycle
  234. asp:passwordrecovery System.Net.Mail.SmtpFailedRecipientException
  235. contacting secure webservice behind loadbalancer
  236. Operation time out while debugging XML web services
  237. WSE 3.0 question
  238. Dynamic Web Service Reference
  239. How to manage DLL references in a web service ?
  240. Wse call just not being made when part of a domain
  241. set connection timeout when calling to webservice method
  242. How to connect my webservice while Debuging an Active EXE server written in VB6
  243. ISA server authentication failed error
  244. Web service on XP cannot open files
  245. Unrecognized element 'add' after <clear></clear>
  246. Error Adding WebService
  247. Parsing HTML
  248. The underlying connection was closed: Unable to connect to the remote server
  249. Excel instance remains after closing, calling GC, setting to null
  250. How to have a service talk to a windows form app?