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  1. Riddle me this....
  2. Different ways of using SoapClient30 problem
  3. generating a web service from a wsdl from bea weblogic
  4. .net 3.5 Web Service in IIS on XP PRO SP2
  5. Is it possible to put web service call in a queue??
  6. Problem adding a reference to a web service.
  7. CommunicationObjectFaultedException under Vista
  8. Accessing intranet Business Layer using web services
  9. Web serrvices authentication and ajax
  10. problem facing for updation/save in asp.net/vb.net
  11. facing problem in programming(update fields in tables)
  12. Positioning User Controls on a designer page
  13. Design Patterns for a Large Web Service?
  14. Problem with ASP/IIS launching cscripts
  15. HELP - XOP MTOM - Soap with Attachments.
  16. Weird Windows integrated authentication problem between Web serviceand SQL Server
  17. how to make a transaction across two WCF methods
  18. WCF callback in asp.net page
  19. Dynamic web reference in a DLL
  20. Newbie security problem
  21. Custom SOAP Body... How to handle?
  22. login validation
  23. webservices .net framework 1.1 vs 2.0
  24. issue when converting C#.net code into vb.net
  25. SOS!! Regarding SecurityToken of WCF.
  26. Public a Web Service property
  27. WCF Newbie Problem
  28. Problems deserialzing XML document with special characters
  29. got problem with exportGridview Data into Excel format
  30. Changing the webservice default temp directory?
  31. client in 1.1, server in 3.5
  32. Underlying connection closed .net 3.5
  33. Web service runs infinitely on IIS5.0 and .NET2.0 using windows 20
  34. Setting an ArrayOf_xsd_string
  35. .Net WSDL update
  36. \r\n Problem
  37. Error Consuming Web Service from WIndows application when WebService is using Custom Service Account ( Create an Application Pool with a Custom Identity)
  38. Web service logging issue
  39. Web Services Stumper: Ambiguous Types
  40. "publish as web service" option missing (VS2005)
  41. An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host
  42. Web Service Authentication Problem
  43. Is it necessary to install VS 2005 to server machine to run awebsite?
  44. WCF: Stop VS2008 generating message contracts
  45. Getting unable to cast error (when same object is referenced in client and web service)
  46. Passing time, date and timezone
  47. Practice Test Search Engine, It will be your best web site | http://exams.googletoad.com
  48. Long running web service call ends with ThreadAbortException
  49. capturing SQL from .NET app.
  50. how to uninstall dotnet 1.1 frame work
  51. Load balancing Websevice Application State sharing problem
  52. Dynamic display WSDL to different users
  53. how set the PATH environment variable to server machine through myapplication?
  54. C# web service and apache
  55. Writing web services
  56. calling axis webserivce with credentials in header
  57. DropDownList Unidos
  58. xml error in webservice SOAP response ?
  59. Force One Request per Worker Process
  60. connecting to a cifs or windows share on a nas device using a specificusername and password
  61. WebService logging incoming/outgoing SOAP message
  62. Local WebService will not Update
  63. Connection Pooling for WebService calling a Post
  64. Design of data classes that are shared between Web Services and Ap
  65. WebException -The decryption operation failed, see inner exception
  66. More than one service?
  67. Cross-browser Real-time Message, Remote JavaScript Callback, and Monitoring Browser States
  68. Web methods in user controls?
  69. Need to invoke Javascript from a Web Service
  70. regarding autofilling of Dropdownlist box
  71. stock stack trace from showing in soapexception
  72. WSDLReader:Loading of the WSDL file failed
  73. Using a .NET 2.0 with .NET 1.1
  74. How to add a WSDL as Webservice Reference in Visual Studio
  75. Returning an array of custom objects
  76. possible firewall issues ?
  77. Help in accessing a class
  78. creating a BED properties class with web services
  79. Question about invoking over SSL
  80. websetvice test in browser question
  81. Can't provide constructor parameters
  82. Starting new process with user interface from webservice
  83. Passing classes
  84. How to pass the parameters (soap message) to a web service...
  85. web methods returning boolean : always returns false
  86. System.Byte* cannot be serialized because it does not have aparameterless constructor.
  87. WSE2169: Read operation is not supported
  88. How to dynamically configure a webservice address?
  89. Newbie: does not have a parameterless constructor
  90. Creating a Web Service (Service, not Client) from WSDL
  91. Extra 'invisible' characters in soap packet
  92. Error HTTP 404 When I try to access a page with a Gridview
  93. HTTP 401/200 request pair on every Web Service call
  94. Axis2 Client
  95. Web service is not releasing SQL05 locks
  96. quick newbie question
  97. wcf and returning a datatable
  98. web service is not accessable
  99. Pass through Windows Identity to Web Service
  100. Is soap client proxy that wsdl.exe generates thread safe?
  101. Best Way to transfer Information Outsiide the firewal
  102. WCF and Kerberos
  103. Source of a web service request
  104. Generate WSDL from command line
  105. User defined Serialization for LINQ to SQL generated classes
  106. noobie questions
  107. Custom WSDL, Error while adding as web reference
  108. Web service test page uses internal port
  109. Web service test page uses internal port number
  110. Web Service versus WCF Service (and Books)
  111. http://aspalliance.com/1143
  112. Exception handling techniques explained in a best possible way http://aspalliance.com/1119
  113. Timeout when debugging in web service
  114. WSE3 enabled application work in WinXP but not work in Vista Business.
  115. a sample web service to return SOAP fault message for application error
  116. Passing an array of images to a Web Service. Can this be done?
  117. soap extensions
  118. Error while accessing Java web service from a .NET application
  119. walk in for DOTNET & C# professionals with 2-3yrs experience in BANGALORE
  120. Passing a Class to a Web Service
  121. Webservice to connect to exchange 2003
  122. 401.2 with exe client although it works with IE
  123. WebService changed the name of my class
  124. WSE client in pure C++
  125. Configure soap extension
  126. Call a webservice via URL dynamically
  127. how to pass query string value(help me)
  128. How to handle webservice Java ArrayList in Dotnet client
  129. IIS configuration
  130. b2mml webservice
  131. Problem with Web Service and COM Object
  132. AuthenticationException: User not authenticated
  133. how to expose structure of a structure
  134. MS.Services SOA for HTTP
  135. Generic Webservice methods
  136. webService call use IE proxy
  137. .net supported SOAP protocols
  138. Out proc sessions
  139. unable to redirect page using form authentication while accessing from different domain
  140. Problem in calling unmanaged win32 dll in webservice code
  141. GenericObjectDataSource - element is not declared.
  142. How to view the incoming SOAP message
  143. Problems with web service configuration
  144. Request web server excaption
  145. tags in web.config
  146. Certificate issue with WCF client accessing webservice via broker
  147. Keep object across web service calls?
  148. How to receive/send XML file through HTTP Post?
  149. What is the relation between UDDI, WSDL and Disco files.
  150. Webservice Toolkit
  151. Webservice Classes
  152. Help w/ CryptographicException Error
  153. use webservice?
  154. WCF / wsHttpBinding / Digital Signature Corruption (!!)
  155. OneWay=true causes exception
  156. Calling Web Service from ASP.NET AJAX
  157. The namespace, , is a duplicate error when compiling .NET Webservice
  158. Using Web Services to create Scheduled Tasks
  159. Problem using enum as web method parameter
  160. Set SOAPAction manually
  161. Web service input boxes in IE
  162. How to Webservice returning String() in VB.NET
  163. Debugging with VS2005 dynamic web-reference
  164. Serialization of complex types
  165. Sheets
  166. Accessing Webservice thru Http-Get
  167. need help read DataSet with DAL
  168. HttpWebRequest.GetRequestStream:Unable to connect to the remote se
  169. The request failed with HTTP status 401: Unauthorized?
  170. ASP.NET vs. Cold Fusion for developement
  171. .NET 3 and 1.1 interop
  172. How do I Configure .Net V2 to use a domain account for all my apps
  173. HttpApplicationState and lock() question
  174. HttpApplicationState and lock() question
  175. Special character when consuming web service
  176. WebService, object inheritance, serialization errors
  177. Web Service Timeout
  178. web service question : server was unable to process request
  179. The authentication scheme 'NTML' is not supported
  180. How to query n web services
  181. Setup webservice will install in companyweb
  182. Some daft Questions About web Services
  183. defaultcredentials - double hop? way around this?
  184. gSoap client implementation to a MS web service
  185. WCF - Add Service reference to a client
  186. WCF
  187. Debug
  188. System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception Access denided
  189. What has changed in Debug?
  190. How can I process an input parameter of a given "type"?
  191. Interop question for WCF Gurus
  192. Microsoft SOA
  193. I am planning to learn ASP.net and do project for my Final SEM of MCA
  194. Request timed out error only when running release mode not debug
  195. WCF Host ASP.NET Service - WSE 3.0 Client Compatibility
  196. can't build asp.net project under dyamic view in clearcase
  197. Preventing Escapes in Post
  198. XMLHTTP call to C# Webservice in Javascript passes null parameters
  199. Using a Web Service call within a VB Module
  200. How do I get the ws-security header block in the wsdl?
  201. Web service convert to VS2005 web service
  202. Web service URL handling
  203. Rebate checks on every purchase for Online Shoppers.
  204. 2 Questions regarding debugging and exception
  205. exception on Response Envelope, Error in XML-document
  206. No "fault" element in generated WSDL
  207. Namespace Declaration
  208. Server-Side Asynchronous Web Methods and WSE 3.0
  209. Streams
  210. System Architecture Question
  211. Web Service doesn't return needed values
  212. Problem with my Published web service
  213. HttpWebRequest.KeepAlive setting and web exception ‘RequestCancele
  214. TCP/IP port exhaustion - Unable to connect to the remote server
  215. Accessing a .NET Webservice via JavaScript
  216. Can't access web service via browser
  217. Protocol Implementation using WCF
  218. What .Net Bulletin Board Solution is Recommended
  219. Any .Net project scheduler code for Website
  220. Webservice error
  221. Stupid Question
  222. Web Service Pound sign encoding
  223. Programatically stopping/starting a webservice/website with IIS 5.1 and higher
  224. File transfers
  225. SoapExtensionReflector
  226. asp.net 2.0 and sql 2005 Express aspnetdb.mdf
  227. Need some help reading instructions
  228. can't access a webservice setup as a file share in IIS
  229. people favourite websites
  230. IXmlSerializable -- Implementing GetSchema()
  231. Collection and multiple classes interacting via web service!?
  232. Help me, please conexion SQL Express
  233. Publish HelloWorld Web Service Site from Visual Studio Express 200
  234. Stream from vb.net Webservice to java client
  235. Start, Stop, Console
  236. Web Services client software has substantial delay on startup
  237. General questions about WebServices
  238. Returning custom type
  239. What <Field Name> does webservice accept?
  240. XMLDocument to XMLNode
  241. Create WSDL at each request (ASP.net 2.0)
  242. Asynchronous Web Services calls with Impersonation
  243. How to have input for web service page
  244. SPN Need Help
  245. Gettine Error : 'document.calcForm.from' is not null or not an object
  246. Launch signtool in a Web Service
  247. Problem retreiving data from Soap message
  248. Application.Lock()/UnLock() or lock(Application)
  249. webservice servicing multiple object instances.
  250. Web based timesheet application