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  1. Web Service Security
  2. Using web service
  3. Strange response on first call to web service
  4. About access privilege?
  5. Accessing webservice from access
  6. Referencing web service complex data type within a second web service (like a delegate)
  7. Multiple stsadm restore to same machine fails
  8. Web Service Authentication - which to choose?
  9. Global Object within a WebService
  10. System.InvalidOperationException: ExecuteReader: Connection property has not been initialized
  11. .net client + Axis 1.1 server + wrapped param: null result
  12. webservice consumer error 405: Method Not Allowed
  13. Disconnecting a SQL Connection from a WebService
  14. How to make a webservice available to majority of platforms?
  15. How to implement Tracing!!
  16. DataTable from an array of objects returned from a webservice
  17. Web Service only offers SOAP, where did HTTP-POST go?
  18. Creatina a Webservice
  19. WebService newbie - contenttype problem
  20. Possible to add a Progress Bar to a Client consuming a slow Servic
  21. System.Net.WebException: The underlying connection was closed: An
  22. WSE 2.0- Generating abstract SoapService classes from WSDL
  23. Serialization with XmlSerializer: how to set the XML root node to something different from <ArrayOfClassname>????
  24. PPC 2002 and Webservices problem?
  25. Invoking WebMethods WebService Issue
  26. Access is denied with FileStream object
  27. photo webcam ref. in db
  28. Making enum visible to client ??
  29. webservice failover
  30. catching java.rmi.RemoteExceptions in C#
  31. WS publish/manage tool?
  32. Stock Data Web Service
  33. response to html table cell
  34. accessing IP/domain-authenticated user's IP/domain string programmatically?
  35. Calling an unmanaged DLL from a web service.
  36. Caching generic data (not responses) used by a web service???
  37. Invoke from unmanaged code
  38. Passing a custom class as a parameter to a web service
  39. response.redirect
  40. creating ASP .NET webservice from WSDL file
  41. WebService newbie - consuming in multi-tier dev env... (DEV-UAT-PROD)
  42. Client Certificate not passing to Web Service
  43. Server defined objects
  44. Keyset does not exist
  45. Keyset does not exist at Microsoft.Web.Services.Security.X509
  46. Keyset does not exist at Microsoft.Web.Services.Security.X509.X509
  47. Error running web service
  48. Web Service example
  49. implementing an interface in a web service
  50. WSE 2.0 - The security token could not be authenticated or authori
  51. Generating the Web Service code from C# class.
  52. Error using the infoUSA mailing list webservice
  53. WebService, Rational Robot and the FileNotFoundException
  54. Calling COM+ in a WebService
  55. System.Net.WebException when calling a webservice
  56. Design Puzzle
  57. Namespace Prefix in Response Element child nodes
  58. Error - Only one WebServiceBinding attribute may be specified on type
  59. Consume php webservice in dotnet
  60. What way to send large data from .NET to Linux-platform
  61. Timeouts on GetRequestStream()
  62. passing RichText to a WS
  63. wss upload.aspx
  64. COM+ component giving wierd error in WebService
  65. Identity crisis on a WS
  66. HttpWebRequest::GetRequestStream gets blocked
  67. creating proxy class from WSDL file
  68. sorting the web service functions
  69. can't browse WS localy in IE if public IP adress
  70. Send Object to webservice problem cast
  71. How to handle common/routine exceptions?
  72. exporting a datagrid to excel
  73. Web Service Calling a COM object-throws exception.
  74. ASP.NET Compilation Error
  75. wsdl.exe fails with WebMethods generated wsdl file
  76. Returning XML from a web service
  77. creating a proxy class for web service
  78. Application Center Test with IIS
  79. DTS web service problem
  80. Support
  81. Help with .NET web app
  82. Return a SqlDataReder
  83. using oracleClient in WebService
  84. Error on starting new Web Services project
  85. Opening Project Manger "Progress Database"
  86. Applying XmlArrayAttribute to the return value that returns an array of complex objects???
  87. How to control the root name with which an array of a custom class objects are serialized????
  88. Help, .NET doubts.....
  89. GetExecutingAssembly().Location and DLL called by WebService
  90. Error: Illegal characters in path
  91. Does COM+ cache WebService connection details? Help!
  92. large data transfers
  93. Getting HttpException while transfering Dataset
  94. ASP.NET project deployment
  95. WS Client Protocol port problem?
  96. Need a hand with design a question
  97. WebService DB Call Error
  98. Webservice API Call
  99. VBA web services call not working in office XP
  100. No error message on manually thrown exceptions
  101. Virtual Directory issue.
  102. dll from aspx
  103. Webservice Error
  104. Invoke methods dinamically with out parameters in c#
  105. Runtime error "no row at position 0" when trying to access WebMethod arguments
  106. Permission delegation on webservice and active directory
  107. TypedDataSet doesnot pass correctly in Web service
  108. Passing a derived class to a WebMethod
  109. setting the path
  110. Verify Correct Implementation in Web Services
  111. C# Client (SoapHttpClientProtocol) and Secure Web Service
  112. Data transfer
  113. Request specific singleton in webservice ?
  114. Does the message match the WSDL?
  115. COM object in webservice
  116. WSDL file produces useless class when imported with WSDL.exe
  117. asp.net (vb) LOGIN function using XML
  118. 500 Error with no description
  119. Uploading a file using Web Services.
  120. debugging on windows2003
  121. COM instantiation hangs in web method
  122. Webservice timeout
  123. Typed DataSet and converting types
  124. Do You Need Visitors
  125. IsPostBack ??
  126. XmlAttributeOverrides with Custom Attributes?
  127. Options verb in URL Scan
  128. 502 Bad Gateway on Windows 2003 Server
  129. Consuming WEB Service over XMLHTTP, XMLDOM
  130. Cannot get DIME to work remotely
  131. Service Oriented Architecture?
  132. how to use Manespace Property in code behind
  133. Design Problem!!
  134. Soap Action
  135. access permissions in asp.net web service in windows 2003 server
  136. Corba vs SOAP
  137. [Urgent] Is there a size limit on returning a large dataset or a large typed array from web service?
  138. i need solution
  139. use and lifecycle of IAsyncResult object in Asynchonous Consuming of XML Web Service
  140. web.config and webservice
  141. web.config and webservice
  142. Read POP 3 Mail.
  143. "Access Denied" to ICatalogCollection from asp.net web service
  144. where does IAsyncReturn object go, to be used later, in this code?
  145. Spam filter
  146. Do I need CRC check on web service which returns byte array?
  147. What is wrong with this code
  148. Is Overloading supported?
  149. SoapExtensionImporter
  150. ThreadAbortException
  151. Hashtable to VBA using SOAP Toolkit
  152. Ariba / cXML
  153. ASP.NET and OLE DB Provider problems
  154. Remote Scripting
  155. Accessing Cluster Disks from a WEB Application
  156. Accessing Server.Mappath from SoapExtension
  157. Returning a DataSet from Webservices
  158. Problem to invoke a method of webservice from a C++ SoapClient
  159. How control who sees what Web methods?
  160. Cryptography Issue
  161. Serialize a Dataset
  162. 500 error on VB WebService and Axis 1.1
  163. COM Error Number = -2146827287
  164. Creating new Web Service project template
  165. Server-Side Async Web Methods call fails
  166. Webservice with asp
  167. Remote query of a web service
  168. Best way to emulate number of requests cap
  169. Web service - how to?
  170. Parsing WSDL and System.Web.Services.Description
  171. WSE 1.0
  172. Sending Images
  173. Remoting.Channels.Tcp
  174. Web Service Security problem
  175. Web space allocation and security question?
  176. What happens when a client calling a web service is killed?
  177. how to disable the web page seen when navigating to the asmx file?
  178. Invoking Web Service without creating proxy
  179. "Cannot access a closed Stream" when using DimeAttachment
  180. SOAPExceptions don't go through the output filter pipeline
  181. Using Mappoint in Asp.Net
  182. Why cant I search this NG?
  183. Nested transactions in a web service
  184. authenticate win32 form client with form based authentication web services
  185. Get input parameter values
  186. CAML Query: Multiple Query Fields Issue
  187. get IP address
  188. WebClient Class Method=Post
  189. scaling web services and dynamic URL's.....
  190. Sending MSMQ msg from ASP.Net Web Service
  191. What Should You Do If You Want to Return a Recordset?
  192. How to assign a custom principal with a custom soap extension
  193. Soap Formatting
  194. Webservice Objects with in Object
  195. Unable to write to Windows Registry using XML Web Service
  196. Declare schema import in C# implementation
  197. 500 error when trying to do a post
  198. POST problem
  199. web service unavailable
  200. C++ Reflection Problems
  201. Soap formatting webservice
  202. Server Side Processing - WebServices?
  203. Deployment problem
  204. Web service tutorial
  205. Client found response content type of '', but expected 'text/xml'
  206. publish website with vs .net ERROR.
  207. webservice response with 401
  208. return Dataset from WebService
  209. MS WebService called by Java app
  210. Automatically capture all values posted to a web service
  211. Screened Subnet (DMZ) causes Web Service to fail
  212. Visual Studio.Net Installation
  213. Best way to send data to webmethod
  214. webservice/webmethod test page sort order
  215. XML File 5 MB
  216. Set request parameters for web services
  217. WS-Transactions and WS-ReliableMessaging
  218. allowed to insert a class between my service proxy and WebServicesClientProtocol?
  219. Implementing load balancing with ws-routing/ws-referral
  220. Managed C++ Web Service - strange reflection problems
  221. Mapping of type string in WSDL
  222. Calling a webservice from Excel
  223. Forbidden Deployment?
  224. Implementing an existing WSDL in ASP.NET?
  225. consuming web service in asp.net application - authorization problem
  226. Remote Administration
  227. Web reference/Proxy class problems with custom objects
  228. Connecting to SQL Server from Web Service
  229. Mandatory WebMethod parameters
  230. Setting minOccurs attribute
  231. Calling a remote object from a WebService
  232. web service wants proxy authentication
  233. WebService return type suggestion
  234. Using MSMQ with web Services
  235. Error: Could not find a part of the path / Reading and Writing to files in ASP.Net
  236. how to return web service calls via a different network route?
  237. Changing xml-encoding for webservice response
  238. Failed to start monitoring file changes.
  239. Soap toolkit completely replaced by .NET? I'm not so sure...
  240. ANN: Remote access to SourceSafe via web service.
  241. Newbie: null response when switching from framework 1.0 to 1.1
  242. Serialization question
  243. DIME Parser?
  244. Does DIME works only on Microsoft platform?
  245. Problem generating appropriate WSDL from C# classes generated from an XSD
  246. Problem with HTTPS and Proxy Servers using Net Framework 1.1
  247. How to control order of web methods on web service test page?
  248. (401) Unauthorized on subsequent requests?
  249. How to take out the <?xml tag
  250. Web References how to config to read URL from config?