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  1. Auth Problem
  2. .NET Interop with Win32 dll not completely working
  3. Authentication problem
  4. trasactionAtributte Vs SqlTransaction object
  5. MSDN Subscriber - No responses from Microsoft
  6. ASP temp files
  7. sending an image by webservice..
  8. Some webservice connections
  9. ASP Client Script calls COM Plus component
  10. Dropdownlist onselectedIndexChanged event not fires
  11. XMLElement Params & wsdl
  12. error 401:Unauthorized in Win98se(SC)
  13. HTTP status 401: Unauthorized in SC Win98se
  14. Unicode and newline characters in XML text sond via Web Service
  15. Anyone using Amazon Web Service for a FULL eCommerce site?
  16. Apache and ASP.NET
  17. Performance tuning in web service
  18. Remoting with TierDeveloper
  19. Using ASP.NET to start a long Job In Server.
  20. How to get or read Session Info from Java Web Service?
  21. help connecting to database
  22. What is the best way to convert/cast a SoapUnknownHeader to a clas
  23. Exception in web service client from EndInvoke with compressed WebResponse
  24. how to get then soap XML
  25. deleting DNS record using dnscmd.exe
  26. Create and Execute Procedure Permission denied in database 'dbxxx'
  27. mandatory fields....
  28. Execute permission denied on 'stored procedure' dbo
  29. Problem loading ASP and global.asa in IIS 5.0
  30. [IMPORTANT] Debugging
  31. Late Binding for Windows Forms App to Web Service HELP!
  32. XML attribute for serialization
  33. Accessing Virtual Directory in IIS 6
  34. Erratic SSL Error: Could not establish secure channel for SSL/TLS
  35. Unmanaged DLL fails when called from web service (permissions ?)
  36. policy
  37. random "The operation has timed-out." exception in vb.net
  38. Accessing web service from C++: BeginParse fails in atlsoap.h
  39. Transforming XML and display as a label in ASPX page
  40. URGENT! Error in web service function call - web services behavior
  41. pulling data frm disconnected system.
  42. Include CreateProcessingInstruction in Webservice result
  43. Soap without WSDL
  44. Using Web Service to listen on certain TCP port?
  45. Databases Synchronization with Web Services
  46. Could not establish secure channel for SSL/TLS web service
  47. Internal Server Error
  48. kerberos token
  49. Important Information on ASP.NET Vulnerability
  50. web services and web application
  51. Soap/FileNotFound exception
  52. Who is calling my WEB SERVICE ?
  53. What is wrong here?
  54. How can i access the Soap envelope from within the WebMethod
  55. Web search in SQL database
  56. How do I create a .wsdl file?
  57. RAS / WebService Problem
  58. Canīt transfer a asp-project to another computer
  59. Serialize complex type element with simple content
  60. problem returning dataset values with a webservice...
  61. REPOST: Webservices in VB.Net using sockets
  62. WebForm to Windows Application
  63. text message IM .Net webservice ??
  64. Web Services and user defined types
  65. automatically update web client software from web server
  66. Poor performance with large datasets
  67. Properties vs. fields
  68. Performance question
  69. Changing the SOAP namespace
  70. Sync Webservice call that MUST wait for Distributed System to process
  71. Using COM objects marked as "Both-Threading"
  72. How to solve this problem using .NET?
  73. Exposing WS Properties
  74. Push Alert to Browser
  75. Installation folder.
  76. Preserve whitespace
  77. Forms authentication in WebServices and timeout
  78. Web Service Returns 503 Error
  79. session state ???
  80. password protection
  81. VB.Net Web Service using sockets
  82. where's the webservice behavior file ?
  83. <wsdlHelpGenerator> causing problems with web-service references !?!
  84. Soap Clientes can't connect to Windows 2003
  85. Calling BeginInvoke from within a WebMethod
  86. XML output tags order
  87. WebService Client not authenticating through Proxy Server
  88. The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a receive
  89. Access Denied with Custom Credentials
  90. Memory leak in IE javascript with webservice.htc
  91. problem Calling webservice from client side javascript
  92. WebService Behavior problem
  93. Unable to add webservice reference (on some machines)
  94. visualizing image
  95. What's wrong with rpc-literal? Why use doc-literal?
  96. Namevaluecollection Vs Webservices(Marshaling)
  97. WebService port usage
  98. Unable to return an IList of Authors from a WebService
  99. OT: Asp.net host
  100. WSDL
  101. Hide Query String
  102. Problem with SoapException
  103. help
  104. what am i doing wrong
  105. web service timeout in C# Forms application (always)
  106. Failed to execute request because the App-Domain could not be crea
  107. How to create web page with spreadsheet like functionality?
  108. .NET Remoting & Web Services in TierDeveloper
  109. is it possible for a webservice to find out the ip-address from ..
  110. Getting a Proxy Class into VBA
  111. Problem when sending emails with asp.net
  112. Print from a Web Service?
  113. webservice global.asx error
  114. Connecting to a web service that using Integrated Windows security
  115. Button not responding
  116. Calling a XML-RPC-Service of phyton with vb.net
  117. what's wrong with my code ?
  118. returning custom class from web service
  119. How to modify the URL in a WSDL file for accessing a remote webservice ?
  120. enum serialization
  121. Cannot serialize object of type System.Object[,]. Multidimensional arrays are not supported
  122. bulletted lists
  123. web service methods being called using incorrect port
  124. HTTP 500 Error Message returned on creation of ANYTHING Web in VS.
  125. Error downloading web service from new URL
  126. system.net.webexception The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send.
  127. SOAP Message from WSE
  128. Web Services and Protecting Code
  129. How to check the versions for SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, XML
  130. Webservice - start and stop
  131. How to deserialize multiple SQLXML objects in ASP.NET?
  132. Securing response send back by Web Service
  133. Encoding Problems
  134. Can't find WSDL file
  135. SoapExtension.GetInitializer exception
  136. Accepting datasets as parameters to webservice
  137. Help needed regarding calling webservices
  138. Page redirection in webservices ?
  139. Urgent plz help me
  140. Using SMPTMail, MailAttachment corrupts the attachment when called from a web service
  141. fault codes with function (instead of method)
  142. how to setup a trace
  143. .NET Remoting & Web Services with TierDeveloper
  144. Real-time notification in ASP.NET
  145. Calling webservice from within a stored proc 407 error...
  146. Need a Schema definition in the XML generated by serialize()
  147. xml payload to webservice
  148. Webserver Behaviour
  149. Cannot get data from oracle function with db links to Web Service
  150. HttpWebRequest taking lot longer compared to ServerXMLHTTP
  151. Problems getting Python client (SOAPpy) to consume .NET web services
  152. Error in xml document at (1,280)
  153. Yahoo-style directory
  154. How to save a excel workbook in a web application
  155. Live Meter Data on the Web - Advice Please
  156. Webservice very slow on first call
  157. Pls Help : WINNT user/Anonymous login error in Webservices ?
  158. Replacing IIS with ASP.NET web matrix server to create Web pjt VS
  159. Calling a webmethod by a post
  160. Can webservice client use basic auth
  161. Using Sockets.NetworkStream.Read very slow on Win2K3
  162. Using Impersonation
  163. Windows Client using Generated WS Proxy
  164. .NET 1.1 SP1 Datagrid throws exceptions where it didn't before!
  165. HTML in service description
  166. HTML in service description
  167. Is wsdl is enough for soap?
  168. Consuming webservice using soap in VB.Net
  169. VB.NET Client for a ASP.NET WebService
  170. a simple webservices question....
  171. How can I use a Class in WebService and Client Application
  172. In-Process Soap Calls
  173. A problem about WebService interop DCOM
  174. SoapIgnore attribute ignored.
  175. linking emails received to database records
  176. SOAP Response
  177. Calling a webservice from within a SQL Trigger
  178. Sending / returning objects
  179. Webservices on Windows 2003 Web Edition?
  180. Web Services on Win 2003 to SQL Server on Win 2000
  181. Install Web Service Into Production
  182. Please Advice. Whatīs the right path? plain file vs xml file
  183. ConfigurationSettings Error
  184. Overriding SoapHttpClientProtocol.GetWebResponse
  185. still having problem return arraylist of objects in webservice....
  186. calling unmanged c-dll from webservice
  187. TierDeveloper 4.0 Released for .NET
  188. UnAuthorisedAccessException - When executing Web services
  189. any clickable control
  190. am right in web services?
  191. Form field error messages
  192. Credentials across multiple web service boundaries
  193. Result xsi:type
  194. Problem with policy
  195. IIS 6.0 ASP.NET Process Identity and ODBC
  196. reading files on network
  197. HTTP message
  198. Debugging a webservice from usercontrol
  199. need help returning webservice data in arraylist...
  200. Send Basic HTTP authentication credential in the first HTTP request
  201. build db-connection and get some data
  202. Why generate minOccurs='0' while the parameter is not optional?
  203. Process Running Under Wrong Credentials
  204. System.Net.WebException Request Entity Too Large (not running IIS)
  205. Debugging Dotnet Web Application
  206. WebException while calling Web Service over HTTPS...
  207. Q: Cheap Windows webhosting with ASP & DB
  208. Error returning an XmlNode from a webservice
  209. DiscoCodeGenerator unable to initialize code generator
  210. Unloading web service
  211. ASP.NET Webservice Impersonate problem
  212. Can Webmethods be turned on/off within a SOAP Server depending on the situation?
  213. calling web service per SSL .p12 file
  214. active directory
  215. Webservice Timeout in Visual Studio 2003
  216. 401 Error
  217. Calling a webservice in Dotnet using HTTP-POST and input mime type
  218. Events don't trigger
  219. Prob. adding a web reference
  220. Install >NET on Personal IP Site
  221. why i can't add web reference
  222. Find Web services
  223. Using com component in webservice
  224. how to refer to same web service installed on multiple webservers
  225. Question on WS history
  226. HttpWebRequest encoding to talk to Web Service
  227. how to limit authorization in admin subfolder from web.config
  228. Password protected certificate
  229. simulate post of .htm page to remotely hosted web-service
  230. New to webservice
  232. Looking for expert help
  233. Security setting in Web.config file.
  234. Can't raise custom SoapException when TransactionOption:=TransactionOption.Required
  235. Help with Deployment!
  236. nuSOAP and .NET
  237. Return Parameter Naming
  238. How do I get the WebMethodAttribute from within a webmethod?
  239. Calling WebMethod from SoapClient api does not process umlaut character properly
  240. Setting HTTP Header Attributes
  241. Proxy authentication failure
  242. Multipe virtual directories
  243. Service with 'shared' datatypes
  244. function question
  245. Random Server did not recognize the value of HTTP Header SOAPAction Error
  246. Web Service problem
  247. Win2K: error creating ASP.NET Web Application
  248. Unauthorized Error Calling Web Service
  249. Binding a WSDL file to a web service class
  250. Calling .Net web service using a PERL client.