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  1. Can't compile proxy
  2. Consumption
  3. need to help to copy file from server to client through webservices
  4. Error: "The underlying connection was closed: Unable to connect to the remote server."
  5. Cannot serialize interface ADODB.Recordset
  6. Web Server Security for WebServices
  7. .NET WebServices Newbie Compilation Error! (imports adodb)
  8. WebService Authentication
  9. How do I validate a WebMethod's properties?
  10. Newbie:Using ASP.NET thread pool thread to dispatch TCP data, etc.
  11. Deployment
  12. Web service parameters and WSDL
  13. NAMESPACE PROBLEM - Depolying a web service to a new server
  14. Using excel in a webservice
  15. Authentication
  16. Slow creation of new WS + session states
  17. Post file to ASP.NET causes HTTP 500: Internal Server Error
  18. HTTP Version Not Supported
  19. query
  20. query
  21. client-to-client communication via SOAP
  22. internet speed connection
  23. WebForm_PostBackOptions javascript Error
  24. web service proxy
  25. 401 Error Webservice. I WANT anonymous access
  26. Weird DateTime Regional Problem
  27. Asp.net DropDownList, AutoPostBack, and ViewState
  28. help with getting info from a wsdl file
  29. How to mantain the state between 2 call of the same WebService?
  30. Object reference not set to an instance of an object
  31. Can't read web.config
  32. java client and .NET server problem
  33. Timeout? in asp script upload
  34. "object reference not set to an instance of an object" w/ unmanaged DLL call.
  35. Using COM Interface with Webservices
  36. Overloading WebMethods
  37. Doc to rpc
  38. .htc file on a not local machine ??
  39. Must manually attach to ASPNET_WP process to debug ASP.NET code
  40. How do I change data retrieved from db before sending it out to client
  41. web service hosting
  42. trying to return a bean from a java web service...
  43. How to Repoint without Recompiling
  44. web setup project
  45. dllimport and web services
  46. writing an xml document to output stream (soap)
  47. Returning multiple results from Active Directory from a Web Service to an ASP page
  48. HTML Consuming ASPX Sevice
  49. .NET Client / Java Web Service Problem
  50. Retrieve Files using HttpWebRequest
  51. Web Service user authentication
  52. Deployment Q
  53. Passing parameters in .NET to a webservice
  54. signing and ecryption using SecurityContexttokens using WS-Policy
  55. supply final static value
  56. Web service call timeout
  57. web service proxy authentication
  58. Web Service Redirection
  59. Test page for ASMX (invoke method)
  60. Return more than one item with an ASMX page
  61. ref parameter in web service
  62. WS Config Doubt!
  63. Error on call web service from asp.net whit certificates
  65. Timeout!!!
  66. Secure the code of a published WS?
  67. Error...
  68. Soap Question
  69. Getting 403: error attempting to access a webservice
  70. performance
  71. WSE 2 woes
  72. Problem generating c# proxy class from IBM websphere (AXIS) webservice WSDL.
  73. right way to do publish-subscribe pattern in SOA
  74. Available Position: ASP.net/VB.net
  75. Creating a soapenvelope from wsdl
  76. Machine Name Application calls
  77. web service isn't called properly
  78. wse router --encrypting the message thru policies
  79. Smart Client Downloading -Sattelite Assembiles
  80. Apache webserver(axis) and c#
  81. Temporatry File Name
  82. WebMethod works fine until it hits the closing braces - throws System.StackOverflowException
  83. When to use a singleton class?
  84. What makes Integrated Security = true, when config file = false?
  85. Retrieve result from SqlCommand
  86. Web Service with Admin rights
  87. Exception in configuration section handler.
  88. Reducing XML output
  89. initialize COM within a web service
  90. web service hosting
  91. Tool for intercepting SOAP requests
  92. Temporary Flat Files
  93. How could I invoke a webservice with some nillable values
  94. while using wse2.0 error message come is http: 401
  95. Proxy authenticated required
  96. The use of Namespace..
  97. WSE 2 Authentication against a database
  98. WS-Security vs. IIS authentication
  99. XML Element must have CDATA tages around it.
  100. asp.net web page and web service in same folder...
  101. How to reset values with a webservice ?
  102. adding a web references which times out.
  103. Adding fields to default header
  104. Override Session Timeout
  105. Document management using Web service
  106. VS 2003 "Copy project" stochastic HTTP Server Internal Error 500
  107. Problem Logging Web Service Requests.
  108. Consuming Webservices from ASP
  109. CDONTS Alternate SMTP Name
  110. Configuration for multiple ASP.Net Worker processes
  111. TCPClient and KeepAlive
  112. Dealing with WSDL file in deifferent location than webservice
  113. Problem Calling Client Web Service
  114. A must to deploy the web.config file ?
  115. WebMethod Delay
  116. How to increase connection limit beyond 40?
  117. More Information needed
  118. WSE 1.0 proxy class generation
  119. How to use uniqueidentifier fields a return dataset from a webserv
  120. DIME Attachments & WSDL
  121. Help! Web service can't be accessed!
  122. compile the proxy code error in .net 2003 command promp
  123. Problem with minOccurs="0" in client WSDL
  124. XML Document through a web service
  125. Consuming webservices in pocket pc application
  126. code security
  127. Strange behavior of webservices
  128. WebService Proxy Error: Positive number required
  129. Custom Events in Web Services
  130. Deployment Project
  131. VB.NET/ASP.NET Web service woes! Please help!! BMUK
  132. Proxy for WSE 2 enabled web service ?
  133. Does a SOAPException throw exit a function call?
  134. problem trying to create a web service from VS 2003
  135. Serilization fails due to object in explicit operator
  136. Dynamic URL Failure
  137. wse router calling 2 diff webservices
  138. Is it possible to use uniqueidentifier in a web service type Datas
  139. Http Headers from Windows Forms client
  140. Namespace for proxy in Wsewsdl2
  141. Delphi SOAP Encoding
  142. SSL Web Service Proxy Authentication
  143. Can I share an Access MDW file for security.
  144. Check version of WSE
  145. Row filtering
  146. Looking for WSE 2.0 samples
  147. About upgrading to WSE 2.0 from 1.0
  148. Novell iChain Authentication before Webservice Access.
  149. Impersonation
  150. huh can`t pass datatable ????
  151. Http Headers from Windows client
  152. Threads held back by COM interop
  153. Adding a parameter to the SOAP Header?
  154. Using XML Web services
  155. ASP.NET 1.1
  156. Serializing complex types in return message
  157. comunication between 2 WebApplications with Webservices
  158. SOAP Body encryption with AES128
  159. WSE2.0 - best practise guidance
  160. From working to not working :(
  161. curious problem in production
  162. Error !!! when my webservice is deployed in 2003 server.
  163. FrontPage Extensions problems creating web servcies from VS.NET 20
  164. calling DCOM from within a web service
  165. Removing extra information from Soap Exception
  166. newbie-webservice
  167. change encoding from UTF-8 to ISO-8859-1
  168. Adding a Progress Bar to a Web Service Client
  169. Dynamically populating a webform
  170. What's wrong with doing this?
  171. Use XML attributes to specify another XML name or namespace...
  172. Conditional serialization of an element?
  173. How to get the "raw" XML document returned from a web service
  174. Read\Update XML file
  175. Adding a new WebMethod , what about old client?
  176. URL Behaviour
  177. How do I handle errors???
  178. HessianC# - the implementation of Hessian Binary Web Service Protocol
  179. Can't add Web Reference if using HTTPS
  180. Passports after re-installing
  181. I'd like to write a WebService update system for our product...
  182. WebMethod returning a object in a COM dll
  183. want to build asp.net webservice
  184. ASP.NET Certificate Problem on Windows 2003
  185. server error when accessing webservice
  186. Access Webservice Testpage
  187. Driving me nuts! WebForms ListBox losing selection whenever buttonis pushed...
  188. stepping through web service hangs in VS
  189. Noobilicious question: Exposing two interfaces on the same web service(C# web service)
  190. Asynchronous web services
  191. Stream of DIME-Attachement
  192. WebRequest with no UrlEncode text.
  193. Web Services Online Status
  194. request failed with HTTP status 407: Proxy Authentication Required
  195. Web Services and Application Architecture
  196. access denied
  197. Design dilema using webservices
  198. ldap DirectoryServices.DirectoryEntry System.NotImplementedException: Handling of this ADSVALUE type is not yet implemented (type = 0xb).
  199. ASP.NET Certificate Problem on Windows 2003
  200. Passing credentials problem
  201. Newbie question: service calling COM+ server
  202. Disparity between XML Schema types and .Net CLS types
  203. add web reference then point to wsdl
  204. 502 bad gateway
  205. Export and Import certificates with private keys
  206. Self running timer on Webservice??
  207. HELP! SSL HTTPRequest Problem
  208. Sharing Large Live Data
  209. Very large soap header
  210. weather web services site?
  211. UnsafeAuthenticatedConnectionSharing and ConnectionGroupName
  212. Example of data Snyc for a newbie to Web Services
  213. Distributed Deployment
  214. XsdObjectGen classes in Web Service Client Proxy
  215. ServicePointManger - https/proxy problem
  216. Need a Progressbar while File-Upload as SOAP-Attachement
  217. A little help
  218. management state with SOAP Header
  219. An unexpected end of file parsing PI has occurred
  220. Error when WebMethod returns a jagged array
  221. Error 403-Error 403-Error 403
  222. Studio Traffic ENG
  223. Data Exchange Between Web Services
  224. Web Service Location Question
  225. Web services string updates
  226. Namespace Prefix problem
  227. Message received was unexpected or badly formatted
  228. Cannot access web server after enable FIPS compliant cryptography
  229. How to get pixel coordinates in a picture
  230. WindowsService WebService Communication
  231. Problem with .NET WebService
  232. Trying to Connect to IP2Geo WEb Service
  233. Trying to return a C# Class that conforms to a schema
  234. decrypting key in EncryptedKey using X509SubjectKeyIdentifier
  235. Trying to make ref to third party webservice: Studio attempts to download file???
  236. Upload Image TO sever with wse Attachment
  237. Issue with redefined .Net custome type in the proxy class for a web service...
  238. problem while adding web reference
  239. How to use a SoapExtension when invoking a web service from a Office Codebehind DLL project
  240. I don't understand this error: File or assembly name l6v3q9ad.dll, or one of its dependencies, was not found.
  241. How to wrap all SoapExceptions
  242. Routing with WSE 2.0
  243. Exclusive canonical transformation and InclusiveNamespacePrefixLis
  244. Memory increases for each webservice call
  245. Error message
  246. Redirecting HTTP request
  247. Websevice secured with X509 cert (ssl)
  248. Web Service uses ASPNET user although changed to administrator user in IIS
  249. Client found response content type of 'text/html; charset=utf-8', but expected 'text/xml'.
  250. 3rd Party ActiveX Object not working