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  1. Security Exception when writting to EventLog
  2. loading an xml document from file vs. memory stream
  3. method parameters empty? XML namespace prefix issue?
  4. How to Create Web Server in Windows 2003 Advanced Server?
  5. NUnit tests gets Gateway Timeout yet I can view .asmx files via browser?
  6. What is the best solution?
  7. webservice.htc and custom object array. only first object is deserialized in the result.value
  8. asynchronous call timeout
  9. Session state
  10. System.Net.WebException: The request failed with the error message:Object moved to here
  11. loading
  12. Closed connection is being re-used
  13. BeginX vs. XAsync in Beta2
  14. different browser with different results
  15. [announce]DataDirect XQuery now Available
  16. Problem installing a webservice on W2K
  17. Custom error page for 500 in webservices
  18. Help! ARGH! .net not recognizing VB
  19. rich type
  20. Sharepoint (WSS) authentication issues in code/web service
  21. CacheDuration question
  22. Accessing HttpApplicationState object from SoapExtension
  23. SoapException message
  24. support multiple browsers?
  25. Request a Client-Side Certificate using ASP.NET Code
  26. Query regarding WS
  27. webservice timeout
  28. How to Trans transmit my define class with Metthod args in Webservices.
  29. Async Webservices
  30. Pocket PC authentication
  31. Trying to generate classes from an XSD schema
  32. Pocket PC
  33. How? Granting elevated privileges to a web service / kill a process
  34. Web Service Call - SoapException
  35. Real SOA implementation (at least Java AND .NET) example with SOAP, WSDL, UDDI
  36. is there a way to control tag names in generated soap message
  37. SOAP Message with attachment is the best solution?
  38. Forms authentication & Cache
  39. Web Method Order not changing
  40. Disabling the soap formatter!
  41. Web project with dots in virtual directory name cannot be loaded.
  42. wrong host on example invoke pages
  43. Directory of a webservice
  44. DataAdapter and multiple result sets
  45. How to handle invalid web service namespace error
  46. use sqlxml access database
  47. Lookup Tables in Webservice
  48. HTTP Status-Code=503 (Service Unavailable)
  49. Web Service and unmanaged DLL using ADO
  50. How do you transparently implement the same web service (WSDL) with java axis and .NET ?
  51. Large file transfers - socket basesd solution or remoting?
  52. WebService 'Acces to path is denied'
  53. LoadBalancing
  54. .Net web service uploading problem
  55. Question about web service
  56. pwermission issues with web service
  57. how i can set session time out peiod
  58. retriving data from memo data type of msaccess to asp.net
  59. Invalid at the top level of the document
  60. Declaring/populating variable arrays in ASP.NET???
  61. Exception from HRESULT: 0x800700B6
  62. Get Client ShortDatePattern
  63. Consume RPC/Encoded webservice from ASP.NET double,integers,boolean problem
  64. Why is reference.vb hierarchally linked to reference.map?
  65. Dynamic binding in webservices
  66. Help: Server.Execute throws exception in Application_Start
  67. httpwebrequest please help clarify
  68. wrong Host on example invoke pages. (MSDN Subscriber - Managed NG
  69. System.Security.SecurityException Error
  70. Change print orientation by website
  71. WebService Invoke --> Bad Request
  72. Forum for Microsoft .NET PetShop Sample
  73. Serialization of an inherited property.
  74. Newbie:Asynchronous web service methods
  75. ASP.NET not posting form data
  76. HTTP Status-Code=503 (Service Unavailable)
  77. Passing credentials across 2 webservice
  78. Consuming webservice problem
  79. another startup problem
  80. SOAP encoding
  81. webservices simple example problem
  82. sharing dto types across web services
  83. Parsing Base64 encoding
  84. How to detect if hosting IIS AppPool is recycled or stopped ?
  85. How to call a web method using http get/post?
  86. Application Error Handler can not get current Unicode Url
  87. Date Format Problem - SQL Server Insert From Web Application
  88. MSDE got stuck in WebService
  90. Developing On
  91. Call page from function
  92. extract the soap message from the proxy class
  93. asmx doesn't show method listed
  94. codebehind does not run for remote access
  95. Web services within applications
  96. Help: Connecting to a password-protected webservice through a proxy server (ISA 2000)
  97. Serialize object method to soap message?
  98. Basic Web Service Prob
  99. Debugging Dotnet Web Application
  100. Problem with MOM 2005 Web console
  101. Get result from temporary Oracle Table
  102. WSE 2 SP3 Problem
  103. Master Pages - loading of ContentPlaceHolder
  104. Error in webservice
  105. Problem retrieving data from SQL Server
  106. Small project request, will pay.
  107. ASP web service with ssl in soap toolkit 3 problem
  108. SOAP Exception
  109. Changing default response tag from soap request
  110. wrong Host on example invoke pages.
  111. WebService and cookies
  112. Client side dynamic graphing problem
  113. consuming java web service
  114. WebServices and Datasets
  115. request format unrecognised
  116. xsi nil=true
  117. WebService ignoring timeout properties? (Server was unable to process request. --> Timeout exired)
  118. Change Max number of thread in threadpool
  119. ASP Net 1.1?
  120. Programmatically add / remove web reference in C#
  121. Accessing IIS Logfile configuration properties
  122. Consuming WebService from vbscript
  123. Dutch User Group Conference, International Speakers!!!
  124. WebServices Return DataSet + String as Objec
  125. Server Application Unavailable
  126. get custom fault detail type in to wsdl?
  127. Date Format pb
  128. ASP .Net Encryption
  129. Newbie problems
  130. What is updateable Query?
  131. Webclient w/ Proxy
  132. MapPath throws exception
  133. Passing arrays of structs from C# web service to raw C++?
  134. How to log raw SOAP response msg?
  135. problem with testing asp.net page on the server
  136. Load Balance WS
  137. web service architectural question
  138. Calling a webservice from a webservice
  139. OleDb May Cause A Problem?
  140. Problem with .net framework
  141. WSDL.exe Usage
  142. cold fusion calling .net web service
  143. C# exception after calling Java/Axis web service
  144. web server gets "The Request Failed with HTTP Status 400: Bad Requ
  145. Calling WebService method from JavaScript
  146. Calling WebService method from JavaScript
  147. More about serializaton-deserialization
  148. Dynamically Connect to Web Service?
  149. Serialization-deserialization
  150. BufferResponse
  151. Could not find installable ISAM
  152. XML document as input parameter ot WS ?
  153. Web Service works in VS.NET 1.1, but not VS.NET 2.0
  154. WSE 2.0 Soap Headers
  155. Could not load Type ... Error
  156. Windows authentication for web service client??
  158. Please supply a valid soap action
  159. Async Web Service - Is BeginFunction/End Function required?
  160. Serialization
  161. Best practices for deploying many web services on IIS ?
  162. Two websites in the same server asks me for user and pwd
  163. SOAP, PHP, RPC and C# .Net
  164. PDF request service (second retry)
  165. VB6 SOAP SDK to C# .NET
  166. HELP! Timeout when accessing Webservice.
  167. PDF request service (retry post)
  168. PDF request service
  169. Accessing Overloaded methods when Consuming an Object via a Web Reference
  170. Web Hoster Won't Support WSE 2.0
  171. export report through web services
  172. Performance of the WebService
  173. Flood on a WebService
  174. Problem adding custom performance counter instance
  175. Implementating WS-RM and WS-SC in Net
  176. Perform Scalability test of Web Services
  177. Web Application using SAPI Automation Object =================== (ddd|xxx)
  178. webservice application webapplication
  179. Web Services exception
  180. WebService Method calls not paralellized??
  181. XML Web Service Authentication
  182. Non-WSDL based WebServices in C#
  183. Web Service
  184. New Project - How would you do that...
  185. Error during adding Web Reference of JAVA WSDL in .Net
  186. POSTING Large Files to a WebService 1.1
  187. Returning ArrayList from WebServices
  188. Enabling HTTP 1.1 compression
  189. deploying web service
  190. question about messaging with web services
  191. SOAP calls to a server from a Windows Forms app
  192. 401 Error
  193. Problems with Authentication
  194. Request for design guideline on parameter
  195. Serialization/Deserialization problem
  196. New bie for webservices
  197. Returning a typed DataSet from a webservice
  198. "Server does not exist or access is denied"
  199. need coding and resource for webmethod
  200. Executing a web service dll directly
  201. Web Service + Anon Access, but getting 401 Access Denied Error
  202. Global.asax, Multiple VirtualDirectory
  203. Web Application, virtual directory
  204. New bie for .net
  205. WS using HTTP-POST auth
  206. Service Installation error
  207. Creating fileshares on a remote server from a webservice
  208. ArrayList XmlSerialization Question
  209. Would u know, what is diff b/w C#.net and Vb.net
  210. Problem with ASP.NET
  211. huh can`t send compressed string ??????? with webservice
  212. ColdFusion?
  213. SOAP Version
  214. Architecture Question: Communication with Central Tracing Service
  215. Unable to read/write to .ini file using .dll in webservice
  216. Soap request with coldfusion
  217. .NET limits a number of HTTP connections
  218. HTML Stripped from page
  219. Timeout Settings Doubt!!!
  220. JIT Debugging failed with the following error: Access is denied
  221. Calling a Java/AXIS web service from C#?
  222. wsdl.exe with username & password
  223. Some questions on ASP.NET web services on IIS 6
  224. Creating WS Client without access to Web Service
  225. problems with intptr indexing and marshaling data
  226. EnableSession going bye-bye in ASP.NET 2.0?
  227. tool WSDL error
  228. writing out schema attribute in xmlwriter
  229. Catching Web Service Exception at Global.ascx
  230. Should I return a SOAP Fault or 401 (Forbidden) when authentication fails?
  231. An Error Ocurred On Web Server
  232. ISA Server blocking web services?
  233. Web Service Help for a Noob : Returning an XML String
  234. Defining a property
  235. RemoteOnly error mode causes error
  236. null object returnd to .net client while calling axis web service
  237. .net recieving null object while accessing axis message style web service
  238. How to calculate the time required for web method to serve the request.
  239. Posting to HTTPS
  240. X.509 certificates and HTTPwebrequest
  241. Server Error in '/' Application ASPNET Error.
  242. Global.asax
  243. How to log the SOAP message after serialization on the cleint side?
  244. dll import
  245. Customizing the SOAP response
  246. Function Call
  247. How to Deploy aspx files
  248. Ways to get the List of Countries and Cities
  249. client-to-client communication via SOAP
  250. apache axis book/tutorial