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  1. Index was outside the bounds of the array
  2. Override the generated soap:address
  3. Help on WebService dynamic URL : http error 404 ???
  4. webservice defined in multiple places warning
  5. How can I remove XML tags from ASP.NET web service?
  6. Web Service Timer?
  7. What are the enigmatic "offset" numbers in SOAP exception stack traces?
  8. Help on deplyoying web service ???
  9. help on deployement ???
  10. dataset in a Web Service
  11. WSE 2 SP3 error: Client found response content type of '', but expected 'text/xml'.
  12. Getting an image from web service directly from client
  13. Web Services Very Slow...Please help
  14. Switching from XML formatter to Binary Formatter
  15. ASPNET Environment variables
  16. deserialize xml into object
  17. Calling WebService with using and try catch
  18. Returning objects accross platforms
  19. Could Not Load Type Parse Error
  20. Call to webservice doesn't pass in credentials
  21. Problem in invoking WebMethod at client side
  22. Accessing .NET web service from Perl (SOAP::Lite) client
  23. Trouble Understanding Code
  24. Using a Class Factory to Return a Web Service
  25. Need a secure ICertificatePolicy...
  26. Help - Techniques Needed - Login User through webservice!!!
  27. Can't use SoapHeaderAttribute and SoapExtensionAttribute together
  28. Calling a webservice within a HTA
  29. 'Unable to Process Request' error?
  30. Returning complex data types
  31. How to include type in webreference?
  32. Accessing web service
  33. Problem with authentication using DefaultCredentials
  34. WebService usage decision
  35. Shared DLL
  36. [ADD] InfoTipsControl at last finished up...
  37. Error calling unmanaged dll from webservice
  38. Thread was being aborted
  39. XML Web Service Soap headers
  40. Web-Services and locked Trace file
  41. How to read app.config from Web services
  42. How to reference a dll from asmx?
  43. Adding a web reference in code (without VS.Net) ?
  44. Parser error "could not create type" w .NET Framework 2.0
  45. Calling an ActiveX (COM) in a web service
  46. Web Services: The operation has timed-out
  47. MIME messaging
  48. Just tell me why ? so confuse...
  49. .asmx files vs .aspx
  50. Problem with C# Using Statement on Web Services Proxy
  51. Help :Use of WSDL to generate proxy class ??
  52. Building web service...
  53. Better way to call the web service ?
  54. datetime format in xml
  55. Problem With Typed DataSet Schema
  56. Code based Integrated Windows Authentication
  57. XML encoding inside return string
  58. Writing Text File
  59. Error in proxy class
  60. simple security related question
  61. webservice AsyncCallback help !!!!!!!
  62. comparision Jini vs CORBA vs .NET remoting vs. DCOM vs. web services vs. Java RMI
  63. The request failed with HTTP status 401: Unauthorized
  64. Root name space and Web Service ????
  65. Debugging Cassini (Extracting Hit URL string on Cassini)
  66. HTTP GET vs HTTP POST protocol
  67. WebService Design
  68. Web Service, arrays and HTTP POST method
  69. FindWindow in a Service DLL
  70. proxy class - xml
  71. Using a web service to update a DB directly from a URL
  72. Please help me Run web services from information stored in a datab
  73. please help!
  74. How to create proxy class ????
  75. Can I call webservices from old asp pages ?
  76. Siimple question ???
  77. Using existing COM component from web service
  78. ASP.NET 2 ICallbackEventHandler
  79. Multiple Web Services with Same Business Object
  80. Modifying Web Service Proxy Content-Type
  81. Extending web service proxy classes
  82. Can client proxy use the client side caching similar to IE' temporary files?
  83. HowTo: expose web.config to client?
  84. Web service Http 500 err: unrecognized request format
  85. WebService DLL could not be loaded
  86. WinForms client for a web app
  87. Bloated webservice
  88. Dataset interoperability
  89. carriage return and line feed characters are lost when passed in p
  90. caching too much
  91. multiple web services in a WSDL
  92. XML over HTTP
  93. HttpWebRequest and "The operation has timed-out"
  94. AmazonECS.Net - .net library for the Amazon E-Commerce Service
  95. Server error upon displaying class
  96. Different WSDL generated?
  97. Serialization
  98. 500 error when accessing web service
  99. Web method case sensitive issue
  100. Webservices and Internet security
  101. Passing a large PDF file through a webservice
  102. Using an ASP.NET web service via NTLM authentication
  103. Extracting Detailed Exception information from a WebException
  104. Help............
  105. Help - Run process through Web service without ASPNET user
  106. Alternatives to using gsoap
  107. WSDL
  108. problem with proxy.pac
  109. WSE 2.0 - SoapHeaders, Signatures and DigestValue
  110. .NET Form Client Connection to .Net Web Service via SSL
  111. Error: Request timed out.
  112. General Q about screen scraping
  113. specifying a type for use=literal messages is not supported.
  114. Nullable types
  115. Win X64 XP Pro, Visual Studio .Net and ASP .Net
  116. Cannot connect to Web service or ASP.NET website from another mach
  117. How to specify a friendly name for a web service?
  118. unspecified error
  119. Web Service System.ArgumentException
  120. Service unavailable message when trying to run the ASMX file
  121. Get an error when post soap message
  122. ASP.NET in Windows 2000 Server
  123. WSE 2.0 - Message Expired
  124. Simple question ??
  125. Problem with parsing SOAP security element using older namespace in WSE 2
  126. Problem with WSE and Win98...(MVP Replies prefered)
  127. Does .NET 2.0 fix the slow webservice first-time loadup?
  128. Cache or HttpApplicationState
  129. Nested objects?
  130. keybd_event function behaviour
  131. Changin the Soap Header in the client request
  132. The web has been created succesfully.....
  133. SSL for very simple security need in web service app
  134. authentication
  135. How to properly define a variable to be used in multiple webmethods?
  136. Calling a webservice from a page
  137. Can I pass an Array to a Web Service?
  138. How do I fix this error: "The current identity (NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE) does not have write access to "
  139. Asynchronous web service: Error in server
  140. Questions about Web Service applications (Architecture)
  141. Configuration error in Web.config file while accessing the SOAP webservice
  142. email validation service
  143. How can force the generation of classes in my proxy
  144. Web Service Registry tool
  145. How to change the IP of a web service?
  146. Consuming web-services (beta 2)
  147. Dilbert WebService
  148. How to get rid of the default namespace .NET adds to SOAP message ?
  149. Process.Start() from web services?
  150. Security Exception in TslStream.EndRead
  151. Please help me with building SOAP ENVELOPE
  152. Problems with SoapExceptions in custom HttpModule
  153. Webservice
  154. Web Service Client Cannot Connect to Web Service From Some Machine
  155. SOAP SEND error
  156. WSDL generation of types in different CLR namespaces
  157. how to restrict ASP.NET to specific processors in a multiprocessor system?
  158. Converting an application to support Web Services ...
  159. The server committed an HTTP protocol violation
  160. Template database ASP.NET app.
  161. Web service calling a web service.
  162. Web Reference class spawns temporary assembly when instantiated?
  163. System.UnauthorizedAccessException error when invoking a web method
  164. c# .net webservice from perl client
  165. how to make web service return response, and then keep processing the request
  166. xsi:nil="true" in parameter definition?
  167. General question
  168. logging onto an aspx page on another server
  169. webservice.htc :Client service unavailabl
  170. Call Webservice with Class
  171. Webservice Encoding
  172. Use Web Service without WebMethod call
  173. asynchronous call from synchronous web service method
  174. Client found response content type of 'application/dime', but expected 'text/xml' error
  175. Operation timed-out downloading web service durning Add Web Reference - still no solution
  176. How to Validate XML using XSD
  177. Can I use Application Center Test for web service stress test?
  178. "404: Not Found" error when calling a web method
  179. returning an xml node
  180. Error connecting to Server
  181. Calling a Sychronus WS again after it has returned once
  182. Catch WebMethod name and params in Application_BeginRequest
  183. Modifying calls to Invoke()
  184. Again: The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish secure channel for SSL/TLS
  185. How to Trap and Track SOAP messages ??
  186. How to automatically start an ASP.NET Web Service
  187. Webservices vs Stored Procedures
  188. Upgrading server to Active directory
  189. Deploying a web service
  190. reading header info
  191. Job opportunity in Chicago Area XML/Javascript
  192. Web App can't find web service
  193. The Operation has timed-out calling web service
  194. Sending email from within a web service
  195. MS Access Processes not Closing
  196. Weather
  197. Web service client question
  198. ASP timer? How?
  199. Server Application Unavailable - VS 2005 Web Service
  200. VS 2005 Delete a Website
  201. List of web services?
  202. WS Security Header (WSE 2)
  203. Web Service HTTP 401: Access Denied Problems
  204. Web Service HTTP 401: Access Denied Problems
  205. Web Service that calls COM
  206. Calling a web service from ASP
  207. Detecting webservices progmatically...
  208. Custom Web Service Application
  209. Session end
  210. Access user credentials with impersonate=admin acct?
  211. getting error at time of XmlSerialization
  212. ISA proxy connection refused
  213. How can I change encoding in a VB.Net webservice?
  214. Web service slow on first call? In memory or cache option for web service?
  215. Local Drive File Permissions
  216. vs2005 consuming web service, adding web reference ?
  217. Calling .Net web service with HTTP/1.0 protocol
  218. Knowing which browser is accessing
  219. I'm new, is this correct???
  220. ASP.NET Webservice Account
  221. Web service setup project
  222. IIS.msc "Web Service Extensions" ... where is it ?
  223. New to web services AND XML, But this should be easy....
  224. class import
  225. Soap Messages signed using username and password
  226. asp.net/webservice timeout
  227. WebService to COM Error :"The specified module could not be found"
  228. mc++ web service with multiple libraries gives internal server error?
  229. 401: Access Denied
  230. Can I use SoapExtensionAttribute at the client proxy side?
  231. Web Service Security: impersonate="true"
  232. Web Service Identity
  233. silly question...
  234. webservices, return xml without .net injecting xml schema
  235. The remote name could not be resolved
  236. The request failed with the error message:Object moved to here
  237. System.OutOfMemoryException (WSE 2.0)
  238. Web Service with disappearing Web Methods
  239. passport user authentication
  240. C# Interview job problem
  241. Installation problem
  242. Soap Header
  243. Beginner Web Service error: Object reference not setHello,
  244. An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host
  245. Building CATraffic Page with CATrafficService...issues
  246. SOAP and DIME
  247. WEB Service help needed
  248. The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized
  249. Web Service Marshalling changing \r\n to \n\n
  250. Windows Authentication and web services with WSE 2.0