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  1. asp.net 2.0 memerbership provider/management
  2. ASPNET user
  3. Active Directory vs SqlServer which way to go?
  4. Machine name
  5. FileSystemObject Errors
  6. Problems using AzMan role methods
  7. Access denied when using active directory groups and windows authentication
  8. ASP.NET 2: Membership/RoleMangement vs. ASP.NET 1.1.. question
  9. Accessing Virtural directory on remote machine
  10. How to store AD GROUPS in Windows Auth and use them in code
  11. IsInRole problem
  12. converting ASP.Net session type to an ASP one
  13. Could not start ASP.NET service on the Local Computer
  14. HttpContext.Current.User.Identity.Name & ServerVariable("LOGON_USE
  15. Upload files
  16. Need help pls.
  17. WSS : Interop.ActiveDs missing
  18. ASP.Net web application having some problem
  19. Add extra parameter to Login/Membership - ASP 2.0
  20. 2nd Attempt at an answer.please give my question a peek perhaps its an easy one for you...
  21. How to config the web.config for both Internal and External users using Windows and Forms Authentication?
  22. How to prevent the logined user record is existing when I closed browser.
  23. Using useuri with security: Keep returning to login page
  24. FormsAuthentication.SignOut(); doesn't work...
  25. retrieving windowsidentity using the logon name only?
  26. IE6 blocking my ASP.NET app?
  27. asp.net sql trusted connections between servers
  28. Can't Login to webapp, view tif's files when not logged in Server
  29. Problem calling COM object
  30. Save File to Different Domain - 2nd Post
  31. Forms based authentication + multiple applications + directory service....
  32. Encrypt with password
  33. How to authenticate to iPlanet server using LDAPS?
  34. Same Application with Web and Desktop Application Interface
  35. Sharing session objects across the projects
  36. Explorer doesn't load asp files
  37. HttpContext.Current.User.Identity.IsAuthenticated
  38. How do I fix this error: "The current identity (NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE) does not have write access to "
  39. ASP.NET Popup Windows
  40. How to get session value at where out of asp.net process domain?(session ID is known)
  41. How to config and use the role manager on my ASP.NET?
  42. Impersonate domain user account from DMZ
  43. Save File to Server on Different Domain
  44. integrated login and folder permissions
  45. AD roles from a username
  46. Membership Login Question
  47. Requested registry access is not allowed.
  48. Getting attributs for membership provider from web.config
  49. Delegation with S4U or How to use S4U to impersonate a user on a remote server?
  50. Question about handles when doing impersonation.
  51. IsInRole always returns false?
  52. IIS and FQDN authentication confusion
  53. Stumped w/ vague com exception error -- "Error 0x80004005 occurred."
  54. Custom MembershipProvider retrieve ProviderUserkey from GetUser()?
  55. Forms Authentication - Redirection URL Problems
  56. .Net client and SSL mutual authentication : 403 Forbidden, client certificate not sent
  57. Where is the user impersonation token stored?
  58. Forms Authentication
  59. IE prompts for password, even though Forms Authentication is used
  60. Error msg when doing client-side authentication
  61. How to read (non-event log) registry keys as ASP .NET process
  62. wildcard extension ASP.Net httphandler gives 401.3 ACL permission denied error on a directory
  63. Thread identity
  64. Forms authentication across apps - missing something basic?
  65. Cryptography.
  66. Integrated Authentication with SQL
  67. Windows authentication and user info
  68. Forms authentication and search engines
  69. Access denied attempting to launch a DCOM Server
  70. New Windows Authentication Issues
  71. bypass forms authentication on local?
  72. Mapping users to roles
  73. Securing .htm pages with asp.net
  74. Windows Authentication - Getting Client Info
  75. Retrieving Roles
  76. best practice with intranet security and menu structure
  77. Forms Authentication with Active Directory LDAP Problem
  78. Windows Integrated authentication
  79. aspnet UNC file share authentication
  80. Failed forms authentication with LDAP
  81. Windows Authentication and Domain Suffixes
  82. thoughts?
  83. ASP.Net 1.1 cookieless session security issue?
  84. Getting password from Basic authenticated site
  85. Problem while decrypting the digitalsignature
  86. Prevent access to advapi32.dll RevertToSelf()
  87. Code fragment to revise CustomSD SDDL for Event Log
  88. Password and LDAP
  89. Configuration Error in web.config
  90. Application level roles + Item level roles... how to do it?
  91. ReadXml (DataSet) and WebException (401)
  92. RedirectFromLoginPage: Returns to login page.
  93. The ASP.NET FAQ...
  94. ASP.NET Login Control
  95. forms authentication + AzMan in ASP.Net 2...
  96. WebProxy with System.Net.WebClient
  97. webProxy with webClient
  98. messenger
  99. Using WMI to grant permissions to new users on folder..
  100. Add windows users to application roles (VS2005 beta2)
  101. HttpWebRequest failure with TLS
  102. pop-up logon dialog box - Integrated Windows authentication - asp.net
  103. Client Cert Doesn’t work after Deployment
  104. Indexing Service, impersonation and ACL
  105. Deploying .NET Security policy - Setting Local Intranet to Full Trust
  106. Event onclick() of htmlinputfile fired from a javascript code!
  107. Windows authentication information
  108. Forms Authentication with Active Directory
  109. Login Application
  110. Using Active Directory
  111. security question...
  112. permissions & roles...
  113. Cannot Open Service
  114. (CustomIdentity)Thread.CurrentPrincipal.Identity - Cast not Valid
  115. Getting hacked?
  116. Forms Authentication losing IsAuthenticated after 1 page
  117. WinForm via internet; local permissions question
  118. Forms Authentication Ticket Functionality With Windows Authentication
  119. Authentication provider for different sites
  120. Accessing Local COM Server from ASP.NET - Access Denied
  121. UnauthorizedAccessException in webservice accessing files on UNC s
  122. Certmgr
  123. Unable to run C++ .net executable from network drive hookoed to se
  124. Programmatically installing certificates
  125. Access level needed to look up username
  126. User management with Windows Authentication
  127. Access to the registry key HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\EntSrvcTest1_direct.Global is denied
  128. Other than BuiltIn groups for Windows Authentication
  129. Basic Authentication/Custom Login page
  130. How to sets credentials used to authenticate Web requests
  131. ASP.Net app in DMZ cannot be accessed by client PC's
  132. Windows Authentication with ASP.Net and SQL Server
  133. Cannot start aspnet_wp.exe
  134. secure design w/ ASP.NET 1.1
  135. How to prevent user from authenticating
  136. check if a user is a member of a particular group in active direct
  137. System.Security.Principal.WindowsIdentity.GetCurre nt()
  138. ASPNET account and NT Authentication with SQL Server -Account Locked Out
  139. Is an Invalid Viewstate a good indicator of attempted hacking?
  140. custom Asp.Net 2 Forms Authentication question
  141. open validation
  142. impersonate problem
  143. Context.User across sites
  144. Directory size - Security ACLs causing Endless loop
  145. The ASP.NET FAQ
  146. ASP.NET 2.0 & FormsAuthentication
  147. IIS With Basic Authentication Set/FormsAuthentication - HELP PLS!?
  148. Recieve Post, New Session Won't Stick, Cookielss
  149. Invalid_Viewstate with email address
  150. Does IsInRole() grab just Groups? Can I get Organizational Units?
  151. How to join aspnet_Profile and aspnet_Users and get usable data.
  152. security warning with https
  153. The ASP.NET FAQ is now online...
  154. FormsAuthentication.Encrypt and Decrypt
  155. Multiple sites on same server - authentication problem
  156. LDAP query fails from ASP.NET
  157. Enabling SSL on the server with test certificate
  158. Time syncrhonization at server and client machine which uses WSE
  159. Dynamic page security authorization?
  160. Access is Denied Exception using Interop.CAPICOM.dll (or CAPICOM.d
  161. SSL Webservice, makecert.exe cert issue
  162. Wierd Windows Authentication Behavior
  163. how to get all groups from AD?
  164. Forms Authentication expiry issue
  165. How to have windows security w/ anonymous access?
  166. COM+ and NetworkCredential problem
  167. Security Warning
  168. Does 'IsInRole()' check against Active Directory groups?
  169. dynamically requesting windows authentication on a resource
  170. do not allow users to refresh the page
  171. simple FormsAuthentication in a secure environment
  172. Check the username and password with the active directory
  173. System.DirectoryServices doens't work
  174. ASP.NET 2.0 Web Site Admin error
  175. PROBLEMS with AuthenticationType being NTLM and Negotiate
  176. authentication mode=windows and forms togather in the same project
  177. Roles and Forms Authentication problems
  178. ASP.NET 2.0 GridView: how-to allow edit+delete only some users / groups
  179. Access to path **** denied.
  180. Disable "prompt me to save passwords" programaticly?
  181. Login failed for user '\'
  182. Redirection according to roles?
  183. sending authentication token to ASP / .NET
  184. windows authentication with forms
  185. Enabling Forms Authentication Stops Button Click Events
  186. deny users to enter password upper than 3 or x
  187. URL Authorzation Problem
  188. Running Aspx Files with forms authentication alongide of asp pages
  189. security steps to allow webservice to run exe
  190. Change User attribute in Active Directory by web (vb.net)
  191. Role-based authentication and Forms and System.UnauthorizedAccessException
  192. Rendering in-memory images from UNC file share
  193. IIS 6 and ASP.NET security
  194. IIS 6 and ASP.NET security
  195. Security Exception
  196. Login Encryption; Login Lookup
  197. Extremely freaky Security Exception
  198. Problem while using cookieless session
  199. Creating files in a unc shared drive.
  200. How can roles be determined for a resource?
  201. allowDefinition=MachineToApplication
  202. Server Application Error
  203. Integrated security fails on new server
  204. Login Controls with Asp / Asp.net 1.1
  205. Setting Principle for HttpWorkerRequest
  206. Losing Session Data when switching from http -> https and vice versa
  207. Limiting access to pages
  208. Sql Reporting Serviced - > ASP.NET ACCESS DENIED!
  209. Windows authentication from ASP.NET to SQL Server
  210. Another Sql Injection
  211. SQL Injection
  212. Web Services Security
  213. equested registry access is not allowed (using Enterprise Library)
  214. Determine if DC is available for Offline work question
  215. SSL Forms Authentication Redirect - Problem Redirecting out of HTTPS
  216. Remote Database
  217. Expire Forms Authentication Ticket on Server Side
  218. Forms Authentication Timeout
  219. Forms Authentication problem
  220. Reset SSL State / Request OTHER client certificate
  221. ASP.NET calling COM DLL under SP1 (2003) or SP2 (XP) causes exception
  222. Forms authentication decrypt invalid data lanegth exception
  223. Context.Response.Redirect("Page.aspx"); doesnt' work under Firefox?
  224. Instantiating VB DLL
  225. Azman question
  226. DirectoryEntry call to remote IIS Metabase ALWAYS connects as ASPNET
  227. Get the current logged in user name
  228. Microsoft Enterprise Library
  229. Base64 '=' padding character Encrypt/Decrypt Problem
  230. Warning: Page has expired ?
  231. Forms authentication not working right
  232. Losing custom identity
  233. how to prevent auth ticket expiration
  234. Exception Access denied , creating a new excel object in ASP.Net
  235. trouble w/ Forms Auth and domain cookies
  236. CreateProcessWithLogonW
  237. PGP class library
  238. Issue with Identity Impersonation and user identity used passed for trusted SQL connection.
  239. Security Problems in ASP.NET 2.0
  240. Forms Authentication: <location> authorization not bypasssing login page.
  241. How to get of last created user using CreateUserWizard?
  242. http/1.1 500 internal server error
  243. Forms authorization cookie always set to expire in 2055?
  244. Security question?
  245. Java security api - DCE 128bit encryption with .NET
  246. Please Help!-Trying to brows my asp.net application but I get a logon prompt-
  247. forms authentication cookie changes
  248. Session State vs. What?
  249. Multi Authentication Forms
  250. The server is not operational