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  1. IIS authentication and IE
  2. Role Provider Security Trimming Issue
  3. HttpModule System.IO.Stream FileIOPermissions
  4. Impersonating user
  5. Forms Auth (roles being ignored)
  6. Security provider for Oracle
  7. Forms Authentication Using SQL Server 2000 Database
  8. Complex passwords
  9. Trust level required for AppDomain.CurrentDomain.UnhandledExcept
  10. GenericPrincipal
  11. ChangePassword
  12. Verify that method calls are done via SSL
  13. BASIC authentication in .NET
  14. passing parameters to iframe(https)
  15. Encrypt
  16. How to pass username in the login control to next page?
  17. Forms Authentication with Active Directory
  18. Customer Membership/Role provider problem
  19. DotNet 2 - Applications security
  20. Session parameter lost memory
  21. MembershipUser.IsApproved property
  22. question about login at server level in sql server express
  23. MembershipUser deactivation
  24. Form Authentication - Forgot Password
  25. Unable to retrieve the user sid from context
  26. error executing child request for... "permission" security
  27. Password changes: Forms Authentication & AD membership provider
  28. Intermittent forms Login failure for IE but not Firefox
  29. Export / Import key problem
  30. ASPNETDB Problem - Unable to connect to SQL Server database
  31. ASPNET Membership w/ unrelated ASP.NET apps
  32. Unable to establish secure connection with the server
  33. Session data loss during user logged session
  34. Defining Roles, Groups?
  35. Problem deploying forms authorization
  36. Kerberos to NTLM delegation timeout
  37. Padding is invalid and cannot be removed.
  38. User.IsInRole in fails unless authorization section limits access
  39. 401 with Forms Authentication and Roles
  40. Configuring IIS6 on Win Server 2003 for VS 2005
  41. Help Needed on ASP.Net Deployment
  42. Roles managemant and sellect from DropDownList problem
  43. Credentials prompted on button click on ONE particular page
  44. Asynchronous Web Services calls with Impersonation
  45. Membership users not available on production server from development machine
  46. ResetPassword() to Alpha-numeric?
  47. Asp membership database question
  48. Forms authentication, downloading files and Web Dialogs
  49. How to find Current User Name
  50. Thick and Thin Client authentication
  51. best practice for accessing a network share from IIS
  52. IWA and Anonymous Access
  53. Security controls in a web application
  54. User objects cannot be created in the specified container
  55. System.MethodAccessException: Attempt to access the method failed
  56. Securing web.config appSettings - *** warning - long post ***
  57. Encrypt and decrypt connectionstrings in web.config
  58. spawn web page with user logged in
  59. How to call a Web service by using a client certificate for authentication in an ASP.NET Web application
  60. restricts Access to DLL
  61. Debugging asp.net is grayed
  62. Login works in Firefox, not in IE7
  63. PasswordRecovery Control
  64. Error 515 when executing aspnet_regsql
  65. How do I avoid the App_Data directory?
  66. SqlMembershipProvider not working on production server
  67. User.IsInRole with * wildcard, web.sitemap etc.
  68. Setting up ASP.NET Configuration in Visual Studio 2005
  69. How do I fix this problem
  70. Role based security with forms authentication
  71. ActiveDirectoryMembershipProvider ( password expiration?)
  72. aspnet local user account rights to c:\windows\temp automatically removed
  73. Cookies expiring when user logs out?
  74. How do delete registered users?
  75. ASPNET account is being disabled remotely
  76. Impersonation and double hop
  77. Query on User Authentication aganist ADS
  78. coding Access Rules
  79. Problem with Login Control
  80. Active Directory Authentication - Thread was being aborted exception
  81. Custom membership provider in partial trust mode
  82. Web service, forms authentication and DefaultCredentials
  83. Profiles & Membership
  84. Flash menu doesn't work when the session is expired
  85. Error Message - Server is unavailable
  86. High Level Question
  87. WebSite Administration Tool
  88. How can I use " ProfileCommon" class in MyWebsiteCore.dll,Is That possible
  89. How to run aspnet_regiis.exe with on site other than w3svc/1?
  90. Restricting access to sub folders and files.
  91. Impersonation not working...
  92. Download file works locally, but not on server - Any idea?
  93. Service account still doesn't work
  94. PasswordChange
  95. Service Account replaced by IUSR ??
  96. Connecting the web application with AD and Form Authentication
  97. Unable to establish secure connection with the server
  98. Accessing Active Directory and Storing Passwords
  99. How can I display the name of the logged in user
  100. What characters are allowed by validateRequest page directive?
  101. Impersonation on Remote UNC
  102. Forms Authentication - Active Directory
  103. ASPNET_REGSQL clash with VSTF?
  104. Configure SMTP Server
  105. ASP.NET 2.0 with UNC share - security restriction & impersonation
  106. accessing IWA secured website from Mac?
  107. ASP.NET 2.0 with ADAM - COMException when accessing roles
  108. Decrypting AES Base64 Values from ColdFusion in .net
  109. Help! ... Outbound Port Getting Shut Down
  110. Custom Software Development
  111. Login destinationpageurl error: 26 - Error Locating Server on deployment
  112. Error Hosting ASP.NET 2.0 though UNC
  113. ASP application using ASP.NET Forms Authentication
  114. Facing problem while accessing virtual server count in Sharpeoint using SPGlobalAdmin
  115. Unmanaged C dll call errors from IIS web site
  116. asp.net 2.0 membership password recovery without security question?
  117. Forms Authentication - Admin Pages Outside of VS?
  119. Decrypted licensekey
  120. Error accessing pages
  121. Roles vs. Capability concept for the Role Managers in .NET?
  122. SqlPersonalizationProvider source code
  123. how to add vc unmanaged dll to asp.net web site
  124. Connect to anothe database
  125. Trouble with office Sharepoint 2007 and dotnet 2003
  126. Security Problems
  127. How to determine authorized roles for a page?
  128. redirection from the Login Page
  129. Membership & Profiles
  130. Profiles & Membership
  131. ajax.asp.net Tools and Firewall Settings
  132. Forms Authentication and Application Restarts
  133. Login LoggedIn event and Profile object question
  134. configuring sqldatasource to use a stored procedure from the aspnetdb
  135. Windows authentication with custom user store
  136. Login Control PasswordRecoveryURL Issue
  137. how to avoid challenge window when windows authentication mode is
  138. prevent duplicate logins
  139. AzMan scope level application groups seem to be broken
  140. X.509 Certificate based authentication
  141. Web.config encryption in shared hosting scenario
  142. Thread.CurrentPrincipal problem when client calls an IIS process hosting a remoting service
  143. Session vs. RoleProvider
  144. CreateUserWizard Control
  145. Hiding labels and textboxs in formview templates according to role
  146. Newbie, create a smart client help
  147. Remove FBA Constraint to need a non Alphanumberic character?
  148. PasswordRecovery Web Control. What does what?
  149. get returning user for forms auth?
  150. forms authentication and wildcard mappings on UNC share
  151. Authentication to remote object ???
  152. Sitemap trimming with Forms auth (Active Directory)
  153. Stream pdf to browser
  154. Could anyone provide a sample on using System.Diagnostics.Process with Domain, UserName and Password specified?
  155. Problem of invoking a command line from ASP.NET 2.0?
  156. ADFS and Classic ASP
  157. AzMan Role Based Security vs. ASP.NET Role Based Security
  158. Forms Authentication : Works locally but not when hosted in IIS???
  159. Integrating Siteminder with an ASP application
  160. authorization manager
  161. Using Login Control to Authenticate???
  162. Win 2003 svr/ASP.NET 2.0 UNC share
  163. 2.0: change of password rules (newbie)
  164. Assigning application specific rights to existing Windows domain users
  165. Unable to cast object of type 'System.Security.Principal.GenericIdentity' to type 'System.Web.Security.FormsIdentity'.
  166. Password length minimum: 7. Non-alphanumeric characters required.
  167. Checking if User is in Role
  168. Using Access Database as Membership source
  169. auto create aspnetdb fails with domain user in vs2005
  171. Use Forms to Logon to IWA website
  172. Password prompt when <allow roles="foo">
  173. Forms Authentication - Really really basic question
  174. Using Windows Auth in Sharepoint and ASPx pages question
  175. Class not Registered
  176. ASP.NET Impersonation in a Windows 2003 non domain member server
  177. ASP.NET WS Permissions
  178. How to access UNC from ASP.NET application?
  179. Login Security for Intranet/Internet application
  180. ASP.net { or any web application } security
  181. Security Tutorial for Intranet Environment
  182. AD Membership PwdQuestion and PwdAnswer
  183. ASP.NET 2.0, SQL, Site Administration
  184. AspNet_RegIIS ...encrypting web.config when running Cassini
  185. HttpWebRequest and PAssowrd Protected Private Keys
  186. AspNetSqlMembershipProvider connection string changing at runtime
  187. SSL between two web servers
  188. Problems deploying membership on a hosted environment
  189. questions about membetship and role
  190. AdomdConnectionException
  191. how to create an ASPNET.mdf file?
  192. Lost ability to use membership system
  193. trying to figure out code permissions
  194. Dotnetnuke Password Encryption
  195. basic authentication by code -- help needed!!!
  196. Forms and Session timeout
  197. .NET Winforms Secuity Issue - Deployment
  198. AZMan headeach
  199. Protecting .NET assemblies (runtime)
  200. calling a web service protected by RSA SecurID
  201. Windows + Anonymous Authentication
  202. Standalone IIS server access to sql in Domain
  203. How to give access by group from cmd line?
  204. How To: Implement IPrincipal in ASP.NET 2.0
  205. Persistent Cookie Problem
  206. custom principal becomes roleprincipal in pages
  207. Membership Questions
  208. question about IUSR_server account
  209. authentication and active directory
  210. How to deploy the asp.net admin web, and where to get the sql script?
  211. stand alone web server in enterprise architecture
  212. GetRolesForUser ActiveDirectoryMembershipProvider
  213. Setting Full Trust for an outlook addin created with VSTO
  214. Web Site Configuration for remote users
  215. ASP.NET -> SQL Server security DBMSSOCN Library
  216. Unique Session IDs and password encryption in ASP.Net 2.0
  217. The End of Encrypted Security As We Know It?
  218. Case sensitive login
  219. identity impersonate=true masks the identity of the app pool for trusted sql connections
  220. ASP.NET error, publish with VS 2005
  221. NT AUTHORITY\Network Service can't write to .NET Directory?
  222. Adding attributes in Active Directory
  223. Impersonation Issue
  224. question about login option "remember me next time"
  225. Using Protocol Transition and Constrained Delegation to access a domain controler via LDAP
  226. WCF Security Question
  227. Active Directory Membership Provider Change Password
  228. Impersonation of a specified account to archive to File Shares
  229. How to enable IWA over multiple servers
  230. question about login and roles
  231. Great Deal on IT Certifications
  232. domain - user validation
  233. "ProtectSection" cannot save the file
  234. Different password policies for different roles
  235. Using AD and a Table for Membership and Roles
  236. Windows and Basic Authentication and Delegation.
  237. connect login control to my application
  238. User authentication always fails on live server
  239. inconsistent timeout periods
  240. Security guidance needed.
  241. Logged-out uses still appear
  242. .NET 3 Framework + AJAX
  243. validateRequest
  244. .NET 3 Framework + AJAX
  245. Control Level Authorization
  246. Difference between accessing WS using host name and IP address
  247. Hash Problem
  248. Help! ASP.NET 2.0 Membership ERROR: The password-answer supplied is wrong.
  249. App hosted at new, unknown server
  250. decode base64 encoded login info