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  1. Does anybody know of any good books on ASP.NET Membership and the Login controls?
  2. AzMan Role provider
  3. Using the <providers> element in Web.config
  4. Cannot search for users using ASP.net web site administration tool
  5. using client application services with windows authentication - wh
  6. Incorrect LogonUserIdentity.Name
  7. about projects
  8. ntaccaunt.translate and AD
  9. configProtectionProvider not supported
  10. .net windows authentication on sql 2005
  11. different authentication within a folder
  12. querying AD users
  13. SqlRoleProvider & windows authentication
  14. suggestions: AD, integrated auth, custom Roles
  15. Design patterns for managing the roles in .NET 2.0 Web application
  16. Form Authentication (redirect to https)
  17. PHP login page for ASP.Net application.
  18. SocketPermission granularity in .config files
  19. Forms Authentication for only one folder
  20. FormsAuthentication Session Cookie
  21. HttpWebRequest on an encrypted page
  22. Problem using a UNC Path within a COM component in asp.net
  23. Mixed Authentication, ASP.Net 2.0, IIS 5.0
  24. Impact of Verisign Timestamping Service on ClickOnce deployed Apps
  25. login twice on the same web-app on one machine ?
  26. Problem accessing security
  27. Impersonation fails on intranet site
  28. Lightweight logon? Impersonation? - shared workstation problem
  29. List of user's digital certificates
  30. Exclude Error Status 403 from customErrors Redirect
  31. Some or all identity references could not be translated.
  32. 2 connection strings, one SQL one network MDB
  33. system.security.accesscontrol question
  34. WinHttpCertCfg multiple certificate issue - help!
  35. Get full-qualified user-domain in asp.net
  36. Propagate Identity to WebService
  37. 'System.Web.Security.MembershipUser.MembershipUser ()' is inaccessibledue to its protection level
  38. Help - WindowsIdentity.Name is Null?
  39. Extending LDAP and creating a constructed attribute
  40. account ASPNET cannot write file to sub folder
  41. Secure login from unsecured page
  42. VPN & Windows authentication
  43. Cannot create RSA key container
  44. wonky <authorization> (order matters?)
  45. newbie help - Active Directory Membership Provider
  46. OpenLDAP --- accessing to verify Username, Password, Organization and one or two other credentials. Does someone have an example, please?
  47. Impersonate on specific directory
  48. restricting access based on Org Unit (OU)
  49. ASP.NET 2.0 Forms Authentication - not always redirecting toLogin.aspx after session timeout
  50. How do you encrypt machine.config (2.0)
  51. ActiveDirectoryMembershipProvider & ChangePassword control
  52. mixed mode authentication + no postbacks
  53. Normal setup for Web page, web service, firewall secured database?
  54. Error : Request for the permission of type 'System.Security.Permissions.FileIOPermission,msco rlib, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089'failed.
  55. mixed-mode authentication postback problem
  56. WebSite Admin Tool
  57. User unable to login ...
  58. rsa encrtyption
  59. Pb with Webclient object since Framework 3.0 installed. need help !!
  60. LogonUser() fails on same domain
  61. ADSI - Able to authenticate but unable to get memberOf information
  62. Authentication Not working from 1 client
  63. GC.Collect() not cleaning memory, how to find out what references to lots of memory still exist?
  64. Securing a directory and its files with forms authentication
  65. url rewriting and authentication
  66. some valid users not able to login with ActiveWindowMembershipProv
  67. System.Net.Cookie vs System.Web.Cookie
  68. configure SSL
  69. user authentication by SQL lookup
  70. PerformanceCounterCategory.Create() takes 3 minutes to add a new category!! How come? What can cause this?
  71. Intranet app via remote location (Internet)
  72. SqlMembershipProvider deployment to shared hosting
  73. where to ask asp.net questions
  74. SqlMembershipProvider deployment to shared hosting
  75. another question about encrypting web.config sections
  76. several questions on encrypting the web.config file via VB code
  77. Authcookie storage
  78. Create MailBox Exchange Server ASP.net
  79. iisadmpwd for expired password change
  80. ASP.net websetup insists on using Membership provider
  81. Cookie expires after 30 mins when I set longer expiring time...
  82. Internet - Take Advantage of Multiple Windows When Surfing
  83. IE 6.0 hangs when click on submit button of ASP.NET page
  84. can't see role in production version
  85. Login failed for user '(null)'. Reason: Not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection
  86. Changing active directory password through web page - IIS 6.0, C# orVB.NET
  87. aspnet_regiis -pa problem
  88. <location> doesn't work when parent directory of path doesn't exi
  89. Extending ActiveDirectoryMembershipProvider
  90. Is possible Three attempt in Directory Entry Class
  91. Getting up to speed on NTLMv2 programming ASAP?
  92. ASP.NET Logon question: sign-on from 'homepage' into application in sub-domain
  93. Access to video file
  94. Renamed AD user accounts and Integrated Windows authentication in IIS 6.0?
  95. connection string for membership provider
  96. asp.net + c# -> HttpContext.Current.User + directoryentry
  97. SetPrincipalPolicy in ASP.NET
  98. Windows Form Control Hosted in IE - Access to Workstation Resources?
  99. how check if file or directory exit in network resource
  100. Can I do this with security trimming on the menu?
  101. How to use SSL for login page only
  102. Reconnect to a session and authenticate.
  103. asp.net impersonation
  104. Forms Authentication Problem?
  105. Membership Access Rules?
  106. Cannot open database "aspnetdb" requested by the login. The login
  107. ASPNET_MEMBERSHIP table using UTC time. How to change to PST timez
  108. SSL in IIS of windows xp
  109. SAML token from external STS leads to error
  110. anonymous access for one page
  111. Impersonate registry user/pwd
  112. Role management using cookies
  113. asp.net 2.0 login controls and configuration wizard features advice needed
  114. Error while creating new user. ASP.NET
  115. asp.net authentication using SQLExpress
  116. storage of security data
  117. Forms Authentication and Cookies
  118. Password reset configuration with ActiveDirectoryMembershipProvide
  119. App cannot access the internet when run on Vista but works fine on
  120. Exchange webDav Configuration
  121. Allow certain users for an intranet app
  122. Adding Roles and Membership to 2003
  123. Security for a worker thread
  124. how to update context.user without postback ...ing
  125. Impersonate
  126. SAML 2.0 and .NET integration
  127. Forms based ADauth
  128. Establishing SSL connection in Visual Basic 6.0
  129. S4U Kerberos for calling WCF services
  130. Get info for impersonate
  131. Pass credentials from Win app to Web app
  132. Form Authentication, Login&Password are clear text?
  133. Roles.GetRolesForUser(UserName) returning zero-dimension array
  134. error when creating profile with modified provider
  135. Authentication, Singal Sign On and AD
  136. Retrieving the COM class...
  137. DllImport on framework 1.1, in IIS 6 (Windows Vista)
  138. Custom Membership provider without password management
  139. web.config section encryption and IIS7
  140. Strings vs. byte[]
  141. Cache problem in using AuthorizationStoreRoleProvider with Authroization Manager (AzMan)
  142. Reset the IE authentication state
  143. How to get log-in name from cookie in case of Forms authentication?
  144. AD Search: More data is available, or time limit was exceeded
  145. two sites transfer security
  146. AD queries. Please, prove me being wrong...
  147. Error Consuming Web Service from WIndows application when WebService is using Custom Service Account ( Create an Application Pool with a Custom Identity)
  148. Membership.ValidateUser() from Login.OnAuthenticate()?
  149. Authentication, Membership and login controls
  150. Secure user name and Password in Web Config
  151. Membership provider in hosted ASP.Net environment.
  152. ASP.NET application having sysadmin privileges
  153. web.config section encryption fails
  154. Using WindowsTokenRoleProvider with Forms Authentication ...
  155. Error using System.DirectoryServices
  156. LOGOFF the client browser from Windows authentication
  157. Password expiration good practice.
  158. How easy is it to store DB connection strings in ActiveDirectory instead of web.config
  159. ViewStateMac Errors
  160. Problem establishing SSL connection in code-behind
  161. connecting to a cifs or windows share on a nas device using a specificusername and password
  162. searching what groups a user belong from AD but errorThe Kerberos subsystem encountered an error. A service for user protocol request was made
  163. Cookiecontainer problem with HTTPS
  164. Problem with CreateUserWizard
  165. asp.net 2.0 security question
  166. Digest auth in .net 1.1 and Active Directory
  167. Using ASP.NET 2.0 Roleprovider against AzManStore in ADAM
  168. Can Web.Config file be change made in IIS???
  169. aspnet_regiis permissions needed
  170. How to monitor a website?
  171. Windows Groups not working in AzMan
  172. Issue using ASP.NET forms authenticationwith frame redirect
  173. Getting windows user-name without domain name
  174. Creating a user profile
  175. Cannot sign/validat anymore...
  176. window.open security...
  177. Logout with windows authentication
  178. Getting a AD user name ...
  179. ADSI
  180. Allow an external web site to automatically login to an ASP.Net si
  181. Membership & Roles ApplicationName
  182. Best practice for outputing XML Data from server
  183. Encrypt connection string - Access denied
  184. Login control and restricted member pages
  185. Out Of Process COM server unable to access resources
  186. How to check users against security groups in Active Directory
  187. Securing URL in File Download in ASP.net
  188. Does AzMan support threaded concurrent read/write access?
  189. Creating User Accounts
  190. Downloading DevPartner Security Checker
  191. active directory authentication using ldap
  192. Anonymous and Windows Authentication
  193. XmlSerializer XmlAttributeOverrides Security Exception
  194. Caspol question
  195. Can groups be entered in the authorization tab?
  196. role/group authorization not recognizing user groups.
  197. delegation and multiple host name
  198. Cannot set specific authorization to a folder
  199. Encrypt connectionstring in web.config
  200. Accessing a network share
  201. forms authentication brings up dialog
  202. Creating Certificate in .NET 2.0
  203. How To Add User's GUID To An Account Verification E-mail
  204. Impersonation with users of 2 domain (nor trusted)
  205. Defining Groups with AD users
  206. "index out of range ..." error when querying AD
  207. Windows Authentication and Anonymous Access
  208. configuring SSL on AD
  209. Forms Authentication with Subdomains - Cookie cannot be read
  210. Encrypted Connections Strings not safe in memory?
  211. Application Pool identity account to reflect logged on user
  212. Access denied 403.7 client certificate
  213. Form Authentication?
  214. Session State?
  215. Integrated Windows Authentication and Session Timeout.
  216. Password shown in browser
  217. ASP.NET 2.0 WindowsTokenRoleProvider Local Groups Broken
  218. Problems deploying website with membership features from XP to 2003 (take2)
  219. Problems deploying web site with Membership features from XP to 2003
  220. Publishing Simple Web Site
  221. FormsAuthentication.SignOut() what to do after
  222. Sends me to my Login page even after I'm logged in
  223. Visual Studio.Net Professional not running after installation
  224. Try to hack my web site!
  225. Bad Request <OR> Illegal characters in path
  226. Windows 2003 Server, Web Farm, Forms Authentication, SlidingExpiration
  227. Unable to encrypt some sections in web.config
  228. How to get LDAP server?
  229. Application Flow / security issues
  230. Calling COM Server from ASP.NET WebService - impersonation problem
  231. Security Exception when Deploying to IIS
  232. Can a user use a role from one identity on a different identity
  233. Subject: Transmission of Username & Password?
  234. Problem with Protocol Transition
  235. feedback please on asp.net app security scenario
  236. login control blues
  237. authentication timeout so fast
  238. Trusted locations
  239. The pest of Impersonation
  240. Are XML Signatures secure?
  241. refreshing windowsidentity for user group changes
  242. form authentication with AD
  243. User switching
  244. Recommendation for simple authentication needs
  245. RoleProvider Roles cookieName reading/setting
  246. HTTP Digest Authentication against Windows account
  247. Windows Authentication/Session Timeout issue
  248. SSL implementation
  249. Best Practices and script/executable directories
  250. Secure XML transfer to Server?