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  1. How secure are appsettings in web.config?
  2. Security issue with Assembly in GAC and ASP.NET run-time
  3. Authentication forms and SSL on the login page
  4. Host never gets my certificate?.
  5. how to by-pass forms authentication in a subfolder
  6. AuthenticationCooki.expires - 50 years?
  7. Forms Authentication Problem
  8. user-level authorization
  9. achieve password encryption
  10. restrict acces to simple html files
  11. ASPNET password expired?
  12. Confirm a bug.....
  13. LDAP Authentication
  14. how to secure asp.net code?
  15. User.IsInRole not redirecting
  16. Forms-based Authentication
  17. 401 error
  18. Please keep me from turning this **** win2k dell 1300 box into a door stop.......
  19. Forms Auth Redirect on Access Denied - Question/Help
  20. Impersonation, Delegation & SQL Server
  21. Forms authentication on a business WAN
  22. Forms authentication and redirection
  23. Forms authentication not working???
  24. forms auth + single pc + mult. user
  25. haven't a clue!
  26. FormsAuthentication.signout does not ??
  27. Web.HttpContext.Current.User.Identity.Name is blank
  28. archives anywhere for this newsgroup?
  29. Application_AuthenticateRequest
  30. securing ASP.NET with Enterprise Services
  31. How to force PostBack
  32. Directory FileSystemInfo file and folder permissions
  33. Persistent Authentication Ticket Problem
  34. SecurityException when i try to write to the event
  35. Sign Out Windows Authentication
  36. Role based opinion needed - Not for app but for assets...
  37. Redirect to default page using Windows Authentication
  38. How do you set Role-Based authorization for Windows Authentication?
  39. Session timeout handling
  40. Session timeout handling
  41. forms authentication
  42. annoying error
  43. Completing Forms Authentication failure
  44. Digital sign content in an ASP.NET environment
  45. WindowsApplication and FormsAuthentication?
  46. Insurance triggers a code injection attack
  47. Help with accessing network resources
  48. Custom "Access Denied" Message
  49. Global Group Enum From Local ?
  50. [Announcement] Review: User management with PortSight Secure Access
  51. Windows services
  52. Forms authentication fails in NET1.1
  53. ASPNET account on Win2k3
  54. Preventing multiple logins from a single user
  55. RewritePath throws "Access is Denied" when rewriting to directory level
  56. MD5 encryption examples
  57. Security Error When calling assembly.CreateInstance
  58. encrypt
  59. 'Requested registry access is not allowed.' error
  60. Login button from any page
  61. Calling a COM (exe) file from Webservice
  62. ASP.NET Configuration Error
  63. HttpContext.Current.User vs. Thread.CurrentPrincipal
  64. Best way to keep track of user-related info? [Opinions wanted]
  65. Need help with encryption
  66. Remoting Authentication -- Looking for Criticism :)
  67. Why authentication Ticket expires
  68. Security testing framework for asp.net???
  69. Problem with anonymous authentication
  70. Random image?
  71. Canīt get AD groups to authenticate via web.config
  72. schtasks problem
  73. Unverifiable assembly 'UniSACHelper' failed policy check
  74. Sending Mail Problem
  75. Calling a COM component via C#(ASP .net)
  76. Help Needed: Passing variables securely to other ASPX pages
  77. RedirectFromLogin Goes Nowhere?
  78. EMAB, Impersonation and Event log
  79. Remote Virtual Directory
  80. IIS vs Apache
  81. Active Directory, LDAP and Forms Authentication Problem
  82. Authentication Keeps returning to Login Page
  83. Authorization Manager Interop availability (azroles)
  84. IIS UNC Token
  85. Security model guidelines - Server-centric implementation - Win2K3 - dotNet
  86. Urgent Help: System.Runtime.interopservices.COMException 0x80010105
  87. Forms Authentication Decryption1.0 to 1.1
  88. Process.Start in a web service
  89. active directory and asp.net error
  90. Dynamically grant file access
  91. problem running ASP.NET on a domain controller
  92. Newbie: How safe is source code?
  93. HttpContext
  94. Windows authentication in classic ASP
  95. database connection string...
  96. Forms Authentication Cookie via IP Only
  97. Triple Des
  98. Importing an XML file containing rsaparameters into a machine store.
  99. Newbie question How to get a SAM (NT4) profile using System.DirectoryServices
  100. Asp.net SHA256 problem
  101. Role Based Solution - Help
  102. How to get integrated credentials from anonymous access
  103. impersonation and location element
  104. HELP: Constantly expiring cookie!!! :(
  105. Authorization, Authentication in Web.config
  106. Can't get a code group to work
  107. Disable impersonation programmatically?
  108. iframes and Forms authentication
  109. Out of thread question about Outlook COM iterop
  110. ASP.NET security advice wanted
  111. HttpContext.Current.User not available in the redirected page
  112. Determining machine workgroup or domain
  113. Execution code run backward
  114. Permissions for access to Active Directory (CAS)
  115. Application_AuthenticateRequest execute 4 times
  116. ending a trusted connection
  117. Authentication IIS / ASP.NET - Problem
  118. Windows Authentication across domains
  119. Web Farm and <machineKey>
  120. Security issues with Asp.Net in Shared Hosting Environments
  121. Forms authentication in a subfolder problem, please help
  122. Why save dialog displaying twise
  123. "Microsoft must deliver 'secure environments' not tools to write 'secure code'" : draft article
  124. "An 'Asp.Net' accident waiting to happen" - Draft article
  125. Restrict website access based on certificate
  126. Authorization error (401) when loading treeview
  127. Integrated Authentication Issue
  128. User Database Table
  129. AD
  130. Suppressing logon window
  131. Using LDAP and SSL with C# libraries
  132. Access web services from ASP.NET
  133. The operation has timed-out.
  134. I need help with .bat script
  135. Forms auth. don't work going from NET 1.0 to 1.1
  136. Access is Denied when I try sending email at ASP.net on IIS6
  137. Forgot Password encrypted email system
  138. Need a FIX for Knowledge Base Article - 817854
  139. How to force reauthentication of a Web service client (Basic auth)
  140. ERROR in running a service
  141. error DPAPI
  142. important update please read
  143. Using ADSSecurity.DLL from an ASP.NET web service
  144. Access network resources from ASP.NET
  145. User Management and Access Control Component for ASP.NET
  146. My Script to run a Command-Line from ASP does not work.
  147. Minimal permissions with an Access Database and 2000 server ?
  148. System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path is denied
  149. System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path is denied
  150. Mutex and permission settings
  151. NTFS permissions for ASP.NET user
  152. RUN/execute a Command-Line command from an ASP page.
  153. Storing a cryto key in .Net
  154. Can't connect to DB
  155. Forms Authentication and SSL
  156. forms authentication for OWA
  157. forms authentication problem
  158. Slow page loads, possible security issue?
  159. net.credentialcache.defaultcredentials is blank and will not retain user info
  160. Help please with Role based security not working.
  161. Passing User and password between two webservices ?
  162. .net security books
  163. Form Authentication with cookieless browser
  164. Forms authentication then redirection to a secure web with NT authentication?
  165. Does ASP.NET user security be increased
  166. Attempt at creating the infamous WEB LOGOFF button...
  167. odbc.net in asp.net
  168. Choosing Integrated vs. Forms authentication dynamically
  169. Multiple log-in requests for single aspx page - WHY?
  170. Declarative Security in ASP .net
  171. ISA server & Asp.net
  172. HttpContext user/authentication info disappears randomly
  173. Cast exception w FormsAuthentication
  174. Asp.Net.Vulnerability: Asp.Net buffer overflows (potential security problems)
  175. Asp.Net.Vulnerability: Win32 API calls (potential security problems)
  176. Asp.Net.Vulnerability: Full Trust (current security problems and possible solutions)
  177. DPAPI and connection string
  178. Role Based Security : difference betweenn XP and 2K pro
  179. System.Security.Cryptography.MD5CryptoServiceProvi der
  180. Strong Names and Web Assemblies
  181. Persistent 'nonsecure content' message when loading a file into an IFRAME element
  182. Problem with Forms Authentication cookies
  183. Forms Authentication: login page in a separate web app
  184. file permissions
  185. SmartCards and ASP.NET
  186. ASPNET user and CDO
  187. Security alert when redirecting the user from aspx to asp page
  188. shared folder access
  189. How to convert JPEG image into a binary data?
  190. Reducing Spam Associated with Posting to Newsgroups
  191. Use asp.net to protect file types
  192. WindowsAuthentication from code
  193. Two Web Services using same NetworkCredential?
  194. Impersonation failure
  195. Current Issues Article Archive
  196. Store values in session.item
  197. ASPNET Account Security Problem - Running a Web Application over a network share
  198. Web.Config / Security Settings for sites NOT on sys partition
  199. windows authentication..
  200. get WindowsIdentity with forms authentication
  201. Dynamic images..?
  202. catch 401.2 error
  203. catch an 401.2 error
  204. Custom Permission and Declarative support
  205. Forms authentication and downloading files
  206. folder permissions
  207. Impersonation or Delegation?
  208. Parser Error on the base project created by Visual Studio
  209. SSL FORM POST with Client Certificate from ASP.net
  210. Forms Auth and none aspx pages
  211. Configuration error ?
  212. Hosting security
  213. Asp.Net Security Analyser (new security tool by DDPlus)
  214. addfulltrust
  215. reading client's registry
  216. Setting folder permissions on remote machine / remote domain
  217. login redirect doesn't work
  218. a greenhand's question
  219. Ending sessions when running in cookieless mode?
  220. Login failed for user 'test'.
  221. Smart Client form Permissons Problem
  222. Issues in locking down aspnet user security in shared environment
  223. ASP.NET process impresonation on IIS6
  224. Directoryentry.bind
  225. Detecting session time out in custom log in page
  226. multiple login popups using windows authentication
  227. FusionBindError
  228. impersonation and ado access connection
  229. POST method and HTTP-REFER
  230. NTFS permision
  231. ANN: Important Message about MS NNTP Servers...
  232. Is there any asymmetric crypto API to allow decrypting a message but not encrypting it?
  233. FormsAuthentication cookie problems
  234. passing user name info to protected page
  235. Forms Authorization
  236. Forms Authentication does not work when using computer name
  237. Logon page
  238. ASP.NET (IIS 6.0) Windows authentication/SQL Server problem
  239. New'b and logon page
  240. trustLevel
  241. Error when trying to connect over HTTPS using a client certificate.
  242. Using Exchange Server 2000 to Authenticate
  243. When exactly are you logged in? (Forms authentication)
  244. login page and data security
  245. Windows Authentication
  246. Windows and Forms Authentication
  247. asp.net security with open page inside windows forms
  248. Roles Based Security and Server.Transfer Problem
  249. forms authentication, cookieless?
  250. Problem for showing HTTP content on HTTPS